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Wake Forest Students Cover Downtown Winston-Salem

Exploring Winston Square Park Through A Camera Lens

The Winston Square Park on South Marshall Street, built around an amphitheater and fountain, offers an open space in the heart of downtown. Families play there with their children. Teenagers ride skate boards. Grown men play chess while some come simply to stretch their legs on a sunny afternoon. The city opened the park in 1982, with help from Arthur Cotton Moore, a Washington, D.C. preservationist, to turn a parking lot into a public performance venue next to Sawtooth School for Visual Arts.


The Winston Square Park unique amphitheater design makes it a popular space for concerts and other events.

Mike Cartwright sits on a bench to relax as his cell phone charges at one of the outlets available in the park.

Along with several donations for Winston Square Park, the R.Y. Sharpe family funded the $250,000 water feature back when the park was first built.

After practicing repeatedly, Chimé Ubabuike jumps off the stage in Winston Square Park and lands almost perfectly on his skateboard.

The Youth Expression Wall shows words and drawings by children and, teenagers and young adults, age 21 and younger. “For the park, it adds creative, artistic beauty,” said the Human Relations Director of Winston Salem Wanda Allen-Abraha.

Clover Hackaday (left) sits at the checkerboard in front of the park waiting for her class in Sawtooth School for Visual Arts with her friend Leah Hall (right).


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