We Wake, We Write

a reflective portfolio of multimedia student writing at Wake Forest University

Looking Back on Social Media’s Impact on Generation Z

After reviewing everyone’s auto ethnographies, we all agreed that Rachel’s story would be the best on to adapt into a video since it was very relatable. Not only did all of our group relate to Rachel’s story, but we also felt like it would be easy for other students to relate. It also gave us…

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The Sneaker Wave: A Video Essay

As writers, we have learned to embrace the feeling of ambiguity and face the unknown when beginning a new writing assignment. Alas, in turning one of our memoirs into a video, we struggled with these dilemmas in the initial stages of this assignment. At first, we were unable to collectively and unanimously determine which of…

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Reflecting on “An Existence as told Through Codas,” a Video Essay

We each walked into class on April Fourteenth not necessarily knowing what to expect. Some of us had been in Professor Giovanelli’s class before, but just as students evolve, so do the teaching methods of our professors. Group work, in theory, is either a student’s most dreaded experience or their most enjoyable experience; there is…

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Reflecting on “Gay Pride, Rehab, and Cheerios: A Video Essay”

When we received our assigned groups, and went over the rubric for project four in class, each of us shared the collective feeling of general uneasiness. We had each worked in groups before, that aspect was nothing new, but none of us had worked together on anything this semester especially anything as big as a…

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Reflecting on the Making of “The Back of Your Mind”

The essay that we chose to adapt was James’ memoir, entitled “The Back of Your Mind.” In this essay, James grapples with a breakup between him and his ex-boyfriend, Juan. In this process, he confronts his own internal struggle of being both scientific and artistic, the former trait telling him that he should have known…

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