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Moda Operandi Week 1

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 8:51 pm

Last week I began my internship at Moda Operandi in Soho, New York City. I will be working for this wonderful company until mid-August, and could not be more excited! I am working with the Site Merchandising team in the Marketing department. I am the only intern on this team, so thankfully I have been given many time-consuming tasks from each of the four members of this team, who have all been keeping me extremely busy (which I love). As a result, I have already learned an incredible amount about both fashion and fashion marketing.

My daily responsibilities include many tasks. I am responsible for helping the creative department organize image selects from each designer, uploading to the organizational marketing calendar the company uses, and then selecting the images that will appear on the site. I then use these to program the trunkshows (the most elite collections from high-end and unique designers), and later also update the designer introduction pages with the new images from the most recent collection. I am also responsible for updating the organizational calendar, called Trello with all of the upcoming trunk shows so that all of the employees are aware of these, and can prepare accordingly. Another one of my jobs is to pull images for my supervisor to be used in daily emails which are circulated to customers depending on how much they regularly shop at Moda. I also merchandise all of the boutiques on the site, which are meant to help customers decide which clothes to buy, to ensure that they are getting the newest and trendiest clothes for every event to match their lifestyles. This includes uploading products to the boutiques and organizing them in an aesthetic order in order to appeal to the customer. I must also replace sold-out and sale items with like full-priced items, in order showcase the most luxurious goods, which our fashion-obsessed customers will want to see the most.

The team also relies heavily on data revealing the performance of each boutique and designer, in order to see which are the most successful, and how they can improve. I also must consider this data to decide what should be featured in the boutiques. I think that this summer will be an absolutely unbelievable experience for me, as I have loved my internship from the very moment that I started. My coworkers are very knowledgable, strategic and willing to help me grow. I am already learning so much, and can’t wait to see how much progress I make this summer!

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  1. Sara, it sounds like you have really found your stride quickly at Moda! To find where your skills and interests meet is so valuable!

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