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Hillary Clinton or Louis Griffin?

Louis and Hillary are more alike than some may think, especially when Louis decided to run for the mayor of Quahog. Similar to the article “Hilary Clinton targets a skeptical crowd: White male voters Louis tries to appeal to her target audience with some key advice from Brian and it seems to work out for both of them. Hilary places herself in the atmosphere of the white male voters she is trying to attract to try and connect with them on a more personal level so to gain their graces. Also Hilary learns that she might not have to completely appeal solely to male voters as in example in the article of a woman convincing her husband to actually listen to what Hilary is saying. Shouting things such as “hot peppers” keeping her talking short, sweet, and to a minimum. Very similar to this strategy to attract her target audience of white male voters Louis uses the same advice and gets great results with the undecided Quahog voters.

centaj14 • September 22, 2016

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