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DD Adams and the 2018 Congressional Election

Dealing with challenging situations is nothing new to DD Adams. Just last week, Adams put a hold on a redevelopment project in the Boston-Thurmond neighborhood purely because the residents were opposed to it and Adams wanted their voices to be heard.

Denise D. Adams (DD) Adams has represented the North Ward, which includes a portion of downtown, on the city council since 2009 and is advancing her political career by running for the Democratic primary in the 5th District congressional race. If Adams wins the primary, on May 8th, 2018, she will likely run against incumbent Republican Virginia Foxx for the 5th district of North Carolina in the United States Congress.

“I’ve been outside of manufacturing jobs; I was laid off; I’ve been terminated. I’ve been uninsured when I didn’t have healthcare. I have faced life-threatening illness, and I have a pre-existing condition. And I have suffered the loss of not just my parents and siblings, but the loss of my twin sister,” Adams said, “But I’m Carolina tough. Challenges, regardless of what they are, I’m up for it. I don’t stop fighting for what is important, I just don’t.”

Adams faces Jenny Marshall in the Democratic primary. Marshall lives in Winston-Salem and has been involved in a variety of community alliances and associations since moving here five years ago. She also served as a public-school teacher in Winston-Salem.

Eric Ellison is the chairman of the Forsyth Country Democratic Party. Due to a rule in the bylaws of the Forsyth County Democratic Party, as chairman, Ellison is unable to endorse or favor one democratic candidate in a primary race if more than one is running.

“I have known DD for quite some time. She has been a great councilwoman and she has also been a North Carolina representative for the Democratic National Committee,” Ellison said.

To Ellison, and many Democrats in the 5th district, there is a lot on the line for this election. “The current president is the biggest atrocity ever. His impeachment could very well fall on whether we vote in DD or Jenny or if we keep Virginia Foxx,” Ellison said. “If democrats are in control, could depend on whether he is impeached or not.”

An important goal for Adams, is that the people of the 5th District are heard and listened to.

“The people of the 5th tell me that healthcare is their major concern along the economy and jobs along with the education of their children,” said Adams.

Adams defines these three as her “hot button issues”: Healthcare- more affordable, the economy- a more livable wage, and opportunity to education.

“I think it is not a privilege, but it is a right,” Adams says about healthcare.

Adams has been involved in Winston-Salem in many ways over the years and defines this as what sets her apart from her opponent.

“As my service on the city council here, as well as the League of Municipality, as well as the National League of Cities, I have been to Washington, and on the hill, and Congress to communicate the concerns of the people of Winston-Salem and North Carolina, as well as the people across the country,” Adams said.

In addition to all the work Adams does currently, her history is rooted in Winston-Salem. In 1949, Adams parents moved from South Carolina. After Adam’s father served in World War II, he was the first generation off the farm. Adams parents eloped, had two daughters, and sought out a better life in manufacturing and moved to Winston-Salem.

Adams grew up in Winston-Salem and attended East Forsyth Senior High School. She then moved to Baltimore, MD attended college at Morgan State University, and graduated in 1976. Adams moved back to Winston-Salem after graduation and has worked as an active member in the community ever since.

Marshall, Adam’s only opponent for the primary race at this time (the filing period ends February 28th, 2018), believes her campaign is unique in its fundraising tactics.

“We have pledged not to take any corporate or corporate lobbyist money, so this is fully funded by the people, for the people. So, we are making sure that we are out in the community talking to people about what they need, listening to their stories, and taking that and hopefully putting that power into Washington,” said Marshall.

Mayor Allen Joines, five-time elected mayor of Winston-Salem, has endorsed Adams’ campaign. The challenge will be how to get Adams or Marshall elected in this primarily red district. Virginia Foxx is 73 years old and has held this spot since 2009.

According to the Cook Political Report, the 5th District is ranked as solid Republican, therefore, not even classifying this race as competitive. Ellison still feels Democrats could have a chance in 2018.

“This is what I’ll tell you, we are better off now than we were previously. At one point in time it was impossible for any Democrat to win in the 5th district. We had it racially, unconstitutionally gerrymandered. Republicans still have the advantage, ok, and so we have to overcome that. So, what is going to be different this time around?” said Ellison, “Well, lo and behold because of this President that we have, more people are energized than ever before. People are participating.”

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