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Wake Forest Students Cover Downtown Winston-Salem

Waiting for the Bus

Commuters on their way to work and families headed out of town to visit their relatives wait at Winston Salem’s Clark Campbell Multimodal Transportation Center, located in the heart of downtown on Fifth Street, in between Trade and Liberty streets. The bus station allows people to have flexibility in their schedule by providing several routes from one place to another.

The Winston Salem Transit Authority’s Marketing Director Tina Carson-Wilkins said that the Clark Campbell Multimodal Transportation Center offers 25 day-time routes and seven night-time routes Monday through Friday, 18 routes on Saturday, and seven on Sunday.

Standing right outside of the bus station, Cédric Reid waits for his ride to go see his father on the south side of Winston Salem.

Clark Campbell worked as a bus driver for 62 years starting as a Safe Bus driver and continuing through Safe Bus’s transition to the Winston Salem Transit Authority according to the Winston Salem Transit Authority’s website. The Clark Campbell Multimodal Transportation Center was named after Clark Campbell in March of 2007.

While the people are bustling by, Vernetta Cockerham stops and sits outside to check her phone as she waits for her bus to Kimberly Park.

“The bus station has provided approximately 186 employees along with helping a minimum of 12,000 people commute daily,” said Carson-Wilkins.

Rahquell Burns, 5, tries to entertain herself by spinning her bag while waiting inside with her mother and sister, Fatimah and Rahilyn Burns, for her Greyhound to go see her grandmother.




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