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UpDog Kombucha Weeks 6 and 7

Saturday, August 5, 2017 5:10 pm

Things have been super busy at UpDog, which unfortunately led me to fall behind in my posting, so I’ve combined my thoughts and experiences from the past two weeks into one blog post!

After completing the website, I turned my attention to researching how to get the kombucha nutritionally tested. Getting the product tested would a huge step because it allows us to have concrete facts and figures regarding the nutritional benefits of the kombucha to share with customers. While we know that the beverage itself is low sugar and low calorie, customers are comforted by having a specific number to associate with that. Nutrition facts would also be a great addition to our bottles as they would allow for customers to more accurately compare our products with others and be able to see the benefits that UpDog kombucha provides besides just tasting good!

I ran into a few roadblocks with my research at first, as many places do not test fermented products. Once I found a couple locations willing to service kombucha, I had to run price comparisons to see which places make the most financial sense for a small company that does not ship their product. I’m currently in the final stages of deciding which organization to test with, and hopefully we’ll be able to add an accurate nutritional label in the near future!

Besides that research, I’ve continued my rounds of deliveries to both old and new locations. I’ve learned how to think on my feet and am now comfortable enough with our product and how we sell it to troubleshoot and work with customers without having to call one of the owners to clarify what my next step should be. I’m so grateful to be working in a small environment that allows me to be so independent and to take charge on my own sales and accounts.

Entering into my last week is bittersweet to say the least. While I can’t say I’ll miss the 4:45am wake up calls on some Saturdays, I will miss being able to be a part of a rapidly expanding small business run by two women who I greatly admire. I can’t wait to see what my last week has in store!

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