Summer Entrepreneurial Experiences

RLM Associates Week 5

Sunday, July 30, 2017 12:28 pm

This week was my first week back after being gone for two months! We planned beforehand for everything to be launched before I left so that the campaigns could accumulate funds and we would have enough data to re-evaluate marketing choices once I got back. Upon my return I ran the requested reports and everything is doing well. We’re making small adjustments here and there or updating campaigns so that sponsors and donors are aware of the companies’ progress. For the Forks In The Road book series we were working with we were finally able to publish the first book. It was available on Amazon on Monday and has since sold 32 copies before we even began the promotion campaign. I also began working with a new section of the Forks in the Road company, that revolves around market research. A lot of time this week was spent making calls and organizing a panel of professors to assist with the research. We also began initial contact with experts in the area of study to help with the formatting and creating of the research method.

The next big project is the development of a software. We are finally at the stage where this can begin. The first step in this process was for me to organize and read through the 4 years of data collection that is the basis for the software. I also went through and modified and combines past wireframes so that we are ready to move forward with developing and finalizing the visual aspects of the software. The first meeting for this process will be the Tuesday of this upcoming week. We also went over past marketing strategies as well as past strategic launch plans. This coming week we will refine the data that we have and move forward with the reduced information!

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