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Monday, June 26, 2017 11:09 pm

The last week I have spent some time on refining the value proposition to stores and restaurants outside the university and corporate campus setting. The core focus here is on the “tinder” UX approach for food. Under the slogan “your food at your customers fingertips – make them hungry around the clock”, are we trying to make restaurants aware of the benefits of the swiping model. Having an interactive menu with a food focused experience helps the customers experience and thus decrease misunderstandings and returns of orders. Another major USP is the fact that the card swiping model allows a restaurant to have constant customer exposure. Every other ordering platform follows the following model: decide your cuisine, choose the store, select items. A restaurant has one chance to be chosen. However, by showing the food in a fun interactive way, the restaurant has many chances to sell to the customer and can convert a picture with a right swipe into a sale. In addition, the card model allows for some interesting data analytics. Today stores know their bestsellers. With our application, the also know what people actively dislike. Further, having an item by item view restaurants can easily test new pictures, prices and descriptions of their food. In line with a more showcasing the product and service approach have we updated and enhanced our website .

Lastly, I have been starting the process to raise some additional capital. The core focus however is not so much on the capital but rather on finding a senior partner in the US who believes in the product and has a strong network. This will allow us to expand more rapidly and make better and calculated decision with an experience partner.

Our development is still in time and we are making process in negotiations with meal plan providers. We have also started an extensive around of customer discovery with private/family owned restaurants to fully understand what they need and what we need to be able to get them on a platform like ours.

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