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Double Trouble

Hillary Clinton’s and Michelle Obama’s campaign event held at the coliseum was very historic and admirable in several ways and it was their first joint appearance on the campaign trail. The audience screamed as the two women walked onstage, and you notice how small Hillary Clinton is compared to Michelle. The two significant figures talked about things such as their respect for each other, common values and the goal of defeating republican Donald Trump. According to the fire marshal, the event had about 11,000 people, which was one of largest crowds of Clinton’s campaign. It seemed that people were more excited to see Michelle Obama than Hillary Clinton. When Michelle stepped forward to speak, the crowd couldn’t stop cheering for Mrs. Obama. Also, Hillary mentions during her speech, “Seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than Michelle Obama?” The crowd again answered with cheers and applauded. Mrs. Obama starts talking about Trump as she mentions during her speech, “This candidate calls on us to turn against each other, to build walls, to be afraid.” Then, Michelle discusses Hillary’s vision and begins to support her when she states, “And then there’s Hillary’s vision for this country — a vision of a nation that is powerful and vibrant and strong, big enough to have a place for all of us. A nation where we each have something very special to contribute and where we are always stronger together.” “We want a president who takes this job seriously and has the temperament and maturity to do it well. Someone who is steady. Someone who can be trusted with the nuclear codes because we want to sleep at night knowing that our kids and our country are safe.” It was truly an honor to witness this historic event and it was definitely one to remember.

ejiodc13 • November 11, 2016

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