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Please, please, please vote.

The Hillary Clinton rally was an experience I’ll remember for my lifetime. Seeing both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama that close was incredible. The pump-up music playing before Clinton came on stage added an element of (in my opinion) humor, and created an atmosphere of liveliness and excitement. In general, the crowd was very lively and enthusiastic, overwhelmingly in support of Clinton. I expected there to be more Trump supporters at the rally given that North Carolina is usually a republican state, but saw maybe a handful.

While I thought Clinton’s speech was quite scripted and didn’t offer much policy-wise, the crowd went crazy at everything she said. Clinton’s speech revolved largely around both women, as well as the importance of voting. Given the tightness of this election, every vote will count. Andrew J. Perrin asserts that voting is “a ritual in which lone citizens express personal beliefs that reflect the core of who they are and what they want for their country” (Perrin 53). Clinton focused hard on reinstating that voting is crucial to not only the election, but also to maintaining your civic duty as an American. The rally as a whole (obviously) placed much emphasis on ensuring Clinton was elected, repeatedly saying that your vote counts. With North Carolina being such a swing state in this upcoming election, I have no doubt that my vote counts.

Nick • November 9, 2016

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