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The Omnipotent Donald Trump

In Power, Sociologically Speaking, Roscigno begins with a general definition of power as “persuasiveness, the ability to get what one wants.” Throughout the article, Roscigno presents several more comprehensive and sociologically-based perspectives of power. But this initial, elementary definition is the one I would like to focus on. The 2016 Presidential Election has certainly been…

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Powerful, Not Untouchable

When reading, “Power, Sociologically Speaking”” by Vincent J. Roscigno, one quote on the work of Frances Fox Piven stuck out. “Power is, after all, ultimately dependent on the perceptions of and compliance by the population at large” (Roscigno). While this section of the article primarily focuses on collective action, I immediately thought of recent events…

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Government of the Parties by the Parties for the Parties Shall Not Perish from the Earth?

The survival of the dominant political parties in America despite the failure of both parties to adequately align with the desires of the majority of Americans in recent years reinforces Steven Lukes and Vincent Roscigno’s articles on the difficulty of overturning the status quo due to cultural and structural nature of power. The way in…

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Power is Money

In politics, we think too much about power as the office holder or the candidate running for office instead of where the power truly lies. While the elected official is the one who has “legitimate power”, and the ability to formally “[bring] about significant outcomes”, as written by Lukes, there are many more dimensions to…

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Power has a sort of presence that is noticed as is always quickly recognized. For instance in the last republican debate Donald Trump really showed his power. His dominance was present from the first address of the candidates when they were asked to pledge to not run as an independent after a presidential candidate was…

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Trump the Great and Powerful: A Fallacy

To define power, Roscigno and Lukes broke it down by defining what power isn’t. Lukes argues that power is not successful action nor subjugation of others and that it’s false to assume powerful people have resources. Reading these false assumptions, the first person that comes to mind is presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump is not…

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