About This Book

In 2010, the Faculty Assembly of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library voted to pass an Open Access policy to achieve the widest possible access to and long-term preservation of their scholarly works. During the same time period, another committee was formed to look into e-textbooks for the Wake Forest Community.

This book grew from a project that followed, sponsored by a Wake Forest University STEP Grant to explore the technologies necessary to publish an open access e-textbookfor use with Wake Forest University’s LIB100 class. The ideal textbook would be modular, in order to encourage library faculty to “remix” the book to meet the designs of individual coursesand would include embedded video and other multimedia. In the best case, this textbook wouldbe able to be used by faculty teaching information literacy at other institutions, and specific units could be used within Wake Forest University’s classes for learning and assessment. For example, a citation unit might be relevant for English classes.