Mother So Queer

A Queer History of Wake Forest University

Podcast: Shane Harris on the Performing Arts as an Inclusive Space

“…we were here to study, but we lived in the theatre. And that was really where there were, and in addition to James, there were a couple other people who were out, and there were others who were pretty obviously gay and not ready to come out yet. But you know, it’s the arts. There’s…

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Podcast: Justin Lee and Support Systems

  “I didn’t ever worry that I was going to be beat up or something like that, but I felt really alone. I felt like there wasn’t a lot of support and I felt like there were people who didn’t care if I was gay and there were people who did. And there weren’t many…

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Podcast: Kenneth Badgett talks about his life in comparison to Madonna’s song “Borderline”.

“Well I’ll tell you, if you want a general sense of how you sort of lived all of these years from the 80’s. I was thinking about the pop song, Madonna’s song ‘Borderline’. It would be typical from my experience. If you grew up in a traditional area and you’re sensitive to other people…I’m probably…

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Podcast: Toni Newman talks about the intersections of her black and trans identities.

“Wake Forest was new to me; first time from home. And–you know–I was very afraid. But there were two things going on. I knew that I was something different–not gay. Even though a lot of people assumed I was gay, but I wasn’t really gay. I didn’t even know how to express that into “Oh…

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Chris Cooper: The Closeted March on Washington

“Back when I was at Wake Forest it was right during a very transitional time in gay and lesbian civil rights in fact one of the seminal moments in the movement and in my life was the 1993 march on Washington where there was over a million gay and lesbian people present. You know a…

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Podcast: Perry Patterson talks about University Policy

“On October 11 of ’99, the undergraduate faculty voted that there was a crisis of confidence. And that was basically one step short of saying there was a no confidence vote in the administration. And at the time, I went on record in the faculty and in front of administrators saying that, “Okay, if you…

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