Mother So Queer

A Queer History of Wake Forest University

Podcast: Will Daniel explains how the university seemed to exile the students that they were uncomfortable with.

“I lived on campus the first 2 years and the second year I lived in Huffman house, which I don’t know if it still exists…[Interviewer: It does.] It does, well, okay so theme housing for diversity but you know of these sort of gleek variety [laughter] these sorts of weird misfit variety and although, actually, it was in Efird. So it wasn’t Huffman house, it was Huffman house in exile, whenever I lived there but there I don’t know what the arrangement would have been institutionally with residence life, but it was almost as if they just gave us a block of rooms and a set of keys and just left us alone maybe because they were uncomfortable with us and who was going to be there.”

– Will Daniel

johntn12 • December 1, 2015

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