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Lawsuit filed against Ziggy’s venue and bar and security guard

A Ziggy’s patron has sued the nightclub and one of its security guards alleging that the security guard injured him last year in a scuffle outside the club, according the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, MacMillan Stephenson Williams and his brother attended a concert at Ziggy’s, January 18, 2014. Williams and his brother were inside of Ziggy’s when they got into an argument with another patron.

The suit alleges that Jordan Anthony Gunter, a security guard, forced Willams and his brother to leave. The lawsuit states that Gunter then restrained Williams’ brother. When Williams asked Gunter what he was doing, Gunter assaulted him, the lawsuit says. “In response Gunter and another unidentified security guard of Ziggy’s grabbed Plaintiff (Williams) and began to viciously punch him, grab him and throw him to the ground.”

According to the lawsuit, this incident resulted in “serious and permanent injuries, pain and suffering, disfigurement and significant medical expenses” by Williams. Williams is requesting “an amount greater than $25,000” in compensation, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit continues to say, “Ziggy’s and Gunter negligently responded in a manner that was excessive and improper under the circumstances, directly and proximately causing severe physical harm and injury to plaintiff (Williams).”

Charles Womack, owner of Ziggy’s Winston, Inc. declined to comment on this subject, but Jim Welsh, the attorney representing Ziggy’s, spoke on his behalf.

Welsh said he has not filed an answer to the complaint yet but plans to do so by October 30th. Welsh said, “The plaintiff has asserted a complaint, you can anticipate the requests stated within the compliant will be challenged.”

The attorney’s representing Williams, John Taylor and John Vermitsky, could not be reached.

According to Lisa Frisk, Forsyth County Clerk of Superior Court, there have been no criminal charges filed against Gunter, only a complaint filed in the civil summons within the negligence suit.

A copy of the lawsuit can be found below:

Lawsuit PDF



  1. Very interesting story-I hope there will be a follow-up, so I can find out what happens. Great reporting, Anna!!

    Comment by Susan Karsten on October 8, 2015 at 5:02 pm

  2. Great Post, security guard must always be at alert to avoid being caught unawares.

    Comment by John Frisk on November 13, 2015 at 1:05 pm

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