Floating City

Masking & Movement

In this activity, our class worked with the Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center (IPlace) to participate in a workshop on masking and movement, led by Professor Leah Roy. The students then wrote reflective essays on their experience connecting the workshop to the course readings, which focused on the practice of masking during Carnival in Venice from the 16th to the 18th centuries. They were asked tho think about the following questions:
  • How did your understanding of masking, identity, and self-hood evolve through reading about and directly experiencing masking?
  • How does the experience of a mask change your presentation of your self?
  • Do you feel more or less "like yourself" when wearing a mask?
  • What does this tell us about the relationship between physical appearance and identity?
  • What do people communicate through facial expressions, and how does your perception of other people change when you can’t see all or part of their face?
Selections from those essays, in addition to photos illustrating masks and masking, appear below.