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The culture of ZSR Library is one of creativity and innovation. The administration encourages its faculty and staff – to think imaginatively, then experiment. They are given the freedom to innovate by creating new programs that will engage their community. This culture results in projects that range from an exam week graffiti wall for students to a “cans for fines” program for the holidays. This section will outline some of the creative and innovative projects that the faculty and staff of ZSR Library have implemented with a focus on how …

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Wake the Library

What do students want at exam time? They want a place where they can study around the clock. This need was the genesis for Wake the Library. The first week-long Wake the Library was in 2006, before 24/5 hours were put in place. Library staff volunteered to keep the Library 24 hours a day throughout fall and spring exams. To add a bit of extra motivation, the Library provided students with a free food break mid-way through the night. Students immediately loved this event. Since then, the normal schedule has …

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Wake the Library 5K Race

Providing food during exams is not free, though! To support the semi-annual event, the Library started looking for ways to fund the Wake the Library event. Soon, the Wake the Library 5K was born. This race touches nearly every person who works in the Library from marketing to registration to race day tasks. Nearly 200 racers include students, faculty, staff, family, and general community members. This event has evolved to be part of the University’s homecoming weekend events allowing alumni to reconnect with the Library and their registrations to go …