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The Z Smith Reynolds Library’s 2007 Strategic Plan called for a place on campus that “draws together, in one location, various student support systems including… the Writing Center, IS Help Desk and Teaching and Learning Center.” In an effort to provide the intimacy and support of an undergraduate liberal arts college while providing the services and resources of a research university with a creative and innovative approach, the University has co-located a number of services in the ZSR Library building. These co-located services allow for a synergy that comes from …

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In 2010, space was carved out to move the University’s Writing Center, a place for collaborative learning and conversation about the writing process, to ZSR Library. Extensive renovations took place over the summer of 2010 and the Center opened for the fall semester. The Writing Center’s Director had this to say about their move to the new space, “One of the most exciting things about the Writing Center’s move to our new space in ZSR… is the fact that we will be even more accessible to students throughout their writing …

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Collaborative Spaces

The Library knows that to provide exceptional teaching, discovery, and student engagement it has to collaborate. It also knows that to have a dynamic academic community it needs spaces to interact. The Z Smith Reynolds Library knows it is the heart of the campus and seeks to be in the center of intellectual and academic life on campus. As such, it has repurposed its space as outlined above, and also created other spaces specifically for collaboration.
In September 2008, StarbucksĀ® opened in the Library, and the campus changed forever. Students, faculty …