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Congratulations on the wonderful award you won! This is truly impressive and much deserved. The library is my favorite place on campus — you and your terrific team of librarians have made it even more so thanks to your hard work and vision.

Ulrike Wiethaus, Ph.D.
Director, Religion and Public Engagement
Professor, Department of Religion and American Ethnic Studies
Wake Forest University

Congratulations on the wonderful library award! I feel so proud to be at a school with such a great library and especially great library faculty & staff members!

Christa L. Colyer, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair, Department of Chemistry
Wake Forest University

Congratulations on the library winning the national award! I spent many hours in the library when I was in college and wish I had had access to a library like ZSR.

Patricia A. Nixon, PhD
Associate Professor of Health & Exercise Science
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Wake Forest University

Lynn, Great congrats on your/our WFU ZSR Library winning the “NCAA” in your words in WSJ…. just superb !! This ZSRL national award is due, in large part to your quality leadership. We are grateful.

The Rev. Dr. Doug Bailey
President, Center for Urban Ministry, Inc.
Assistant Professor, Urban Ministry
Wake Forest University School of Divinity

Congratulations, Lynn, on the ACRL award. This is great news, and well deserved!

David P. Phillips, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Program in Humanities
Core Faculty, Women’s and Gender Studies
Wake Forest University

Congratulations! I had heard about this from some friends before the article came out! Great job to you and your faculty and staff!!

Angela Culler
Interim Assistant Vice President
Human Resources

Congratulations on the award, that’s quite an achievement! I remember attending an all-faculty retreat before you were hired and there was a lot of clamor for improvements to the library–it was one of the major faculty priorities. You’ve filled the bill and then some. From a very satisfied user, thanks!

Miles Silman

Congratulations, Lynn!! What an honor, my dear! I am so thrilled for you and your staff. This recognition is soooo impressive!

Ann C. Cunningham, Ph.D.
Instructional Design, Assessment and Technology
Wake Forest University
Department of Education

Congrats on the recognition for the library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As a resident of ZSR, it’s the only place to study. Everyone that works in the library is the best. The Bridge is terrific and I’d be in trouble if they weren’t around to continually help me with the computers!

Monty King

Congratulations on receiving one of the highest awards for Academic libraries. It is truly rewarding to receive accolades from your colleagues for all the great work you do for the students of Wake Forest University. Enjoy the moment and Keep up the great work!!!

Mae L. Rodney
Director of Library Services
227 O’Kelly Library
Winston-Salem State University

Congratulations on the 2011 ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award! I am sure your leadership in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library contributed greatly to wining this honor.

Nancy Wilmes
Wayne State University

Great article in today’s paper about the award you guys won! I’m so glad to see such great press, and I know you’ve worked hard to get the library in such fine shape. Thanks for bringing good news about WFU to the local paper as well as national recognition!

Cathy B. Chinlund P’06
Associate Director, Records Processing & Data Acquisition

Congratulations to you and all of your ZSR colleagues on winning the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award! I just heard the good news. Go Deacs!

R. Kriss Dinkins
Director, Knowledge and Service Support
Information Systems
Wake Forest University

Congratulations, Lynn, to you and your staff for the Excellence in Academic Libraries award! Richly deserved recognition! We at Davidson are so happy for you all!

Jill Gremmels
Leland M. Park Director of the Davidson College Library

Congratulations on Wake Forest having been selected ACRL research library of the year. You’re certainly doing great things. I feel honored that two people I know were part of the process because Julia Bauder has responsibility for part of the information literacy program at Grinnell College.

Robert P. Holley
Professor, School of Library & Information Science
Wayne State University

Congratulations to you and your team on winning theExcellence in Academic Libraries Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries!

Nancy R. Crouch
Deputy CIO, Service Delivery and Support
Wake Forest University, Information Systems

I would like to offer my congratulations for your library winning the2011 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award! What an honor to be recognized in this way, but so well deserved! I celebrate with you and wish you continued success.

Angela H. Hobbs
Professional Center Library
Reference Coordinator-ILL Borrowing
Wake Forest University

I was happy to see that your creative leadership of the library has been noticed. Congratulations on the ACRL award–the library is definitely my favorite place on campus!

Bernadine Barnes (written from the library–of course!)

Congratulations on the well deserved recognition of your leadership of the library. The NCAA champion for sure!

Steve Reinemund
Dean of Business
Wake Forest University
Schools of Business
Retired Chairman/CEO – PepsiCo

Congratulations on the award for the WFU Library. Not only did you win a prestigious award, but you also got front page coverage in the W-S Journal! From what everyone says, it is a well deserved award. Next time I’m over there I’ll have to come in the library and see for myself.

Kathy Orms
Director, Organizational Development
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Congratulations on receiving the 2011 ACRL “Excellence in Academic Libraries” award, and all the accolades that have followed. I’ve followed with interest the news of all the happenings at the library, and I’m so happy to see you and your faculty and staff get the recognition you all deserve.

Margaret H. Taylor
Professor of Law
Wake Forest University
School of Law

Congratulations to you and your Library coworkers on the recently announced award! What a marvelous validation of what you and your colleagues are doing. The Library is at the core of the academic mission of the University and this recognition of its value to Wake Forest is long overdue. I enjoyed the terrific coverage in the Winston-Salem Journal today. You are the Champions!

Jack Fleer

Congratulations for ZSR Library’s receiving the 2011 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. It is well-deserved.

William K. Ach

I loved seeing the story splashed across the front page today. It’s obvious you spark positive change. Congratulations to you and your team.

Maria Henson
Associate Vice President and Editor-at-Large
Wake Forest University

KUDOS to you and your staff on the ACRL award! Wow — and so well deserved! I hope you are all celebrating in some way!

Mary Foskett

Congratulations on the 2011 Excellence in Libraries Award, featured on the front page of today’s WS Journal.How nice to see you receive this significant recognition of all the the goodyou do and the impact you so creatively accomplish.


Congratulations and thank you for creating an award winning library at Wake Forest. I am so glad you are here.

Anne Boyle

I echo this wonderful news! I have the article sitting beside me and will get it to one of you when I see you next. We are so lucky to have you and WFUin our community. Congratulations!

Ginger Hendricks
Executive Director

Congratulations to you and your staff on winning the ACRL Excellence in Universities Library award. We at Forsyth County Public Library are elated over your recognition.

Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin & FCPL Staff

Congratulations on receiving the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award! You and your team certainly deserve it, and we’re very pleased for you.

Mary McAfee
Associate Director
Forsyth County Public Library

That is wonderful news! A very hearty congratulations to you and your team.

Matt Imboden
Assistant Director of Residence Education
Residence Life & Housing, WFU

We just read about the reward the library received. Congratulations. Hope this is a start to a wonderful 2011 for you. We miss interacting with people like you at WFU.

Alan Cox
The Planning Edge

Congratulations on the great honor of having the Z. Smith Reynolds Library selected for the 2011 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. You must be thrilled. I am so happy for you and your staff.

Mary Lane MS CCRM
Library Manager
Lorillard Tobacco Company

All my best wishes on your library’s being recognized as the 2011 ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award Winner in the university category. This is a tremendous honor. We at UNCG were excited to hear the news, and then I was doubly pleased that the Winston-Salem Journal gave you front page coverage to announce it to our community.

Christine Fischer, Head of Acquisitions
University Libraries UNCG

Congratulations on the big library award! And please share my congratulations with the rest of your colleagues. What a great reflection on all the hard work you’ve been doing–and richly deserved!

Cindy Genrich

That’s fantastic, Lynn. Well, not “fantastic,” because it’s so logical and well-deserved. But wonderful anyway. I love the library and never skirt an opportunity to praise it to my colleagues, both here and elsewhere, for the warm, inviting, and stimulating environment it provides. It has such a good vibe, and that counts for a lot — a huge amount, really — when it comes to creating an optimal space for research, writing, and small-group learning. I applaud you and your staff at every level and in every department for all that you do to make it such an outstanding organization.

David Lubin

Will you please forward on to Lynn that I am so excited for her and the library! What a fantastic article and honor. It was great to read this morning :) Congrats to her and Wake Forest!

You are using up some of your Andy Warhol minutes of fame today. I thought the journal did a nice job. Congratulations to you and your faculty and staff again. I think this is great recognition of all you have been working to do.

Mark Welker
Vice Provost

The kind of headlines we love! Congratulations, again!

Mary Pugel

Congrats on your ACRL award! It’s always wonderful to hear what you’re doing at Wake Forest. I’m so glad that you’re in the ASERL group!

Julia Rholes
University of Mississippi

Congratulations in receiving the 2011 Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. We loved opening the paper this a.m. to find Z Smith Reynolds Library and Lynn Sutton on the front page! It was a good article, with due credit given.


Congratulations on your award, Lynn. I am glad the world is recognizing you for the rock star that you are.

Brooke Davis

I saw the announcement today (WIN) about the award given ZSR. How fitting for this great library! Thanks for your guidance and support with our library.

Jean Reader
Professional Center Library
Wake Forest University

Lynn, this is great news about the library. Everyone I know already feels like the library is the best thing going for faculty, and now it’s official. Congratulations on receiving national recognition for your amazing good work.

Dean Franco

Congratulations to you and to your staff for winning the prestigious Excellence in Academic Libraries National Award. It is very well deserved. I have been at Wake Forest for 30 years now and the library has never been better than it is now at serving the needs of faculty and students. It has become a center of activity at Wake due in no small part to your leadership.

Barry Maine

Way to slam dunk!!! CONGRATULATIONS on the ZSR Library’s prestigious award!!!!!! You deserve it!!!!!!

Samuel T. Gladding, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor
Department of Counseling
Wake Forest University

Congratulations to the Z. Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest, which is one of the recipients of the 2011 ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award.

Dr. Robert Burgin
Web Administrator
North Carolina Library Association

Congratulations Lynn! You and your staff do a great job and are constant sources of excellence and inspiration for both NC’s academic and public libraries! Well deserved, indeed.

Tim Rogers
Executive Director

Congratulations! This is wonderful news. You definitely deserve the award.

Mary Reichel
University Librarian
Belk Library and Information Commons
Appalachian State University

Happy New Year! Congratulations on your recent ACRL award. Keep up the great work.

Jamie Foster
JanWay Company Sales Consultant

I’d like to express my congratulations to you and your colleagues for your receipt of the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award! It’s a great tribute to your hard work and commitment to the university community and the profession. It’s a pleasure working with you.

Merrill Smith
Account Services Manager
EBSCO Information Services

Lynn: This is really terrific. A hearty congratulations to you and your colleagues! We will certainly look for appropriate occasions to raise a glass in honor of what has been accomplished.

Nathan Hatch
Wake Forest University

OUTSTANDING!!! Congratulations to your faculty and staff! This is wonderful recognition of your strong leadership, and the dedication and commitment of the library faculty and staff.

Jill Tiefenthaler
Professor of Economics
Wake Forest University

I echo Jill’s sentiments-this is fantastic news.. Congratulations to you and your team, Lynn!

Pamela Dumas Serfes
Associate Vice President,
Communications and External Relations
Wake Forest University

Wow! Congratulations! What a wonderful honor (and pretty good company in the previous winners!) Kudos to you and your staff for the leadership and service that ZSR exhibits throughout the year. What a fine way to begin the new year and the new semester!!

Mary Pugel

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!! OMG! Congratulations! I am so excited for you.

Jermyn Davis

Congratulations Lynn! That is great and well deserved.

Katy Harriger

That’s GREAT! Congratulations on an excellent job. Well-deserved! When the ice thaws, we’ll have to celebrate.

John McNally

Congratulations, Lynn!! This is excellent recognition for your work–the ZSR library is outstanding!

Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D.
Dean of Wake Forest College
Reynolds Professor of Computational Biophysics
Wake Forest University

Congratulations, Lynn, for a well deserved kudos.

Blake D. Morant
School of Law
Wake Forest University

Congratulations. This is quite an award! You guys have certainly earned it.

Alan Keely
Professional Center Library

Congratulations. It is good to know when a deserving library gets noticed.

Maureen Eggert
Professional Center Library

Dear Lynn and ZSR Colleagues, Congratulations on a well-deserved recognition! It’s always nice to hear good things about good places!

Deborah A. Nolan
University Librarian
Albert S. Cook Library
Towson University

This is fabulous. well done! Many many congratulations.

David Coates
Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies
Department of Politics
Wake Forest University

This is just super Lynn. Many congratulations to you and the entire ZSR staff.

Sally A. Irvin
Associate Director for Faculty&Technology Services and Adjunct Professor of Law
Wake Forest School of Law

That is wonderful! Congratulations! I took the liberty of sending the news to all of IS and asked that they congratulate their library friends.

Rick Matthews
Associate Provost for Technology & Information Systems
Professor of Physics
Wake Forest University

Congratulations to you and your staff!! That is very impressive and much deserved. I really like it when good people get recognized. You and your department are a huge contributor to what makes Wake Forest a special place. Thank you!

Bill Smith
Information Systems
Wake Forest University

Lynn: congratulations and well deserved!!! You and your team have done a great job in proactively supporting the campus community…and this award recognizes that hard work. Please let me know when the award ceremony is held. I’d love to attend.

Jim Alty

Congratulations, Lynn! Just read that your WFU library was awarded The Excellence in Academic Libraries Award! What an honor for you, your staff, and the University…..proud to know you!

Leland Park
Librarian Emeritus
Davidson College

Congratulations to Lynn and her Wake Forest colleagues for receiving the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries award!

Jim Rettig
University of Richmond

Congratulations!!! This is fabulous and well deserved.

Sandra Yee
Dean, University Library System
Wayne State University

Excellent work, Lynn; congrats to you and your staff. I need to cook up a good excuse to come visit your library sometime.

Adrian W. Alexander
R.M. and Ida McFarlin Dean of the Library
McFarlin Library
University of Tulsa

Indeed! This is pretty amazing – congratulations to Lynn.

Joe Lucia
University Librarian
Villanova University

I was in ACRL Board when this was announced. I was so excited for you and your staff. I have been saying that I wanted may a visit to your library-now I really want to come!

Janice Welburn
Dean, University Libraries
John P. Raynor, S.J., Library
Marquette University

Congrats to Lynn Sutton and the team at Z. Smith Reynolds Library!

John Burger
Executive Director
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

CONGRATULATIONS Lynn–wonderful news!

Rosann Bazirjian
Dean of University Libraries
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Wow! I am so thrilled for you and your colleagues! Congrats.

Beth Hammond

Dear Lynn: how wonderful to wake up this morning and see Wake Forest Library on the front page of the Winston-Salem Journal in all her glory! Congratulations on this superb award recognizing the excellence that we all experience every day when we walk through the doors of ZSR-in my mind there is no more important building on the Wake Forest campus. Since my whole Freshman year of college was spent in the library it has always felt like home to me. Now when I come in, whether in search of a scholarly article or for the latest installment of Mad Men, I always feel welcomed by our warm & engaging staff. Again, my best wishes on this exceptional award. It’s a tremendous thing for Wake Forest–Well deserved!

Marybeth S. Wallace (’86)
Office of the President

I would not have expected less. You folks are awesome.

"The library values and celebrates its employees whose teamwork creates the energy and vitality evidence in their application."

Earl Smith

Kudos on your Academic Library of Excellence award!!! I know firsthand how competitive the ACRL competition is, and we’re VERY proud of you – well-deserved.

Kate D. Hickey
Dean and University Librarian
Carol Grotnes Belk Library

Lynn, congratulations to the Z Smith Reynolds Library under your guidance in winning the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries award. It’s certainly a well-deserved recognition that I agree with fully. The National Humanities Center Library appreciates the longstanding ILL service you offer, as well as often hosting the NC ILL User Group meeting. I was fortunate to see your staff in action when I was a member of the LSTA Advisory Committee and participated in a site visit for the Digitial Forsyth project, which certainly couldn’t have happened without your willingness to take on technical responsibility for the partners.

Here’s to an honor well-deserved, to go along with best wishes for the new year.

Eliza S. Robertson
Library Director
National Humanities Center

I just saw the ACRL announcement. Great work! Greetings to all, especially Wanda. Wish I could be with you to celebrate at ALA.

Mary Ellen Chijioke

Congratulations on receiving The Excellence in Academic Libraries Award, which is such a high honor. It is a pleasure to work in the Library and thank you for making us feel welcome in the Bridge.

Rachel Weaver
Wake Forest University

Hi, Lynn, congratulations on such a prestigious award. It is richly deserved!

Sandy Dickson
Documentary Film Program
Wake Forest University

I feel so proud for you all at ZSR and happy about your recognition from ACRL this year!


Congrats on being named ACRL’s University Library of the Year-what a great honor and so richly deserved. I am always amazed at the innovative programs you and your colleagues come up with.

Larry Boyer, PhD
Dean, Academic Library & Learning Resources
Joyner Library
East Carolina University

Congratulations on this. A well-deserved honor for you and your hard-working, always helpful staff.

Alan Williams

Congratulations, Lynn, on your very well deserved award!!!! It is wonderful that all your hard work is being recognized!!!

George Aldhizer

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