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This is an exciting time for academic libraries. Users have access to information never before available. Institutions are embracing new technologies and teaching methods. Librarians, as a profession, are grappling with access, electronic materials, and a redefinition of libraries and librarianship. In the midst of this, the Z Smith Reynolds Library has redefined itself. Drawing on its already strong reputation within the community, it embarks on innovative projects and shares them with the world, breaks new ground in the field of librarianship and never forgets its primary mission – to help its students, faculty and staff succeed.

The Z Smith Reynolds (ZSR) Library serves a medium-sized institution. With a combined undergraduate and graduate student body of 5,300 and a library staff of 52, it is not a large scale research institution library. It does, however, face the same challenges of higher demand and competition for resources. In this climate it approaches projects, responsibilities, and ideas with an inventive and creative approach and often finds solutions that can be replicated to other libraries facing similar constraints. Most recently it has developed a comprehensive information literacy program, transitioned its Information Technology systems to the cloud, and is piloting new ways of integrating ebooks into the collection in much the same way ejournals transitioned over a decade ago.

This application for the 2011 ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries Award outlines ZSR Library’s creativity and innovation, its leadership within the field, and its substantial relationships with faculty and students. All of this is driven by its mission: to help Wake Forest students, faculty, and staff succeed.