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For all its innovation and leadership, ZSR Library is really all about relationships. It prides itself on its role within the University, its outreach to students, faculty, and staff, and the high regard its community has for it.

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Collaborative Spaces

The Library knows that to provide exceptional teaching, discovery, and student engagement it has to collaborate. It also knows that to have a dynamic academic community it needs spaces to interact. The Z Smith Reynolds Library knows it is the heart of the campus and seeks to be in the center of intellectual and academic life on campus. As such, it has repurposed its space as outlined above, and also created other spaces specifically for collaboration.
In September 2008, StarbucksĀ® opened in the Library, and the campus changed forever. Students, faculty …

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Employees of the Year

In addition to creating spaces that enable relationships and changed users, the faculty and staff of the Library reach out to establish relationships themselves. Their exceptional commitment to the mission has gained ZSR recognition many times over the past several years. Since the University’s Employee of the Year program was introduced in 2001, three of the Library’s professional staff have won the honors. Each time a library employee wins this award, it is recognizing the relationship-building each has done outside of library walls. In turn, it enhances the importance of …

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Wake Forest has the intimacy of a liberal arts college, allowing it to know the members of its community personally and have close relationships with them, while having the output of a research university. As such, the Library facilitates ways to provide opportunities for students to share their research, to recognize faculty’s accomplishments, and push itself to contribute to the scholarship of its own field as well.

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Senior Showcase

In an effort to connect with undergraduates while promoting their research and scholarship, the Library initiated a senior research showcase in 2010. Senior students were nominated by their faculty advisor for their thesis research. Honorees were selected by a library faculty review panel. The three selected honorees shared their research with an audience of library faculty, staff, and academic faculty. These students gained experience that helped them learn how to present academic work professionally, as well as gaining perspectives that will help them in their future academic career. This …

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Faculty Author Dinner

The Library also participates in honoring academic research output for the university faculty. Since 2005 it has hosted the campus reception and dinner for Wake Forest faculty who have published books or significant creative expressions in the previous year. This gives the Library the opportunity to recognize and encourage scholarship, to connect with productive faculty members, and reinforce the connection between its mission to support and archive research while still forming intimate relationships with these faculty in a conversational setting. Faculty leave these events knowing that they are a valued …

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Library administrators raised the possibility of pursuing academic or faculty status in 2006. Beginning in 2007, a self-identified working group of librarians studied the issue and presented their colleagues with evidence of best practices and pros and cons of the issue. In May 2008, the 23 librarians of ZSR Library voted to officially pursue library faculty status with the University, completing a yearlong study of the issue. A system providing four librarian ranks – assistant librarian, associate librarian, librarian, and senior librarian – as well as long-term contracts instead of …

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Library Lecture Series

In 2005 ZSR Library initiated a Library Lecture Series. This program has grown over time to more frequent sessions on a wide variety of subjects. The fall 2010 semester, for example, included lectures on “Teaching Modern and Contemporary French Songs and Musicals,” “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and “License to Snoop.” These lectures allow the Library to be a crossroads of discussion on the current research and findings of the University’s local scholars and provide an opportunity to help share this new knowledge with a broader audience within the University and …

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The Z Smith Reynolds Library is the place to work at Wake Forest University. A 2009 campus climate survey found that ZSR’s faculty and staff are the most satisfied with their work campus-wide. One hundred percent of those who identified ZSR as their workplace agreed with the statement “All in all, I am really satisfied with my job.” With such a positive feeling about their work environment, they easily reach out to let others know what a wonderful place this is when they are recruiting, enabling them to reach out …

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The Library is passionate about collaborative public engagement outreach programs that extend their academic relationships, in particular, those that allow them to reach a diverse audience of future students. In particular, their participation in the annual collaborative program for high school students from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians was a highlight. Over a three day workshop, a librarian was embedded to teach information literacy skills and technology-based research tools to develop their problem-solving research skills in the sciences.