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How to use the “Game Show” Buzzer System

Monday, February 25, 2013 3:47 pm

The buzzer system by Novel Electronic Designs Inc. is an easy to use device that allows you to have a real life quiz show game in your own classroom. No computer is required to use the device. All you need is the box pictured below, and questions that you would like to ask your students during the game.

What is included in the case?

In the carrying case you will find:

1 Buzzer system

1 Power Cord

1 Remote Pause Module

11 Handheld Buzzers (10 for players, and one to reset the game)

11 Extension Cables for buzzers (15ft)


The Set Up

1. Once everything is out of the case, connect a handheld buzzer for each player. Connect the extension cords if necessary. The plugs for the buzzers are indicated by the red arrows in the images below.

2. Connect the power plug into the game and into a nearby outlet. The plug insertion for the game, located on the green team’s side of the system, is represented by the blue arrow in the image below.

3. Connect either the extra buzzer or the remote pause module into the “reset” slot on the buzzer system. (Reasons for choosing one over the other are explained in the game play section) This slot, located on the red team’s side of the system, is indicated by the yellow arrow in the image below.

4. And that’s it! When the game is set up completely, it should look something like this:

Playing the game

1.Give each participant a handheld buzzer. Instruct them to press the buzzer as soon as they know the answer to the question.

2. A buzz sound, unique for each team, will sound based on which team pressed the buzzer first. In addition, the light on the system connected to the winning buzzer will light up, showing which member of the team should answer the question.

3. After one participant sounds the buzzer, the other participants’ buzzers will be deactivated.

4. This is where the extra handheld buzzer or the remote pause module (see direction 5) comes into action. Using the extra handheld buzzer, the moderator of the game can reset the buzzers for the next question. Simply press the buzzer connected into the “reset” port in order to start the next round.

5. Have antsy players who like to press the buzzer before the question is fully read? As an alternative to the extra buzzer, connect the remote pause module. Flip the switch to “pause” while reading the question, and flip it to “run” when you are ready for the players to buzz in. Like before,the remotes will be deactivated when the first player buzzes in. In order to re-activate the remotes for the next round, you must again flip the switch from “pause” to “run”, allowing you to control exactly when the players buzz in.



If you are encountering any problems with the system, please visit for further information.


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