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Using EndNote Web for Reference Management

Monday, March 5, 2012 12:08 pm

EndNote Web is an online citation tool that allows you to search for sources, create citations, share citations with others, and cite while you write using MS word.

Getting Started

  1. The first thing you will need to do is create an EndNote web account. You can do this by clicking here and signing up for an account.
  2. Next you will need to download the plug-in for Microsoft Word. This will also install the EndNote toolbar to Internet Explorer which allows you to cite while you write and to collect sources easily as you come across them while browsing the internet. These links can be found here.

**Note: If Internet Explorer is not your web browser of choice, you can also download an EndNote toolbar for Firefox, via the Firefox Extension found on the same page.

3. After you have downloaded the plug-ins you can begin finding sources.

Finding Sources

In order to find sources using EndNote, you can either search within EndNote web, or you can use the plug-in.

Within EndNote Web

  1. Under the collect tab, click on “online search”
  2. Then select the database or library you wish to search in and click “connect”
  3. Search for the fields you want
  4. EndNote web will pull up relevant sources. Click on ones of interest to see the details. If you decide you want to use that source, save it to EndNote web by clicking on the drop down “add to group” menu and clicking a group name.
  5. EndNote web will swipe relevant information from the source such as author(s), date, journal, etc. and add it to your library.

Using the Plug-In

  1. Install the Firefox or Internet Explorer extensions by clicking the “Options”taband then Download Installers . The installed toolbar will be located in the upper left corner of your browser and is pictured below.
  2. Go to any article database which you may normally use.
  3. Once you find an article you wish to cite, click the “capture” button in the toolbar
  4. A pop-up window will open which will tell you what information EndNote is scraping from the article.
  5. If any EndNote does not scrape any relevant information (such as the year or volume), simply type the information from the article into the labeled boxes.
  6. When you feel that enough information has been collected, make sure EndNote Web is selected (as opposed to EndNote) and click “save to”.
  7. The same process can be used to cite books, web sites, and anything else you may want to cite, although the amount of information originally scraped by EndNote will be less for web sites and articles only found online.

**Note: You must have pop-ups enabled for EndNote in order to cite information using the Plug- In

Citing your References

Once you have collected enough references and begin writing your paper, it is helpful to know that EndNote Web offers “Cite as you write”. This allows you to insert citations to sources as soon as you use them, and all from the convenient EndNote add-in that is available for Microsoft Word.

Installing the Plug-In

  1. From the EndNote main page, the Microsoft Word plug-in is located in the same place you found the Firefox add-in. Simply click on the “Options” tab, and then Download Installers. **Note: If you have already installed the Internet Explorer add-in, the Microsoft Word add-in will have already been installed.
  2. After you install the add-in, open Microsoft Word. There should be a new tab in the top tool bar labeled “EndNote Web”. The toolbar is pictured below.

Using the Plug-In

  • Inserting a Citation Once you have installed the plug-in, begin writing your paper as normal. In order to insert a citation, click on the Find Citations button on the far left of the toolbar. A window will pop up, and after you type a few clues to the citation source (an authors name, word of the title, the year it was published, etc.) all of therelevantsources fitting this description will appear. Simply click on the “Insert” button at the bottom of the page and a citation in-text will appear, along with the citation for your bibliography below it.
  • Choosing a Style In order to choose the appropriate citation style, click on the “Styles” drop down menu and choose from the options listed. If your style of preference isn’t on the list, click on the “Select Another Style” option, to select one of the 3342 style options EndNote Web offers. If you decide to switch styles in the middle of your paper, just choose a different style and the document should update automatically. If it isn’t, just click the “Update Citations and Bibliography” button underneath.
  • Editing Citations If you find that a citation is wrong or missing information after you have inserted it into the document, click on the “Edit Citations” button. A pop-up window will show you all of the citations that are in your document. Simply, select one and click on the “Edit Reference” button that is next to it. An internet browser will open EndNote web, where you can select the reference to edit it. Click on any of the fields of information and type the correct information as needed. Lastly, click the save button and you are all set.

**Note: Don’t forget to click the “Update Citations and Bibliography Button” to insert the changed citation into the word document.

  • Other Options on the Toolbar From the toolbar, you can also open an internet browser and go onto EndNote web via the “Go to EndNote Web” button. Via the “Export to EndNote Web” button you can export your document’s library or citations to your EndNote Web homepage. This is helpful if you had added any citations that you didn’t get on the website. Lastly, via the “Preferences” button, you can set shortcuts on your keyboard to access EndNote Web.


Help! My citations still aren’t updating! If your citations still do not seem to be updating after clicking “Update Citations and Bibliography”, click “Convert Citations and Bibliography” and select “Convert to Unformatted Citations”. This will get rid of the bibliography. From here save and exit out of your Word document. Re-open it, and click “Convert Citations and Bibliopgraphy” again. Your newly formatted citations should appear.







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