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How to Use Clickers with TurningPoint AnyWhere Software

Monday, August 9, 2010 2:53 pm

The TurningPoint Clicker Case

Each TurningPoint Clicker Case should have three primary components:

  • TurningPoint Software CD
  • USB input receiver (1)
  • Clickers (20)

***Insert the TurningPoint Software CD and download the program onto your computer***

***After the software is downloaded, insert the USB receiver and keep receiver plugged in at all times while using the software***

The TurningPoint Showbar

The TurningPoint Showbar contains all of the options you will need while working with the TurningPoint software. The most important buttons are labeled above and described below:

  • Start/Stop Polling- (Resembles a Play button) Selecting this button opens the polling for the individuals using the clickers. Click the button once and answers may be submitted. Click the button again (will resemble a Stop button) and polling will come to an end.
  • Display Charts- If you desire to see the results of a particular question, select the “Charts” button.
  • Hide Showbar- This button will hide the question that appears at the bottom of the Showbar. Click this button to make the Showbar smaller.
  • Options Menu- The options arrow is the most important button on the Showbar. The rest of this document will explain how to use the options menu in order to create Participant Lists, Questions and more.

The Options Menu

As stated above, the Options Menu is the main menu of the TurningPoint Software. From this menu, you have all the tools to develop a TurningPoint presentation.

The first step to creating a TurningPoint presentation is Creating a Participant List in order to establish who will be using the clickers

To Create a Participant List:

  • Click the Options Menu (Main Menu) Button
  • Scroll down to Participants
  • Scroll over and click on Create Participant List
  • Make sure Education Template is selected and click Next
  • Click Next again
  • Type in a Title Name for your Participant List and click Finish (this will save your Participant List)

The screen below will appear after all of the above directions have been completed:

From here, you may use the menu in the bottom left corner to Add, Rename or Remove fields and also to Add or Remove Participants. Device ID is a very important column if you are attempting to align an individual with a particular clicker. The Device ID is located on the back of the clicker and is six characters long consisting of either numbers and/or letters. Make sure to input accurate Device IDs. Also, be sure to give each individual participant the correct clicker with the matching Device ID.

***When starting a new session you must load this Participant List***

The next step to creating a TurningPoint presentation is Creating a Question List

To Create Question List:

  • Click the Options Menu (Main Menu) Button
  • Scroll down to Question
  • Select New Question List

The screen shown below will appear:

The menu at the top of this screen allows you to add, delete and save your questions. You may add multiple choice, fill in the blank or numeric response questions.

To create a question:

  • Type your question in the space provided
  • Use the Add Answer Choice button at the bottom of the screen to add answer choices
  • Select which one is “correct” and make sure to label the others as “incorrect” (more than one answer can be correct)
  • On the right side, you may select the value for which a correct answer is worth
  • Also, for your presentation, you may check the box to Display the Correct Answer after the polling is over and also to Display a Countdown Timer during polling.
  • MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR QUESTIONS AFTER YOU ARE FINISHED!!!!***When starting a new session, you must load this question list***

Starting Your TurningPoint Presentation

First, make sure both the Participant List and Question List you have created are both loaded.

To load the Participant List:

  • Click the Option (Main Menu)
  • Scroll down to Participants
  • Scroll over to Load Participant List
  • Select Browse and select your list

To load the Question List:

  • Click the Option (Main Menu)
  • Scroll down to Question
  • Scroll over to Load Question List and select your list

Now, your first question will appear on the TurningPoint Showbar as displayed below:

Next, select the Presentation Button (looks like a TV) in the bottom-right hand corner of the Showbar. A full-screen presentation should appear with your first question as shown below.

To open the question up for response, click the Start Polling Button (play button) on your Showbar. If you previously selected a countdown timer for your question, the countdown will begin once the Start Polling Button is selected and will close once the timer runs out. If you did not choose to have a timer, you may manually close polling by selecting the Stop Polling Button. Remember, the start polling button and stop polling button are the SAME button.

To get to the next question, simply click the Start Polling Button again. Repeat the process until the questions are complete.

Response and Nonresponse Grids

Many times instructors would like to see if their Participants are answering, or perhaps even if they are not answering. For this particular reason, TurningPoint has provided Response and Nonresponse Grids.

View Response and Nonresponse Bars by entering the Options (main) Menu, and scrolling down to View>Response Grid or View>Nonresponse Grid

***Note – you will not be able to see these bars in full-screen presentation mode. Remember, you can click the double-screen icon (shown below) in full-screen mode to make your presentation smaller.

When polling is open these grids will show who has answered or who hasn’t answered. In the below example, four participants have not responded.

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