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An Introduction to TurningPoint 2008

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 3:30 pm

Installing and Configuring

  • Install TurningPoint Software
  • Insert the receiver into a USB port.
  • Launch TurningPoint from your desktop icon. You will notice that it opens up PowerPoint but gives you a new TurningPoint toolbar just above the presentation area.

Adding TurningPoint Slides to a Presentation.

  • You can create a new PPT presentation or open up an existing one and insert slides where needed.
  • From the Insert Slide menu on the Turning Point Tab select the kind of slide you wish to insert.

  • Once you have chosen an option – just replace the standard text on the slide with your questions and answers.
  • When you click away from the answer area, you will see your chart option divide up into the number of options you have given.
  • NOTE: Be sure to use the numbering option rather than typing or cutting and pasting.
  • Always check your chart to be sure it is registering your possible answers correctly.
  • You can always move around or resize the text box or the chart if you need to.
  • You can use Design Templates with Turning Point slides, but be aware that some template designs create problems in reading your text. Test it out before hand.

Saving Your Presentation

A TurningPoint presentation is just like any other PowerPoint presentation. Use the File > Save or Save As option or the save icon on the PowerPoint (NOT TURNINGPOINT) tab.

Preparing to Present

  • Plug in the receiver to your USB port. TurningPoint recommends using the same port each time.
  • Test that you are receiving by running the Polling Test on the Response Device Wizard screen.
  • Reset your presentation using the Reset > Session option on the Turning Point tab.
  • This will blank out all of your charts. This is how ALL SLIDES should look before you have students use clickers in the class!

  • Run your presentation in Slideshow mode.
  • When you are running your presentation, your screen will have a TurningPoint Status Bar in the upper right of the Slideshow screen. When the far right box goes green and says polling:open then it will register answers.
  • When all responses are in, click the mouse button or the right arrow key to display the results on the screen.

Saving Data

  • If you want to save your session data, click the Save icon on the TurningPoint tab. If you try to close a presentation without saving, it will ask you.
  • The default location for it to save is in Userdata > TurningPoint > Sessions – it is fine to leave it there, or you can opt to save it in another location in Userdata.
  • The default filename is in this format (New Session 6-15-2007 12-31 PM). You may want to change New Session to another name, but may find it helpful to leave in the date and/or time for reference.

Viewing Saved Session Data

  • To view your session data you need to launch TurningPoint and use the Tools > Turning Reports option from the TurningPoint tab
  • Click on the Reports tab
  • Select Results by Question and then click the Generate Reports button
  • This will launch and MS Excel file with two tabs: Graphical Results by Question and Results by Question.

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