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Reflection, Post #8

Sunday, August 25, 2013 8:33 pm

Overall, the opportunity that I had to work for Monumental Sports and Entertainment was the most special job opportunity I’ve had, which
may not sound like much for someone my age, but I also had the opportunity to intern on Capitol Hill and I enjoyed this opportunity even more so.
Working for a sports company really provided me with a chance to work in a field I’ve been incredibly interested in my whole life.

I’ve lived and breathed sports since the age of four, so to see the management of a professional team up close was truly incredible. Events that I would generally attend as a fan or watch on TV (John Wall press conference, Wizards Draft Party, Mystics games, etc.), I was now setting up and seeing first-hand. This entrepreneurial experience was very unique in that I was working with something I was truly passionate about.
Because the company was recently founded in 2010, I had the chance to not only see a sports company, but also a start-up company, which
certainly had its advantages to work for.

With newly founded companies there’s a certain mindset of constant innovation and careful thought in every move made to make sure the company creates revenue and I was able to see this mindset up close. Everything the employees did had a sense of urgency and everyone was looking for constant feedback. This made the experience all the more valuable and interesting; I really learned to be insightful, yet careful in my time with the company. I attempted to offer ways to improve certain routines, while carefully executing effective strategies.

Although readjusting from a college clock to a working day was tough, it provided for great benefits. Firstly, I was able to build up my
attention span and work for a longer period of time (8 hour working day instead of 4 hours of classes per day). I really feel like my endurance increased to get through a long day. Secondly, I built a more realistic clock for the real world, as opposed to a late college clock. For work downtown, I woke up at 6:30 most days and arrived home around 6:00pm most nights. Waking up earlier is something I definitely need to get used to and my internship provided for a first step in my adjustment of time, which I will surely appreciate in the future.

I’m terribly grateful for my opportunity to work with Monumental Sports and Entertainment and I feel very gracious that Wake Forest
helped make the opportunity a reality. I’m anxious to explore a different entrepreneurial field next summer and attempt to truly pin point the most
fitting job for my future. But for now, I’m content with going to class for another year.

Learning about Entreprenuership and Myself, Post #7

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 5:30 pm

Entreprenuershipcan be best defined as exploring a problem that hasn’t been previously addressed and finding a solution to it with a product and company. In our day and age, new ideas are becoming increasingly difficult to produce, with there already being an effective solution to nearly every problem we run into in our daily lives. To me, the key to being a good entreprenuer is to constantly think about what you’re doing/and why you’re doing it; doing things just because they were done in the past doesn’t make sense unless there is a good reason for doing them. (I talked about this idea in a prior post, however I felt it was necessary to even expand further)

If I choose to become an entreprenuer, I should think about almost everything I do before I do it. Not just look on to past businesses and reciprocate, but rather analyze constantly and look into bettering every aspect of a start up. Entreprenuerships rely on creativity and innovation, rather than reciprocation. Therefore, it makes no sense to do anything the same as its been done in the past, if you want to create something that’s truly innovative.

Working for the Wizards and Mystics has taught me exactly this: don’t just do something out of habit, think about why you’re doing it and if it effectively helps the cause, then and only thenproceed to take the action. Monumental Sports and Entertainment has taken the Mystics and Wizards in a truly innovative way. Firstly, they have done this by becoming increasingly creative in promoting their brand. They branded their name in sunglasses, which were a big hit due to the increasing popularity of sunglasses. Similarly, Monumental was smart in creating a network in which they can air all their sports games (Wizards, Mystics, and Capitals), with total control over how they’re portrayed with the good chance of profitting heavily from exploiting another market. These are some of the innovative steps that Monumental has taken and I’m sure that there will be many more to come in the near future.

Entreprenuership is a difficult thing, primarily because it’s tough to come up with “that idea” that’s going to stick. I’d really love to be an entreprenuer in the future, however I feel like it’s a difficult thing to be successful at purposefully and it’s more of a thing you luckily stumble upon. But hopefully, with a little luck and innovation, I’ll help create the next big thing.



Transit Experience, Post #6

Friday, August 2, 2013 3:50 pm

Because my transit into work can be so frustrating, I felt it fit to rant about due to its unpredictably frustrating nature.

Due to the plethora of interns working this summer, it can be incredibly hard to get in a full week of work with the Wizards and Mystics. More times rather than not, I am only able to work half the day and I’m forced to just come in for 4 or 5 hours at a time. However, the long commute makes the day feel like a full work day almost without fail. My commute starts out generally toward the middle of the day and ends at the very end of the day. I’ll make my way to the metro station, which is about a 25 minute drive from my house, and then proceed to take the metro from there. Although this seems simple, more times than not, there’s a complication. For example, the time it takes to get to the metro can be unpredictable; sometimes there is 45 minutes of traffic and other times I get to the metro in 15 minutes. There is constant construction going on in the mall that I drive past and this can cause a large amount of uncertainty as to when to leave from my house to make it to work on time. Similarly frustrating, the metro only comes every 15 minutes in the middle of the day, which can make a 45 minute metro ride turn into an hour long instead. Summing up, my commute into work in the middle of the afternoon can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and 45 minutes… and that’s not even during rush hour. During rush hour everything can take up to 2 and a half hours with all waits included, which effectively makes for a post-work migraine.

The point of this rant is not to just pointlessly complain about my commute, but to take note of a stress that many people in working world go through without a second thought. As the rising sophomore college student I am, I have to make a 15 minute walk to class at the absolute worst per day, while the people in the working world often are required to take hour long commutes into work and worry about things like grocery shopping, taking care of kids, and maintaining a house all at the same time. There really are tons of stressors that go along with work that a working adult has to go through, that frankly, don’t even graze the minds of a college student. My long rant exemplifies the shock that I have felt within just commuting in, however I’d like to think that I’ve become more experienced with both my job, along with the outside stressors that accompany it.


Making Sense of Things, Post #5

Monday, July 22, 2013 6:36 pm

After having the office closed much of the week of the 4th of July, my fifth full week has now come to an end. Although I’ve been
receiving a good amount of work recently, the work I’m receiving is becoming increasingly predictable (I’m not complaining, I’d like to just think that it means I’m comfortable with my job).

My responsibility in the company has become more and more clear: I provide basic services to the Marketing Coordinator, whom coordinates and helps plan all the marketing events for the Wizards and Mystics. These services could range from setting up marketing events to editing papers or rundowns of events. My job, in relation to the Marketing Coordinator of the Mystics/Wizards, is largely representative of the responsibility of other interns in different departments in the company. Their responsibilities similarly entail much of the same tasks. All interns report to a slightly higher up worker, whom most likely does the nitpicking of planning for strategies and events.

Each respective department operates independently on a micro-level, but very dependently on a macro-level. The company functions very
liberally; the ownership meets with the heads of departments to provide a general idea of the direction the company attempts to go, while it allows the heads of departments to organize all of the logistics to the plan. Each department decides how it’s going to approach its responsibilities based upon the general goal that the leadership of Monumental Sports and Entertainment provides. From there, the heads of departments appropriately relegate jobs to the lower ranking employees according to the logistical plan that they have finally concocted.

For the most part, the lower ranking officers in the company have no real control over the big picture idea for the future of the company; however their micro-suggestions for improvements greatly increase the efficiency of the company (which in a way slightly influences the big picture concurrently). For example, I typed up a summary of one of the events I set up and helped run last week. Within my summary, I included a section of suggestions for how to better run the event in the future. I was just told yesterday that one my suggestions for improvement will definitely be implemented next year, when the event next takes place. It felt really rewarding to have my advice appreciated and thereafter implemented by the company.

The ownership makes big decisions regarding direction, while the other employees constantly make improvements on their day-to-day
responsibilities. This system works really well because it allows for the development of specificity in the responsibility and specialty of each worker. The employees have become experts on how to most efficiently complete their task, while not being worried about planning for the big-picture of the company.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment has a philosophy ofrevaluating and analyzing every action they take rather than just repeating the
past because ‘it’s what we’ve always done.’ They held a meeting in which they talked about the future of the company and the speaker continuously emphasized taking actions that promote brand, create revenue, or build for the future. If the action does none of those things, then you should probably re-think doing it and think of how it could potentially hit one of the three things. Monumental Sports and Entertainment is headed in a good direction, and its initial success as an entrepreneurship should only continue in the years to come. The company combines innovation and profesionalism unlike I’ve ever seen before.

Hardly halfway, with much more work to come (Week 4)

Saturday, July 6, 2013 2:06 am

Four weeks sure can go by fast; it feels like I started just yesterday, yet I still feel like I can learn even more. As this time as passed, I’ve figured out how to operate and preform my job as a marketing intern quite well, but I’d still like to improve my understanding of the company as a whole.

During these four weeks, I’ve been surprised with the amount of setting up and physical labor that goes into preparing for marketing and promotional events. Interns are the backbone in making sure that these events are set up and functional, so there is a large amount of responsibility that falls upon us interns in making sure the event is set up on time and that the event is functional as the event progresses. I learned to improvise fast under demanding situations and learned to work under little direction in a professional environment, as more times than not, we’re told just to do something, but not how to do it. This has brought upon many stressful situations, but definitely improved my creativity in the process.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment is a massive company, even though it’s recent founding would suggest otherwise. Its largeness makes the goal of each portion of the business (e.g. Marketing, Sales, and Community Relations) in the entrepreneurship much more autonomous than that of a smaller company. The majority of the time, I have only a very general idea of the goal of the entire company, with the jobs I’m assigned as a marketing intern. After all, I am onlyinthe marketing department of the Wizards and Mystics and the entire entity of Monumental Sports and Entertainment is far further reaching than that.
All that having been said, I recently was assigned a new project. The Wizards have been a team that has had local support, but not a fan base that has been consistently devoted in consistent large numbers. So, the Wizards are looking to promote themselves more so among the community and we feel like this can be
accomplished by reaching out to the youngest members of the basketball community in the DC area.

My project is to research and look into local recreation centers and pick around 15 that would be most effective to reach out to and subsequently build lasting relationships with. I would help pick the recreation centers and then proceed to help build the relationships in my remaining time interning with the company. What exactly my responsibilities would be and how we would go about building the relationships is still up in the air, and I will take part in helping decide the strategy for building the relationship. These next few weeks should be action-packed to say the least.



Monumentally Passionate, Post #3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 8:39 pm

It’s already been three weeks?! My time at Monumental Sports and Entertainment seems to be flying by. The business world moves at a rapid pace. Well… much faster than college or high school ever did, at least. Trying to understand things, then being required to do them in real time is far different than studying and then having weeks to prepare for a test. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying myself and been learning a lot due to the fast pace.


This past week has been pretty busy with more event preparation and event administration. Far and away the most time consuming activity that took place this weekend was the Safeway Barbeque Battle. It was
an event that was a competition of barbeque grilling in Washington D.C., in which the NBA and Washington Wizards represented themselves within activities and stands. It was tons of work and took almost 15 hours in itself this weekend, but turned out to be tons of fun and very successful within reaching out to the local community.


Within events like that, I, as a Marketing intern, frequently get asked questions about the Mystics and Wizards by fans. ‘What’s the Mystics record?’ ‘Who will the Wizards draft this year?’ or maybe ‘When is
the next Mystics home game?’ So I’m expected to keep up to date on everything Washington basketball. But at this event, someone asked me a question that wasn’t quite as frequently asked- “When did Ted become so interested in sports?” I didn’t really have a good answer, but I was able to sort of politely shrug off the question. That question really got me thinking though…

In order to fully understand that question and the direction of the company, we need to take a few steps back. Monumental Sports and Entertainment is a company that was founded in 2010 by Ted Leonsis. Ted was a young businessman and got his start with AOL and progressed in the company until he became the Vice-chairman and Audience Group’s President of the company. After he became wealthy enough, he proceeded to buy the Mystics, Wizards, Capitals, and Verizon Center progressively.

Which brings us to the question: ‘When did Ted become so interested in sports?’ Truthfully, I don’t know if the answer to this question is really very definite, but I’ll take a stab at it anyways. Ted played sports
in high school and only had his interest in sports spiked as he grew older. But the weird part about his story is that I don’t think that sports were actually the cause of creating his passion. In 1983, Ted survived a plane crash and after that day created a bucket list of 101 things he wanted to do before he
died. I think that’s what made him so passionate about what he does.

The only major problem Monumental Sports and Entertainment has faced since their founding, after merging the companies Lincoln Holdings and Washington Sports and Entertainment, is the problem of not being able to broadcast their teams more efficiently (I talked about this in my last post too). However, they’re in the process of creating a network in which they can do exactly that. Once they receive the rights to broadcast their teams themselves, their name will be well advertised and they will likely be even
more successful after exploiting another market.

It seems that everything he does, whether it’s passionately governing AOL or being maybe the most hands on owner in sports, Ted Leonsis illustrates his passion on a daily basis. Ted plans to take Monumental Sports and Entertainment to higher heights and see the Washington sports teams find success.

Understanding an Entreprenuership, Post #2

Friday, June 21, 2013 5:27 pm

My week so far has been a little busier than the last week, with more setting up for events and games, more creating/editing of recaps of games and events, along with much more preparing of packages of Mystics and Wizardsgear to send out to devoted fans. I have been walking from place to place with something to do almost at all time, while in the office.

Asmarketing department intern, I work for the Coordinator of Marketing/Director of Special Events, whom is named Kim Cavanaugh. Her main responsibility is to run all the marketing events, as well as assist the Director of Marketing in whatever way needed. She is present at all the events making sure that they run smoothly and she is also presentin the office every weekday to work out the logistics of events and marketing strategies.

My job as a Marketing intern is very similar to Kim’s, just more of a basic role. Interns for the marketing department do mainly physical lifting and day to day marketing with fans. I also get deferred some of the work that Kim is asked to do by the Director of Marketing. The marketing interns serve as the most basic form of liaisons to the fans of the Mystics and Wizards, working stands and passing out information to expand the potential market for Wizards and Mystics games. I also work on little projects, like creating recaps of games with recommendations, so that the marketing department can have record of all events and improve future events.

Monumental Sports and Entertainment’s overall plans are to expand its business and best profit from the ownership of the Wizards, Mystics, Capitals, as well as the ownership of the Verizon Center. With my job as a Marketing intern, I help them reach this goal by trying to broaden and solidify the market for games of the Wizards and Mystics, which is the goal of the Marketing department as a whole. However, the marketing interns work on a micro level, while the rest of the marketing department plans logistics and the macro level of marketing.

Overall, the marketing department of the Wizards and Mystics functions to provide a larger market for the sales department to work with and increase the amount of sales made, which allows the company to become more profitable overall and expand.

The company’s overall goal is very generic and obvious, given that it’s a basic goal of most companies. However, Monumental is working towards more innovative ways to achieve this goal and exploit different markets. For example, Monumental Sports and Entertainment is creating a network on which all Mystics, Capitals, and Wizards games will be broadcasted on. This will allow Monumental to have full control over their fans and customers, while at the same time allowing the company’s name to broadcast on television more effectively.

As week 2 has come to a close, I’m starting to better understand my job as a marketing intern, as well as better understand the overall structure of the company.

Finally in the Swing of Things, Post #1

Monday, June 10, 2013 8:13 pm

After a slow but steady recovery from my deviated septum surgery, I have finally begun my long awaited internship. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, so as I was cooped up bedside in my room, I grew terribly anxious, but finally, the internship has begun and I’m jumping right into the middle of things.
My internship is for the business Monumental Sports and Entertainment, which is a powerful, entrepreneurial company that was only recently founded. Monumental Sports and Entertainment is the business that owns the Washington Wizards, Mystics, and Capitals, while operating out of the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.
Due to the company’s large scope of ownership, my internship specifically focuses on the marketing of the Wizards and Mystics, which frankly was a perfect fit for me.

From my understanding of it so far, it seems that my primary responsibility as an intern will be to run marketing events focused toward the fans of Washington basketball teams. These events so far, have ranged from the advertising and representing of the teams in the LGBTQ pride festival, to a celebration devoted to the most loyal fans of the Mystics and Wizards. I have played both a mechanical role within the preparation of events, as well as a social role within marketing the teams at the events. I have enjoyed the events so far, but really enjoyed putting a smile on the faces of fans.

Outside of setting up and running of marketing events, I am also asked to help run Mystics games this summer. The WNBA is still in season, so every home game that the Mystics have involves a lot of preparation in making sure that the team is marketed effectively. In order to make sure this happens, every game day I run a stand for representing the Mystics, while passing out flyers and schedules to Mystics fans.

Outside of games and events, my responsibilities have been inside the marketing office of the Wizards and Mystics. Within the office, I do mainly technological work. So far, I have edited game recaps and edited assignments as asked by my intern advisor. These assignments have mainly been things such as research of other marketing techniques of other professional teams or editing of past assignments for future compatibility. Although very tedious at times, the work has been beneficial toward my understanding of the company. I’m anxious to learn what marketing for professional teams at a micro and macro level is all about.

The majority of the tasks that I have done thus far have been tasks I very much expect to do in the future, along with much more. From what I understand, I should be updating the social media of the Wizards and Mystics, running events such as a 2013 NBA draft party for the Wizards, and editing many power points and projects of the marketing director.

Truthfully, my first week has been fairly slow, but I expect it to only pick up in busyness, as the Mystics season has only just begun and there are many games to come. I can’t wait to see what the weeks to come have in store for me. Hopefully, I will be able to witness some of the crazy things that the sports world has been known to produce. But for now, I’m content with just getting into the swing of things. After all, I am only just a week in.

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