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Wrapping things up

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 12:34 am

My last day at Intellect Resources was bittersweet. As I packed up my things, I started to think about all the valuable experiences I had. Working in a small business, gives you theopportunityto see your work in action. All of the work I did had a considerable impact on the company. If I found a valuable candidate, they could be presented to a client and IntellectResourcewould profit. When I phone screened candidates, it was my decision on whether or not they should proceed to a face to face interview. I felt that my opinion at Intellect Resources was valued greatly and that my work was important to the business.

Intellect Resources has taught me some valuable skills to use in the professional world. The most important communication. I learned how to deal with customers and clients who often called me for what I thought were meaningless reasons, but its important to please a customer and client because they are your business.Communicationis also important with your fellow employees as well. Whenever I sent out an email to a coworker they responded in less then 5 minutes and the office was friendly but everyone was always interested on what others were working on and ways to help the company. Another skill I learned is organization. It is always important to take notes and keep records of the tasks you’ve completed or the operations you’ve performed. You never know when you’ll need to look back and check your records. Its normally your boss thats asking!

The office threw me a little pizza party for a final farewell. It was great to have most of the company together since many employees work from home. Different employees talked about how their professional path led them to Intellect Resources. It was great to hear a variety of answers from people with such diverse backgrounds. On the way home I thought long and hard about my future career path and how I wanted it pan out. The truth is, I still don’t know what I want. I am grateful though for the time I had with Intellect Resources and know that my time here will help me in whichever path I choose.


Have a great rest of the summer,


Blog 7: Wake Forest Hiring Event

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 1:07 am

After screening over 1,000 applications and interviewing 300 people on the phone, it was time for the last step of our Wake Forest hiring event. We invited 175 people for face to face interviews tofulfillthe client’s need of 75credentialedcandidates. The hiring event was a long day as we began setting up for the event at 6:30 am and had interviews scheduled from 9 am to 8 pm. At 830, ten members of Wake Forest Baptist arrived to conduct the face to face interviews. We walked them through the steps of how to interview and what questions to ask. It is important to have the client give the face to face interviews as they know the specific job description and the exact skills they are looking for.

My job was to greet the candidates as they came and then I led them into aseparateroom. There I gave them a list of eight case studies and they had to choose two. These case studies gave the candidate a prompt or a situation to test how they think on their feet and their work ethic. I gave the candidates approximately five minutes to conduct their answer while I collected their resumes. I then gave their interviewers the resume and a brief introduction of the candidate. It was a simple job but it was important to control the high volume of candidates to make sure that both the client and potential workers were not waiting.

It was fun seeing all the work I’ve done in the past few weeks come together into one hiring event. It was great talking to some of the candidates that I had interviewed on the phone and help through the process. The job with Epic is a lucrative job as it leads to higher positions in health care. All the candidates were veryappreciativeof the opportunity making it a great event to be a part of.


Last blog on its way,



Week 6 – Phone Interviews Winding Down

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 8:01 pm

The past two weeks I have been on the phone constantly talking to approximately 100 people on why they are a good candidate for go-live support at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. To reiterate, Wake Forest Baptist is implementing a new software system called EPIC. EPIC will be a system wide software system that will help Wake Forest Baptist keep patitent records, send them, and perform many other necessary tasks. The go-live teams, roam around the hospital and essentially help any members of the staff who need help.

The phone interviews were conducted by myself and three other indivudals for two weeks. This required us to make around ten phone calls a day. The phone calls were relatively scirpted with a certain number of questions we were supposed to ask. I have no clue how many times I asked someone what their strengths and weaknesses were, and why they were interested in this position. It was a great learning tool to know how to conduct myself during a phone interview as I handled it from the other side.

With these candidates moving to the next step for a face to face interview at Wake Forest Baptist, I look forward to meeting them and see the face behind their voice and story. It certainly will be interesting to see who passes the interview and gets the job, stay tuned.

Week 5 Phone Screens

Monday, July 16, 2012 4:54 am

With our big job at Wake Forest Baptist looming in the distance my biggest job of the summer has now started. Over 900 applicants have sent in applications to work at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital to become customer support for an implementation of a new software called EPIC. These workers will roam the hospital for the first four weeks of the new software to help nurses, doctors, etc… trouble shoot any problems with the software they may have. Its only a short term job but occurs at hospitals year round and can lead to a full-time job in HealthCare IT.

It is my job a long with three others to sift through these applicants to decide who makes it through to the phone interviews. Only half of the applicants made it through our preliminary requirements of an associates degree or higher and a background in customer service. The remaining 450 applications will be looked at and most will be invited for a phone interview. In the past week I’ve done only 15 but I will need to do 100 in the next two weeks to give these applicants an equal chance to land the job. Only 150 applicants will be invited for a face to face interview and 75 will be offered a job after that.

I was nervous to conduct my first phone screen. It felt weird talking to individuals who had much more experience than me and asking why they should be hired for this job. Even though it was nerve racking at first, I’ve come to love the phone interviews. Its interesting to learn about everyone’s professional careers, why they changed job, their likes their dislikes and why this job interests them so much. Each phone call is like listening to a new story. The best part though is I’ve come to learn what interviewers are looking for. I know whose answers are the best, and I can tell thetechniquesthey use (consciousorsubconscious) that makes their answers sosuccessful. I’m looking forward my many interviews coming up in the next few weeks to learn more about others and to discovers new techniques that will benefit me when I’m looking for a future job.

Stay Tuned,


Week 4- New Training

Friday, June 29, 2012 6:01 pm

With Intellect Resources expanding at a rapid pace, I’ve been forced to work on a variety of new tasks to help with theirgrowing demand. Most of my time is spent looking for new candidates using a number of different Internet resources. My new job now is reaching out to these potential candidates and handling some of the recruiting aspects of Intellect Resources. This is done in a variety of ways: email, phone calls, in person meetings, Linkedin messages etc… Most of my interactions with new candidates have been writing new job openings that fit their specific skill levels. If their skills match the job description, I write up an email introducing Intellect Resources, the perks and requirements of the job, and ask them to send me a resume, skills etc..

When we receive a resume the first thing is to make sure all the job requirements are filled. If the job requirements are not filled then we cannot present the candidate to our client. If the requirements are filled and the candidate has extra skills and expertise we present them to a client hoping they accept them for the job order. If the job order is filled a percentage of their salary is paid to Intellect Resources. In some cases our health care clients will hire them as full-time employees but in most cases they are technically Intellect Resources employees that work for our client. It can get quite confusing but the employee must fulfill the needs of both parties.

Next week I will begin telephone screening potential candidates. This is essentially interviewing candidates for specific jobs. It will be the first step of weening down our pool of employees for our Wake Forest Baptist job. I will have to conduct about 6 interviews a day for the next 3-4 weeks along with others to make sure we have enough people to invite for face to face interviews. The main criteria we look for is the employee’s interest and knowledge in the job, their poise and critical thinking which is necessary for customer service, and of course their prior experience. If these criteria are successfully met they will be invited back for the final step of the process.

This experience in multpile fields has given me an oppurtunity to learn some of my likes and dislikes in the corporate world. Hopefully this knowledge, however,will give me a well-rounded skill set to because a useful asset in future jobs and endeavors.


week 3- Branching Out

Friday, June 22, 2012 6:31 pm

My first two weeks at Intellect Resources revolved heavily on sourcing new candidates. This can become mind-numbing work as it involves numerous hours on the internet scouring through job databases to find suitable candidates and their contact information. This week I began to work in other departments of Intellect Resources to gain a well-roundeded experience for while I’m here. I’ve been working with the marketing team on a number of projects. This month is a big build-up for our marketing campaign for the Wake Forest project where we now need to acquire 50 people looking to start a career in HealthCare IT (double what we originally thought.) The actual project we need the employees for begins in September, so students looking for a summer job our left out. This makes our teams job harder of finding potential candidates since we would like them all to be somewhat local in order to reduce transportation and relocation costs.

Some of the marketing resources we will use our community newspapers, college job sites, postings at local community centers, and recommendations from our own employees. Our employees know a number of potential candidates who would be interested in the potential job, even if these candidates arent interested hopefully word of mouth marketing can be useful for passing it along to their friends. Once this process is completed I will have to phone screen over 150 of these applicants to choose which ones we will invite for the face-to- face interviews come August. This is something I do not have experience doing but I’m looking forward to the newoppurtunity.

Another marketing project I am working on is the editing of our blogs and articles. Numerous of our employees publish articles on different websites for people who work in our fields but more importantly clients looking to gain an entry into HealthCare IT. These articles not only give the potential workers advice but introduce them to Intellect Resources. This is a good way for our company to get its name out there and introduce ourself to a new market of candidates.

Next week I begin working some with the finance department, so stay tuned.


Week 2- In the Thick of Things

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 1:55 pm

After my week of orientation, it was time to use my new-found skills and knowledge to help Intellect Resources. My first few tasks revolved aroundour service of recruiting.Recruting is the process of finding suitable candidates to fufilljob positions for clients.I had to find a number of candidates for different HealthCare IT positions around the country. This job involved using a lot of search engines, databases, and creative searching to get the job done. Certainly, my research projects and my library science class at Wake Forest were a huge help when scouring through the Internet and thinking up creative search phrases, keywords etc..

Most of the office was gone for the second half of the week in New York for a sucessful hiring event we had with Mt. Sinai hospital. With the rest of the office gone, I was called in to help with the marketing meeting for our newest project with Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. As I explained in my previous post, Baptist Hospital is building and implementing a new IT system that better databases patient and doctor records. When these new systemsare established, a number of workersare brought in for only a few weeks to provide customer support for patients and hospital employees who need help working this new system. In the case of Baptist Hospital, the employees will have a four week educational period and four weeks providing the customer support.

In the marketing meeting, two colleagues and myself decided the date we would startour marketing campaign, the date we would end, and the resources we would use to advertise. The last hiring event of we had of this kind saw over a 1,000 applicants for 150 spots. We decided to make our marketing campaign less then a week long using local resources around the Triad including college websites to get the word out about this potential job. We have a meeting with Wake Forest Baptist on Friday discussing our marketing plan and interview process once its completed.

Check in for an update next week,


First Week at Intellect Resources

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 6:14 pm

My first week at Intellect Resources was a whirlwind orientation into the world of Healthcare IT and the business practices of Intellect Resources. Intellect Resources provides recruiting services, consultants, and resource management needed for various types of healthcare clients (hospitals, clinics etc..) to meet their IT needs.

In more detail: “Healthcare IT- Through relationship-driven, hands-on recruiting services, Intellect Resources will connect you with experienced Healthcare IT resources ontime and on budget. Our comprehensive talent offerings include consulting, vendor selection, strategic design, implementation, optimization, reporting, integration, training and go-live support. As your partner, Intellect Resources provides resources and creative solutions to support projects ranging from one-off hiring needs to complex, multi-tiered teams. Our creative approach to standard service offerings sets Intellect Resources apart and allows us to constantly find new and experienced talent.”

The office for Intellect Resources is located in Greensboro, North Carolina about 5 minutes past the Piedmont Airport if you are travelingon 40 east. I decided to live in my current house at Wake Forest for the summer and make the commute everyday.It’s a small price to pay considering I still get to live with my friends and the traffic is negligible compared to my hometown, Washington, D.C. Although the office is in Greensboro, most employees work from their homes in various citiesaround the USmaking email and conference call communication critical.

Intellect Resources has grown rapidly since its inception in 1999. It began solely as a recruiting service run by the President, Tiffany Crenshaw, from the bedroom of her home. In the past 13 years, however, the company has added numerous services and a multitude of employees. I am lucky to have an opportunity to work with an entrepreneurial mind and see how the various facets of a start up company can grow.

One of Intellect Resource’s newest projects is with the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The hospital will be implementing a new information technology system which will improve patient record keeping, intracommunication, and a number of other technological needs. Intellect Resources will provide the consultants and technical support needed to make sure this new IT system is implemented and ran successfully.

Much has happened my first week, so I’m just starting to soak it all in. But Stay tuned for more updates as I explain in greaterdetail my own jobs and tasks within Intellect Resources.


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