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Reflecting on my life and think about my future

Thursday, August 16, 2012 4:01 am

When I define my dream life, I am picturing myself to be a part of the family business and have my own family with a good quality of living. Specifically, I want to do something internationally related because I love traveling and meeting new people. Unfortunately, my family is conservative about reaching out to this global market, which I think has much more potentials. I do not have a set plan on how to be the bridge for the future of the family and the world. I am considering a graduate degree in the United Kingdom on subjects relating to international relations or foreign trade. Hopefully, I can be a resource to the family while I can do something that I would love to do.

I have used to think that I will be a happy person if I have a large disposable income to have any luxury I want. As I get older, I have more opportunities to think deeper into my desire. I realize that money is only a relevant passage for me to get to what I truly want. Or in other words, money can be irrelevant if I can get there without it. I believe that I am ultimately seeking the feeling of importance from the public recognition of my status. I want to be someone who matters a great deal, which doesn’t always mean to be one of the wealthiest individuals. Specifically, I have thought about working for the foreign department for Taiwan to change the status of my nation internationally. Taiwan has been suppressed by the China globally on many international involvements for a long time. A most recent example will be the enforcement of our national team in the London Olympics to be presented as Chinese Taipei instead of Taiwan. In addition, the U.S. has chosen to end the official diplomatic relationship with Taiwan to appease the Chinese government a few decades ago. I have begun to wonder why the country that advocates democracy is appeasing to a communist government. I have been educated by the Americans on this land of freedom for years and what I have learned does not tolerate what is happening to Taiwan. I believe as a fortunate Taiwanese who has seen the world; I am obligated to say the unsayable to the world. It is the right thing to do, to remind those who have turned a blind eye for their relationships with China the truth they have been avoiding. This is what I want, to dedicate myself to my country and to be recognized for the work that I will be doing.

I think success is acquired when I have accomplished what I set myself to. It is the outcome of a planned mission that turns out as pictured. From my internship I have learned that success is not necessary defined as imagined, it is the best outcome given the circumstances. I always believe in real experience more than education and my belief has been affirmed by my internship. I have learned so much more in my internship as oppose to the lectures in my classes. With this new definition of success I now look at life differently. Making big plans in life is not the most efficient way to progress because for the most part things are not going to be as expected. I need to make realistic plans based on the resources that I have at my disposal. Life is about making the most out of what you having been given, not chasing after what you have been dreaming.



Week 8: Fare well DC

Thursday, August 16, 2012 3:57 am

The end was always sensitive period. You started to pay close attention on every little thing. My boss did not assign me any more new projects and I was just wrapping up my on going tasks, such as follow up phone calls with a few county officials and emails. I enjoyed my time in DC this summer with my friends and my co-workers. I had such a wonderful time to explore the city with friends from all over the places. At the same time, I was able to have a clear scope on how to create a market from scratch for our clients. The dynamics needed to create a market are so broad and I wish I had more time to dig deeper on some of the things. In this two month, we closed 5 cases on average around $20 million each and 2 still in process. I learned much from working with these great people in the office on making great things happen for us and our clients. I was sad to leave this place that I started to feel like home, but I was confident that I departed on a good note and I believe my co-workers would grow the company from a start-up to something prosperous in the near future.



Week 7: The end is near

Monday, July 23, 2012 8:52 pm

Time always gone by fairly quick when you were occupied by many things in your life. This was the week before our last week of work. One of the interns Megan left us early to go to Europe before her Fall semester. This week was actually fairly easy going, not much to do to be honest. The only big thing we had to get ready for was a press conference. Gil, one of our directors in charge of our Multi-Tenants Retails division is giving a brief market reporting of some sort to a local news paper. I did not want to be seemed that I was slacking, so Ivolunteeredto do many random things for the office. Our President Ari was generous enough to buy everyone the new wooden desks out of his pocket. But someone had to put them together and they were some hard solid wooden parts to lift. This was a representation of our collaborative culture in the company. When people were complaining about the way the office was furnished, Ari did not say a word and told Yassi, our production manager to order whatever she seems to be appropriate. Titles meant very little in our company and people were very receptive to each others opinions/complaints. The desk thing was just one of the many examples that I had picked up from people’s actual practices with their values. I was happy that the culture of this office had been consistent with what they told me on the first day. I was a bitter sweet feeling that I was about to finish my internship with all these great people.



Week 6: the power of reflection

Friday, July 13, 2012 10:54 pm

I have come to a further realization of how accountability drives my motivation. I always feel that I am more motivated at my job than in school. It is about my unconscious definition of work at my job versus when I am in school. I am driven to do my best work at my job because I know if I fail to perform something less of my capability it will matter a great deal. There is a clear direct correlation for what I am doing that will translate into a certain outcome that would affect the others. In this internship, if I do not try my best, the company might lose a client or a bid for a deal and everyone will suffer financially. When I am in school, for the most part our grades are based on individual performances. Now I have given some thoughts and I figure that is why I have been struggling sometimes on studying and perform well because I cannot grasp the outcome of my actions. Interesting enough I remember that I am always on top of my part whenever I am in a team project. It is very idiotic sounding when I realize that I care for the others’ grade more than my own, but it is very enlightening when I realize this is what drives me. The accountability of my course of actions is so great that I would not be able to stand the thought that I am the cause of failure because I did not try hard enough. Things are real and everything that we do is very much real in my internship because the invisible force of accountability is making me to stand on the peak of my performance. To further this personality of mine, I come to a conclusion that I will be more suitable to work under a team environment versus an individual type of job. I perform my best work when I am responsible for my teammates, co-workers, colleagues…etc. The feeling of responsibility for the others is what I have discovered to be my primary motivation. Complications would suddenly turn clear and my decisions would become conscious when I know I am liable to the others’ life. I feel stronger and more powerful when I reside in such a situation and I just need to figure out how to put me on that right spot constantly, then I will be successful at whatever I do. I need to be in the situations that while I lift others towards greatness that I am consequently pulling myself towards it.


Week 4&5: a personal touch

Monday, July 9, 2012 3:37 am

These two weeks, the pace kind of slowed down a little and give us some room to do something else. As for my BEM requirement, I need to interview one coworker in the office to write about it. I ended up just interviewed everyone in the company since we have amanageablegroup. It was fun to get to talk to each individuals about their life and how they got to where they are right now. Out of all the people that I have interviewed with, John, who is one of our directors has proven to be the most interested one. John and I are similar in a sense that we both have a living at the moment type of mentality. Except he seems to know what he is going after with his moments and I am always on my constant search. John is one of the most confident people I have ever met. He earned a degree of education with an economics minor from the University of Maryland at Eastern Shore and he went on to get his MBA at Howard University. Upon entering the real world, John was offered with jobs in the big corporates such as IBM, but he decided to turn them down and go be a personal trainer. John knew what he wanted at the time was not a 12 hours job with no life. He was still young and wanted his life to be fun, so he got the job at a fitness center to make enough just to have a good time. He was confident in his own capability in doing great things and did not consider that being a personal trainer would be a setback in his life. I am all about enjoying my moments, but at the same time I always fear how my decisions at the time would affect my future. If I am in John’s situation I would have taken the corporate opportunities because I would be afraid that if I do not set a good foundation for my career I would not be successful in a long run. I consider myself a confident person, but John is on another level, he has faith in himself and no matter what he chooses to do, he will have a promising future. John is obviously good at what he does and he is quite a character. I am actually thinking about ask him to be my mentor after my internship. I feel like he is someone that I can learn more things from with career stuff and even things in life in general.


Week 3: the new comers

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 7:00 pm

Half way in my 3rd week at Greysteel, two other interns had joined us. It was Megan from University of California, Riverside and Nick who just graduated from Emory University. It was exciting to have some new faces in the office because it would be more fun to work with more people in our age. At the same time to me it was a reflecting point, I did not realized how much I have learned in two weeks until I was asked to teach the new interns on different tasks. There were things like looking at those scanned legal documents on DC Online Public Records that was once difficult to understand and I got accustomed to. I realized that I was able to quickly go through them to for the information I’m looking for, instead of reading through pages of inks typed bytypewriters.

The environment we are in is really fast paced and a lot of times we did not have time to have a second thought, we just have to dive in and stumble through our mistakes to ge better. By the time we actually got the hang of it we just keep moving forward without thinking that wait a second I can do it on my own now.

With more interns, we were able to finish our tasks moreefficiently. Megan who seemed to like writing became in charge of the write ups on property and locations. Nick whose father runs his own real estate firm took charge with the phone to filling the missing information on our rentcomparable files since he had the experience in dealing with property managements. With the new additions, we were able to allocate our tasks to get them done more quickly and to get more assignments. We realized the faster that we could get things done, the more we could learn. Because we were able to break through the repetitive cycles in the early stage of each case and participated more of the upper levels processes.

Week 2: Reality check, its time to get real

Monday, June 18, 2012 2:44 am

This week happened to be a busy week because we have two portfolios to present to the clients and there were just a lot of things to do. By now me and the other intern were expected to do most things that we were asked to. I was asked to assist one of the associates to pull all the approved multi-family projects in Reston and Herndon area of Fairfax county, VA within the last 10 years. I had to contact the officials and pulled the reports from the county’s website in order to narrow everything down to a spreadsheet. I was also asked to take care of the paper work and gather the information on being a licensed auctioneer in VA, MD and DC. Our president Ari currently is a licensed real estate broker in those states and he is thinking about expanding his expertises for the future growth of the company. I was also in charged of doing the rent comparable for the two portfolios. Basically I had to research for the similar properties around the areas to compare with the property that we are trying to present to our clients. Our clients are the sellers and we need to convince them that we can get them the best deal in the market. With all my assignments I tried to do my best but it was hard since there was not really a guideline written for me. Most of the time people just don’t have the patience, if you didn’t get it right the first time, they would just take over the task because they don’t have time to teach me when they can get it done in the way they wanted with probably much less time. My supervisor advised me that people in the office weren’t blaming me us because they understood why we were making mistakes, nothing personal. We just had to understand that being good enough is enough to get through college, but not good enough to get through the real world. As for us we just need to learn from each mistakes and start to do the right things more often.


Week 1: An unfamiliar exposure!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 2:09 am

This summer I will be at the heart of the nation in DC working for a real estate brokerage firm. I am excited to be back to DC once again since the summer programs I did back in high school. Awesome city with good culture and good food, but not as crowded as New York.

I went to work on the first day without much expectation since it is a new company with around ten people total including the CEO and the President, so I was thinking they could make me do anything. Everyone was really nice when we first met them, they just moved into this new office building from their temporary space down the street, so there were still some things need to be unwrapped. Our supervisor gave us a briefdescription on the responsibilities of each person in the office. For the next few days started to learn about the basic things that will be our foundations for the days to come.

There were many documents such as the Deed of Trust that I was getting accustomed with. For the most part we were doing researching for this first week for learning purposes. There were five to seven different tools and softwares that we had never seen before such as Costar, Intelius and Pictometry. We basically became a really good stalker to track down people and properties with the help of these new toys. We also learned what to look for in terms to comparing one owner to the others and one property to the others. Really starting to think in different perspectives when we were evaluating things. After all we represent the sellers and we need to put ourselves in their shoes to think how we can offer something that they want to see and would love to go for, which literally can be anything range from statistics to some unofficial trust with the broker. I am definitely looking forward to see what else this internship can offer in the upcoming future.


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