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Week 8

Friday, August 1, 2014 12:59 pm

Interning at Augustus & Argyle has been such a wonderful learning experience. I am so excited to share here one of the projects I spent a great deal of my internship working on: the Kickstarter Campaign. When Emily first told me about this idea back in the Spring, I knew this special project was one that I wanted to be a part of. After lots of dedication and hard work from the Augustus & Argyle team, the Kickstarter Campaign officially launches today. Augustus & Argyle is aiming to raise $20,000 to fund each and every cost associated with the development of the company’s first ever completely made in North Carolina line of children’s clothing. Revitalizing the textile industry is something the A&A team feels passionate about and we are so thrilled to finally share this project with others. From picking fabrics for the Fall line to assisting in filming the Kickstarter video, I have learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and I feel fortunate to have had this outstanding learning opportunity. You can check out our campaign at the following link:


Week 7

Sunday, July 27, 2014 7:06 pm

My work at Augustus & Argyle is wrapping up in the next two weeks. I have learned quite a bit about entrepreneurship over the past few months. One thing that sticks out to me the most is the great value of strong leadership. Working for a company with only one employee other than myself has shown me just how important it is to have a leader who is confident. Emily displayed confidence when making tough decisions that shaped the direction of the company. This confidence shows others just how much she values and believes in the Augustus & Argyle mission and therefore others felt more inclined to support the business. Starting the Kickstarter campaign took bravery and confidence and without Emily’s leadership, the campaign would not have come together as well as it is going to. I am looking forward to sharing the campaign webpage in my next blog post as the project will officially launch to the public on Friday, August 1. Emily’s confidence when sharing her entrepreneurial goals with others, and especially when sharing the specific Kickstarter project, will be helpful in gaining supporters for the project as well as in establishing a strong client base for the new Augustus & Argyle line of clothing.

Week 6

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 2:39 am

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Augustus & Argyle is in the middle of a HUGE project. We are launching a Kickstarter Campaign all while designing the fall line, getting settled into a new office, and continuing to keep business up and running as usual. This has proven to be quite a difficult task and when you are doing all of these projects within a small entrepreneurial venture with only a few employees, the bottomless to-do list can sometimes seem near impossible. Over at A&A, we are working harder than ever pushing to achieve the company’s goals.

Preparing for the Kickstarter campaign has required many, many hours of hard work. A key proponent of any Kickstarter campaign is the video explaining the particular project. We have spent countless hours working on the video and meeting with the cinematographer to prepare for the filming. I am so excited to start shooting the video footage this week. We have been in contact with community members and other business leaders to help get the word out about our project. Marketing strategies are hugely influential in the success of this project so I have been working diligently researching the most effective marketing tools for sharing our Kickstarter campaign.

As of right now, I would say that our biggest challenge is balancing this Kickstarter campaign with each of the other projects. Through lots of trial and error, we have learned that dividing up the projects has helped us to keep everything on track. I have often times taken on the role of managing the website and customer orders while my supervisor works on planning the logistics of the campaign and contacting supporters. We have found that dividing the projects amongst ourselves is most effective. However, we have learned that when working on certain projects, working together in a collaboration is more helpful. For example, we sat down together to pick out fabrics and designs for the Fall line. Both of us have different design tastes and when combined together, even better creations are produced.

Working though the challenges that Augustus & Argyle is currently facing has certainly taught me and everyone else at A&A quite a few important entrepreneurial lessons and improved the overall function of the company.

Week 5

Saturday, July 5, 2014 4:35 pm

Lots of exciting projects have been taking place at work these past few weeks! The business has been steadily growing the past few months so we had to move offices to a larger facility (so exciting)! The move has kept us quite busy but I am happy to say that we are finally settled in to our new space and can already tell that expanding to the new office is benefiting the company in so many ways. We have much more work space and a better area to keep inventory organized which have both helped with increasing the efficiency of our work.

We are also preparing to launch a Kickstarter Campaign August 1st. I did not know much about Kickstarter before this internship but I have surely learned a lot these past few weeks. For those of you like myself who have never heard of Kickstarter until now, the website helps entrepreneurs launch campaigns to raise money for new, creative projects. Our Kickstarter campaign will be helping us to raise the necessary funds to have a unique line of classic children’s clothing completely made within the state of North Carolina. We are excited to be a part of the push to bring the textile industry back to North Carolina. Lots of marketing goes into launching a successful campaign so I have spent a lot of time recently researching, brainstorming, and planning how we will share our campaign with our target market.

I am so thankful that my internship supervisor has allowed me to be so involved in both of these exciting projects. I absolutely love design so she asked me to help plan out the new office space. Designing our new work space has been so rewarding for now that we are all moved in, I have seen that all of my hard work really did pay off to benefit the company as a whole. My supervisor has also given me important roles in preparing for the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. I am so excited to help Augustus & Argyle hopefully raise the necessary money to fund the company’s next big project!

Week 4

Monday, June 16, 2014 1:00 pm

I cannot believe that I am half way through with my internship! Time is flying by but I guess that is a sign that I am enjoying my work! I have been working on lots of different projects. Augustus & Argyle’s social media presence has vastly increased. Growing our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages helps to market the company on large scale. I would have to say that I am most proud of my work in re-doing the company’s website. Considering the business is an e-commerce company, the website is one of the most important parts of the business. While the company was rapidly growing this past Spring, Emily, my boss, did not have much time to work on maintaining the website well. Two weeks ago I started working on reorganizing, editing, and adding new features to our sight. This has helped tremendously for the website is often times the face of our company for many of our customers. Many people have already been commenting on how the improved website greatly enhances their shopping experience at A&A.

I have really enjoyed working on the marketing side of things but I have discovered that no matter how much marketing you choose to do online, a large amount of our orders come directly from people who found out about our company through word of mouth. Happy customers frequently refer their friends to A&A. I am excited to continue to work on growing our customer base and therefore grow the company. Having this vital role has been so rewarding and I cannot wait to see how we continue to grow throughout the remainder of the summer.

Week 3

Sunday, June 8, 2014 5:24 pm

As mentioned in my previous blog post, Augustus & Argyle is an e-commerce sight providing a unique line of high quality yet affordable line of children’s clothing and gifts. One may wonder how a woman with a law degree (my boss and founder of Augustus & Arglye) ended up in this line of work. Well, long story short, she grew frustrated by the limited variety of clothing available in the market for her two little boys. She found there were only two options when it came to buying little boy’s clothing: one can either buy affordable clothes such as cargo shorts and graphic tees that seem to make a four year old look like they are a teenager or one can go to a high end children’s boutique and spend a fortune on an outfit that will only be worn on the playground. Neither of these two options were suitable for her so like any motivated entrepreneur, she took matters into her own hands and here we have it…Augustus & Argyle. A&A aims to fill in this market gap by creating classic, age appropriate children’s apparel at an affordable price. To expand the business even further, A&A decided to offer a small line of personalized gifts that too could be available at a reasonable price.

Like any growing company, Augustus & Argyle has come across several challenges along the way. In my few weeks of interning here, I have already learned just how difficult it can be to deal with wholesale companies. A&A purchases some of their products from wholesale vendors and this process has proven to be quite frustrating. We have run across instances when wholesale companies do not ship out the product when they promised. This can be frustrating for it causes us to run behind on orders, upsetting our customers. Products sometimes get back ordered as well. We try to purchase products as soon as they are released to prevent this issue but we also cannot “over buy” because then we end up getting more than we can sell and therefore lose money. However, if we are overly cautious regarding how much to buy, we may run out. For example, we recently had one product that did extremely well on our website. We completely sold out fairly soon after we got them in stock. When we went back to order more, the wholesale company said that they were sold out as well and would not have any more available until next spring. This was upsetting for us but is all part of the learning process. We are still learning to navigate the world of wholesale companies.

Week Two

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 4:02 pm

Augustus & Argyle is an e-commerce business that offers high quality applique and monogrammed clothing for children and women as well as a unique line of personalized gifts. While some businesses in this industry focus on current trends, Augustus & Argyle designs products using classic, more traditional style. Since right now is the peak time for wedding season and graduations, we are currently spending a great deal of our time focusing on our line of gifts.
The company opened just a few months ago so right now the only employee is the CEO. She manages the website, fulfills orders, and runs the business. I have joined the team as Project Director of Social Media and Blog Development Intern. I will be helping to grow the business through considerable online marketing. By using various social media outlets, blogs, and other online articles, I will be helping to better reach the company’s target market. Beyond this specific role, I will be helping the CEO fulfill orders and manage and grow the business. Because of the small nature and early stage of the company, I am able to lend my hand in nearly all aspects of Augustus & Argyle and work right along side of the CEO.

Week 1

Friday, May 23, 2014 9:41 pm

This summer, I will be interning at Augustus & Argyle, LLC. Augustus & Argyle is an e-commerce website founded in October 2013 that provides high quality, classic appliqué and monogrammed clothing for children and women, fine linens, and a limited line of gifts and accessories. Since the company is made up of one individual, the president and owner of the company, I will be working within all aspects of the company, allowing me to experience a wide range of entrepreneurial projects. I will be helping run the company, giving me a true first-hand experience in the entrepreneurial world. Along with managing day-to-day operations of the e-commerce shop, I have been given several specific responsibilities under my position as Project Director of Social Media and Blog Development Intern. I will be working to monitor and build a larger audience and increase followers on social media sights such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
I will be using Augustus & Argyle’s e-commerce sight run through Shopify to add products, manage orders, and monitor inventory. Managing the e-commerce website will give me a valuable experience that can help in any online business that I may be a part of in the future.
I will be going to Atlanta, Georgia where I will attend a two day conference and trade show. At the Everything Appliqué Conference, I will attend classes on website development, make or break marketing, photo editing programs and tools, and starting and growing businesses in this industry. While at the conference, I will also be assisting in purchasing from wholesale vendors and networking with professionals in the industry.
Furthermore, while interning at Augustus & Argyle, I am going to be working with the Carolina Textile District to take on a large entrepreneurial project. Augustus & Argyle is currently starting the process of developing and launching a small line of children’s clothing for the fall of 2014. I will be working completely with companies in North Carolina to source material, create clothing patterns, and help implement the production of sample outfits that Augustus & Argyle will launch this fall.
I am so excited to be starting my internship! Working for Augustus & Argyle will be a valuable learning experience that will help grow my entrepreneurial skills greatly.

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