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Saturday, August 24, 2013 3:19 am

My internship with TMWRK Management has finished. I have to say it was my best and favorite experience with an internship I’ve ever had. I hope to one day come back to this company whether it be in LA or NY as I felt the team welcomed me in open arms and I feel I could benefit them. There is still so much I need to learn and experience but I feel like this is the place to do so.

I have cherished every moment I experienced this summer and realized that the management and representation side of the music industry is where I want to be. I have an enormous respect for my bosses as they believe in our artists’ talent so much they fight for it as if it were their own lives. This is something I wish to gain and appreciate in the years to come as I feel it is what makes TMWRK so special and successful.

Mad Decent Block Party – Brooklyn

Saturday, August 24, 2013 3:12 am

This passed woSaturday was the Mad Decent Block Party in Williamsburg Park Brooklyn. It was the first Block Party I was able to attend to see all the work I had done first hand. The Brooklyn show was by far the best lineup of the whole tour, explaining why it was the first venue to sell out of all the tours dates. I got to truly experience the management side of the show and artists, including all access credentials for stage, backstage, and artists spots. It really was enjoyable to be the personal assistant of the partnering managers for the day as I got to see how they run and manage the entire day and night to run smoothly.

Not only did we have to maintain all the performing artists of the event but there were also many other celebrity artists and personnel that decided to come and hang out during the show. This served us an even bigger task to please and maintain the fluidity of the event. Pleasing the sponsors and making sure all the fan engagement of the show was also a difficult task to manage but was doable with the man power we had.

The entire day and night was an absolute great time even though I was technically “working.” Not one moment passed where I stopped to realize what I was actually doing was considered work. There are still 5 more dates of the Mad Decent Block Party but today was my last day. Therefore, I had to leave my end of the work set up for the next 5 dates to avoid any conflict for my coworkers in the future.

The show was an absolute success, everyone was having a great time and the artists felt like this was the best stop of the tour thus far.

week 7

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 9:14 pm

This coming weekend the Mad Decent Block party will be in Atlanta and Brooklyn, the venue I will finally be able to witness all the team’s hard work up close and in person! The Brooklyn show was the first show out of the 13 cities to get sold out, and within the first week of ticket sales. There is an enormously large guestlist for this show because the lineup for this specific city is superior than the rest and everyone wants to come.

It is because of this that we are working extra hard and late to make sure everything on our end and elsewhere runs smoothly. There is a lot of talk and hype regarding this weekend’s show and we want to deliver on the promise.

Besides the MDBP work, I have really been looking into and discovering new and young up and coming artists to either represent or collaborate with some of our artists. I actually enjoy this A&R part of the job because it allows me to express my musical vision and hear on the distinct sounds we get provided daily

week 6

Friday, August 2, 2013 6:59 pm

The Mad Decent Block Party festivals have begun. The first ones have been a little shaky, as they all are, because there are always small things to fix and make right. Nonetheless our first dates have been receiving great reviews and a lot of noise. Our sponsorships for each venue has really pushed the envelope and made the festivals a great music experience for all the fans.

Now that we know what small things to fix, we are working on the little miscommunication and errors so that the next upcoming dates run as smoothly as they can.

Besides that, we continue to push and manage our roster by organizing and booking shows and festivals for the remainder of the summer as some of our big artists prepare to go off on their european tour. Other artists will be hard at work in the studio day after day as they prepare to produce singles, EP’s, LP’s and albums. This is rather difficult to maintain while being interrupted with the consistency of shows during the summer

Week 5

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 6:27 pm

It has been a very exciting week for us at TMWRK. We are finally solidifying all the fan engagement activities for the upcoming MDBP tour dates and everything is finally running smoothly. More and more dates have been confirmed to be sold out and the awareness continues to grow for the tour which is always great. The press on the events also continue to spread and grow as the start date gets closer and closer.

Besides the tour, one of our youngest and promising artists Chrome Sparks is shipping out all his ordered vinyl EP’s. Currently in the office we have around 300 records ready to be shipped out to the purchasers and fans of his. He is extremely happy and excited about the turn out and we are very excited to see where he goes on from this point. As a side note the records are white instead of black, making it very unique and exquisite.

Also another one of our big and upcoming artists Dillon Francis is being featured on MTV’s Clubland: Artist To Watch series. Last night he performed in a sold out Highline Ballroom. His set and show turned out to be absolutely terrific and we believe this push and help from MTV is only going to benefit him and continue to spread his sound and name throughout the world.

4 weeks

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 4:17 pm

This past week our team really focused on fan engagement for the 13 Mad Decent Block Party tour dates we have coming in less than 2 weeks. We all sat down as a team and discussed what would be cool, fun, and unique ideas to get the fans/crowd engaged in the performances of our artists on the tour. We reviewed past ideas and projects while also bringing in new and happening ones.

Our research and brainstorming covered an extremely large amount of genres and ultimately we confirmed for right now to provide the crowd with custom whistles, vuvuzelas, big heads, and colored holi powder. I have been to many shows and performances where the artists engage the crowd with something fun and it always makes the show that much better and that much memorable. We hope that this continues and that everything goes smoothly and as planned with these projects.

Besides this we are continuing to confirm the activities and promotions with our sponsors for the tour as the start date is approaching quickly. We also continue to work all our artists summer tour shows and push music.

Week Three

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 9:17 pm

Week three has come to an end and I feel more and more comfortable around the team and office. The speed and work around the office has picked up lately as very important shows and festivals have just occurred and more are still yet to come.

Specifically we recently had to make sure everything during the world renown Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas went smoothly for all our artists performing. The feedback we received from our artists’ performances was outstanding and really made all our hard work from our part pay off. As the DJs continue their summer tour we continue to push and work hard to let the world hear our artists.

Our Mad Decent Block Party festival series across the US is about to launch in less than a month and we are hard at work locking down the sponsors, activities, etc, for all the venues. This year’s tour is promised to be the best thus far and is receiving extreme love from all the fans.

Besides the usual, we are dropping some of our artists’ newest singles and music videos this week and we are excited to see how the people react and the viral attention.

Till next week

Second Week

Monday, June 17, 2013 6:19 pm

I just finished my second week at Teamwork Management and am now really getting into the flow of things. I have grown close and comfortable with the surprisingly small team we have. And because of our small team and 20 artist roster we are consistently busy everyday.

Our company has some really big and famous names on our roster. And being the summer, many of our artists are on tour throughout the whole world. There is a lot of fun and exciting things in the works for our company that I cannot relay because of an NDA, but I am really excited to get started on the upcoming projects we have lined up for our artists.

So far I have been responsible in helping set up photo shoots, music video shoots, production for live shows and festivals, upcoming merchandise catalogues, and the everyday updating of the artist calendar and booking of transportation. Overall, it is our job to keep our clients content and ensure that everything runs smoothly with whatever music related activity they are participating in.

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