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During June 2013...

Week 2: Running around Managua

Sunday, June 30, 2013 1:40 am

Week 2: Running around Managua

Week two at the office was great. I’ve done a lot of prep work for my trip out to la RAAS next week where I will be conducting a study on how effective the current micro-finance model is working; more on that soon.

This week was very interesting as I set up meetings all over Managua with micro-finance experts, and entrepreneurial development officials. Of note were two meetings:

The first meeting I had was with a group called ATC: Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo aka The Association of Rural Workers aka the Labor party. While they were helpful in explaining how their cooperative programs work and how they work with communities to develop their economies, the meeting did come with its own sort of propaganda. For about an hour and a half, I was preached the evils of capitalism; how businesses have hijacked the government, are repressing the rural poor, and are destroying the environment. Now, I do not want to discount the damage some corporations have done to Latin America (United Fruit CO. comes to mind), but I will say I felt their passion for helping the poor bled into their narrative. It definitely was a different perspective to the one you hear from Calloway. As I left the gated building past the 30 ft mural of Che though, I definitely didn’t regret the experience.

Later in the week, I met with a group called Prodinesa, a micro-finance and entrepreneurial training firm based out of Managua. They were extremely helpful with my project and supplied me with various training manuals that our program intends to utilize with the micro-finance cooperative. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the heads of Prodinesa and their passion for their work was really inspiring. It’s great to see business leaders who are so eager to help people.

Next week, I will be leaving civilization. I will be traveling into the jungle of Nicaragua into a community called “Banco de Sikia” which is located in la RAAS (translated, The Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region). I will be evaluating a women’s cooperative which AMOS has been working with to see where our current model can be improved. I’m very excited for the trip and it will be fun to rough it without electricity, running water, or really any modern luxury for a week.


See you on the other side,




A hectic week, but a good one nonetheless

Friday, June 28, 2013 11:47 pm

This past week, for the first time since I was in Kenya, my ability to work as an intern for Hydrating Humanity was tested. While not having to deal with spiders crawling on me in the shower or spending a 10 hour day on a motorcycle cataloging schools, this past week did have its difficulties in their own way. Keeping up with a lot of communication, back-and-forth phone calls, negotiations, and other projects looming on the back-burner was slightly stressful at times as there are a lot of projects that have my name on them. However, it was nothing that I could not handle and everything came together towards the ladder part of the week. I really hope that I can serve Hydrating Humanity the best I can by completing as many projects as possible, while still doing them completely.

Similar to last week, I was faced with a number of different projects that I am supposed to be working on at the same time including cause marketing, social media, Google Earth cataloging, and conducting an analysis of a health education curriculum. There had to be a lot of e-mails exchanged to get the cause marketing and social media consultation projects advanced. I was successfully able to negotiate with, a social media marketing firm out of Orion, Michigan (where I interned last summer) to have a conference call with the directors of Hydrating Humanity to look at increasing HH’s online presence. I was the middle-man in this relationship by negotiating a number of aspects between the two parties. In fact, members of Hydrating Humanity even were interested in flying up to Michigan for a meeting with, so I spent hours searching for the cheapest ways to do this, but it turned out to be $400/per person, so HH decided to stick with a conference call, for now.

Next week, I will be joining in on the conference call, while continuing to act as a middle-man, and I’m sure that I will be able to learn some things in the meantime. I am extremely happy that I was able to use my networking skills to link these organizations together as I feel it will be a mutually beneficial relationship. will gladly take the business, and Hydrating Humanity will increase their social media and online presence. I was very fortunate to have been able to intern at both places and bring them together. I am really hoping that both sides will get as much out of the relationship as I feel that they could.

One of many aspects that I really enjoy about Hydrating Humanity is the amount of respect and inclusion that I am shown by its directors and employees. Everyone has been extremely friendly to me, and they have included me on a number of business operations including: decisions, the negotiations with, as well as a number of other important matters. I feel as though I am valued, and I am not just a college student that will be turned loose at the end of the summer. I feel like a part of the Hydrating Humanity family, and I share many similarities with its employees. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful and caring group of people. In fact, Pat, my main supervisor, just treated me to a delicious Five Guys hamburger during our weekly business meeting that was held tonight. Our weekly meals show how much the HH directors care about me. The relationship is certainly mutual, and it makes the hard work certainly worth it.

Currently, the largest concern that Hydrating Humanity is facing is indeed its online presence. HH has a real desire to try to increase their presence on social media channels, which is why the partnership with is so important. If none of my other projects turn out to be fruitful for the company (which I hope not), this project with integrating’s consulting, advice, and technology into Hydrating Humanity’s marketing mission, would be a success for me, and more importantly, one for the company. I am hopeful and optimistic that with, social media will no longer be a challenge for Hydrating Humanity.

Although there are other clean water organizations, Hydrating Humanity really does not compete with any of them. In HH’s view, a clean water well is a clean water well, no matter who puts it in. While there is a drive to succeed and get funding, I really do enjoy how we are not fighting against another company to gain money. It is rare to find this in business.

Up and Running!

Friday, June 28, 2013 2:18 pm

After creating, editing, re-doing, and fixing again…the presentation I have been working on for the past few weeks is ready to be sent out to Transformed Minds contacts for them to give their input! I have enjoyed this project, but have definitely had to do more research than I thought. I have watched many tutorials online and read many blogs concerning Prezi and the secrets to getting it exactly how you want! When we are ready to share it with the public, I will post it on here!

This week the blog is also up and running! We have not posted anything yetr, but we have a URL address and account! This will be a place where people can stay posted on the progress of Transformed Minds, ways to be involved, and relevant mental health news. I was excited to get this started, as it will be a great tool to gather a follower group and keep people involved, as the nonprofit is still in the beginner stages.

Here isa peak into the timeline of Transformed Minds:

Summer 2010-Survey showed ned, feasability

Aprill 2011-Listening and Visioning gathering focused mission

2012: Plans made for Executive Director

Summer 2013: Summer 2013: ED, Intern work full time on
Board recruitment, communications, incorporation, financial projections, first round fund raising.

Fall 2014: Transformed Minds Launched (Hopefully!)

In these next few weeks I hope to get Transformed Minds on social media, get the blog posts rolling, and gather more contacts of people who would like to be involved. We are currently working on signing board menebers and special advisors!

The executive director, Bob Mills, retires this week from Wake Forest, and will be in the office with me starting next week. I think this will allow us to really make progress and continue to get things going!

One last reflection from the week-Multiple timesthis week I have been around town (outside of work) and been asked what I am doing this summer. Each time, I talked about Transformed Minds, and each time the other person knew at least one family that they wanted to tell about this upcoming resource. All these conversations I have hadthis week just further the idea that many people are effected by mental disorders, whether they are suffering themselves, or a they know a loved ones. It is encouraging to get this kind of response, because I know that Transformed Minds will bring hope to a lot of people!

A Ban Against Neglect: The Fabric of Change

Thursday, June 27, 2013 2:47 pm
Welcome to A Ban Against Neglect

Welcome to A Ban Against Neglect

ABAN is a non-government organization (NGO)that that recycles used water packages into merchandise. The products, such as handbags and other accessories, are created by local seamstresses and tailors from the Aburi community. Funds from these sales are delegated to a two-year holistic healing program for marginalized young women in Ghana. ABAN has two branches: an office in Chapel Hill, NC and the ABAN compound located here in Aburi, Ghana.

See and learn more about ABAN’s mission and reach here.

There are full time staff that live on the compound with the young women to serve as administration and mentors:

  • Emmanuel-Co-founder of ABAN
  • Doris- ProgramCoordinator
  • John- Business Manager
  • Madam Candy- Life Skills Coordinator
  • Madam Alice-Seamstress
  • Madam Mary- Chef
  • Madam Helen- Pre-school Teacher
  • Madam Joann- Social Worker


For our land project, I mainly work with the Emmanuel, the man with the plan, and volunteer coordinator, Mary Katheryne (MK) who works in the Chapel Hill site. Additional staff for this project includes a horticulturalist who started the amazing Aburi Botanical Gardens and the rest of the volunteer crew.
This summer the volunteer team sounds like a good college tournament:

  • myself and another Wake Forest Student (GO DEACS!),
  • two students from Elon
  • a student from Kansas state,
  • three students from
    UNC Chapel Hill.

(We are cordial to one another except when we talk about college sports… It’s a show down!)
Together our summer work will be the first step into building a new ABAN community. Recently, ABANhas purchased six acres of land in nearby Dumpong village to construct a new residential compound and facilities. My team and I have been given the honor to be the first to develop the land into garden plots and building a guest summer hut. It will allow the organization and its inhabitants to be more agriculturally sustaintable as we will plant lettuce, corn, carrots, tomatoes, and various vegetables. The summer hut will allow a peaceful place for gatherings or solitude.

Can't you see it? A critical quality of being an entrepreneur is having a vision and a plan. I see rows of vegetation that will  feed many families! Still blurry? (Look harder!)

Can't you see it? A critical quality of being an entrepreneur is having a vision and a plan. I see rows of vegetation that will feed many families! Still blurry? (Look harder!)




  • What visions do you see for your internship?
  • What are somesuccessful ice breakers that make you feel closer with your staff?


Halfway to Home

Thursday, June 27, 2013 2:28 pm

As I surpass one month of working at Alpha Waste, my first thought is that the time has flown by. It feels like last week I was just finishing up finals, yet some of my friends have already left town after finishing Summer Session I. Crazy. Anyway, I continue to be cold calling around Winston and High Point, although the past couple days we have taken our proverbial foot off the gas a little, since it is the end of the month. We have just about finished our June call list, and are currently preparing our July mailing list to send postcards announcing our potential savings to local businesses. This also assists in the cold calling process because people are more likely to have recently seen this mailing, giving us a jumping-off point for the conversation. Thus, this week has been light on calling, but heavy on administrative business. I expect the exact opposite out of next week, since our mailing will be going out and calling right around that time is obviously ideal.

To this point, I would have to say I am most proud about the consistency with which I have been able to get appointments to deliver quotes. The result of many calls has been decided before I even pick up the phone, since some people want nothing to do with telemarketers in general, much less one calling about a service that they may not even use. Nevertheless, I have been able to set up a handful of quotes each and every day, and have totaled over 60 since I have started. Seeing as each of these meetings could result in hundreds of dollars for Alpha Waste per month, it is not hard to see my contribution to the business, which is the most important thing for me this summer I believe.

When I am not making phone calls, Tina has been teaching me about the billing and payroll systems. Every now and then, we will get a call from someone trying to make a payment or alter their service in some way, and Tina will be on the other line with a different customer. So I need to be able to assist these customers. Alpha Waste uses an operating system called Encore, which may be a big software I’m not sure, but is nevertheless significantly customized to fit this business best. A lot of it is fairly self-explanatory, but it does take a good amount of practice to know where to look for things, the order in which to perform them, etc. I have really started to get a good handle on it and will take a couple hours most afternoons to run through more checks or invoices or wages. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I will be able to do some of Tina’s work. She wears so many hats in this office and could always use some help,and I would rather play with numbers all day than make phone calls any day of the week. I am a Math major, after all.

Anyway, each and every day people around here are realizing small ways that I can be utilized outside of my call list. Most of my co-workers realize the value of a Wake education and realize that were never fortunate enough to go to as good a school as we do. They obviously have an immeasureable edge in industry experience over me but do realize that a great education certainly can be a tool. Sometimes, that means playing with spreadsheets for three days, but I have no complaints. Hopefully Mike, Tina, and Luke can continue to find more diverse ways to use me in the office as the weeks go by.


Til next time…


Monumentally Passionate, Post #3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 8:39 pm

It’s already been three weeks?! My time at Monumental Sports and Entertainment seems to be flying by. The business world moves at a rapid pace. Well… much faster than college or high school ever did, at least. Trying to understand things, then being required to do them in real time is far different than studying and then having weeks to prepare for a test. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying myself and been learning a lot due to the fast pace.


This past week has been pretty busy with more event preparation and event administration. Far and away the most time consuming activity that took place this weekend was the Safeway Barbeque Battle. It was
an event that was a competition of barbeque grilling in Washington D.C., in which the NBA and Washington Wizards represented themselves within activities and stands. It was tons of work and took almost 15 hours in itself this weekend, but turned out to be tons of fun and very successful within reaching out to the local community.


Within events like that, I, as a Marketing intern, frequently get asked questions about the Mystics and Wizards by fans. ‘What’s the Mystics record?’ ‘Who will the Wizards draft this year?’ or maybe ‘When is
the next Mystics home game?’ So I’m expected to keep up to date on everything Washington basketball. But at this event, someone asked me a question that wasn’t quite as frequently asked- “When did Ted become so interested in sports?” I didn’t really have a good answer, but I was able to sort of politely shrug off the question. That question really got me thinking though…

In order to fully understand that question and the direction of the company, we need to take a few steps back. Monumental Sports and Entertainment is a company that was founded in 2010 by Ted Leonsis. Ted was a young businessman and got his start with AOL and progressed in the company until he became the Vice-chairman and Audience Group’s President of the company. After he became wealthy enough, he proceeded to buy the Mystics, Wizards, Capitals, and Verizon Center progressively.

Which brings us to the question: ‘When did Ted become so interested in sports?’ Truthfully, I don’t know if the answer to this question is really very definite, but I’ll take a stab at it anyways. Ted played sports
in high school and only had his interest in sports spiked as he grew older. But the weird part about his story is that I don’t think that sports were actually the cause of creating his passion. In 1983, Ted survived a plane crash and after that day created a bucket list of 101 things he wanted to do before he
died. I think that’s what made him so passionate about what he does.

The only major problem Monumental Sports and Entertainment has faced since their founding, after merging the companies Lincoln Holdings and Washington Sports and Entertainment, is the problem of not being able to broadcast their teams more efficiently (I talked about this in my last post too). However, they’re in the process of creating a network in which they can do exactly that. Once they receive the rights to broadcast their teams themselves, their name will be well advertised and they will likely be even
more successful after exploiting another market.

It seems that everything he does, whether it’s passionately governing AOL or being maybe the most hands on owner in sports, Ted Leonsis illustrates his passion on a daily basis. Ted plans to take Monumental Sports and Entertainment to higher heights and see the Washington sports teams find success.

A Cause Worth Fighting For

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 1:41 pm

This past Tuesday, the MGH Down Syndrome Program held their first annual retreat. After the program’s one year anniversary, it seemed appropriate that a team retreat be held in order to reflect as a team on the progress of the program. Luckily, since the retreat was held this summer, I was able to attend. Although I had not been able to see the program develop from the beginning, I am thankful that I was able to participate in this team retreat in order to learn more about the development of the program, contribute to the goals for the future, and learn more about the vision that the Down syndrome team has for their program.

The retreat began promptly at 9:00 am. Held on the 38th floor of a Boston skyscraper in the Harvard Club, both the venue and view were incredible. For the first fifteen minutes or so everyone gathered refreshments and mingled. It was so nice to see how genuinely happy everyone was to see each other. Eventually, we all made our way to our seats to formally begin the retreat. Our co-directors, Allie and Brian, greeted us all and informed us of the schedule for the day. We then began with a small icebreaker to get people into the retreat “mood”. Everyone filled out a brief survey with fill-in-the-blanks including”One Halloween I dressed up as a _____.”, “If I could go anywhere on vacation I would go to _____.”, and”The leadership quality that I am most proud of is _____.” It was then my job to play Vanna White and read people’s answers out loud anonymously. People would then guess who they thought it was and I would announce the author. Some of the answers were pretty funny. We had a lot of people who had dressed up as witches for Halloween and even more people who wanted to go to Greece for vacation. We decided that we are going to take a team trip to Greece (just kidding, but I wish!)

After the ice breaker we got down to business. Allie began by presenting a powerpoint about the layout of the clinic. Since everyone at the retreat plays a different individual role in the clinical setting it was important for everyone to understand the different professional perspectives that are presented to a patient during each visit. We then discussed the financials of the program with the aid of a presentation by Brian. It was very interesting to learn more about the “behind the scenes” aspect of the clinic. I know that, although the Down Syndrome Program is a health care facility, it is also a business that is accountable for financial records, profit margins, and deficits. It was actually a very eyeopening discussion; if only the care of the patients was all that had to be considered instead of the money and insurance billing. But of course, without funding, this program wouldn’t be around so this business perspective is completely necessary to discuss and facilitate. We discussed as a team different methods to increase profits, patient numbers, and donations.

After these presentations we then broke into small groups and revised a drafted version of our mission statement and vision. It was decided at the foundation of the program that the mission statement and vision would not be officially drafted until the one year anniversary of the program in order to gain insight into the role and direction that the program had taken. The individual groups edited the statements and then we came back as a large group in order to collaborate and create a final draft. Eventually, we were able to derive a final copy of both statements, finalizing the mission statement and vision of the program. It was quite an experience to be a part of this process. Essentially, I was part of outlining the foundation and the goal of the entire program, an experience that I will never forget.

The last task that we had to complete before the end of the retreat was to brainstorm goals for the program. No idea was too crazy, nothing was ignored. By the end of the brainstorming session we had three pages of ideas for the program. These ideas covered topics ranging from research to clinical changes, funding opportunities to outreach programs, awareness to celebration. Three pages. There is a lot of good that is going to be done by this program.

Overall, this retreat was the best business retreat that I have ever been a part of. Not only did we complete the tasks that we were given, but we managed to both reflect on the success of the clinic as well as set goals for the future of the program. It was amazing to be included in this process. The experience not only increased my knowledge of how to run such a clinic, but also how incredible and valuable this program truly is.

Week Three

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 9:17 pm

Week three has come to an end and I feel more and more comfortable around the team and office. The speed and work around the office has picked up lately as very important shows and festivals have just occurred and more are still yet to come.

Specifically we recently had to make sure everything during the world renown Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas went smoothly for all our artists performing. The feedback we received from our artists’ performances was outstanding and really made all our hard work from our part pay off. As the DJs continue their summer tour we continue to push and work hard to let the world hear our artists.

Our Mad Decent Block Party festival series across the US is about to launch in less than a month and we are hard at work locking down the sponsors, activities, etc, for all the venues. This year’s tour is promised to be the best thus far and is receiving extreme love from all the fans.

Besides the usual, we are dropping some of our artists’ newest singles and music videos this week and we are excited to see how the people react and the viral attention.

Till next week

Krochet Kids International–a brand with a plan

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 4:36 pm

Sorry for the tardiness of this post–it’s been sitting in my drafts for over a week now. Oops.

My experience at Krochet Kids so far has been dizzying, exciting, and eye-opening. Meeting and getting to know the ladies behind the products and brand, adjusting to the time and cultural difference from my previous trip to Kenya (see blog post here), retraining my brain to understand and speak Spanish, and learning more and more every day about this quickly growing social enterprise–

The morning after I arrived, I went to work in the Chorillos district of Lima–pretty close to the outskirts of town. The Krochet Kids office is situated just outside Pacifico, a large low-income housing neighborhood where the majority of the program’s beneficiaries live. Some would call it a “slum” or “shanty town” as many of the houses are poorly constructed with plastic or tin roofs, and none have running water. It was interesting to see that just on the opposite side of the hill was the ocean, a large beautiful bay that lay completely undeveloped. It could easily be a multi million dollar property anywhere in the states, but is undesirable in Lima because close proximity to the ocean makes for much colder, damper conditions in already under insulated homes without heating.

My responsibilities at the office vary day to day–oftentimes in the mornings we quality control products turned in by the ladies the day before, and do little tasks that need to be done in the afternoon (sewing trims, payroll, inventory, getting things ready for a big shipment). I’ve learned so much already, about this enterprise and their model, the growing pains of a quickly expanding business and social enterprise trying to balance programming (financial training, mentorship, etc.) while increasing its variety of products and overall brand power. My boss knows that I have an interest in photography, art, and graphics, so this week I’ve been working on some graphics-related assignments in creating the technical packs for the ladies–instructions with diagrams and measurements for each product and how they’re made, in English and Spanish. My other tasks for the week include designing and creating a fake currency system for the program mentors to use in financial training on a rewards system, designing a mural for a blank wall in the office, assisting on photo shoots, and continuing compiling and designing the instruction packs.

Quite a full plate. I’ll let you know how all that goes.



Week 3: Continuing to Grow

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 3:26 pm

Week 3 has come to an end and I am proud of another successful week. This week I focused on getting traffic to individual posts to help build the overall visitors to the site. I was really happy with the success I was able to have with these posts. Asher Roth is releasing a new mixtape today, which I posted about several days ago. I am quite happy that this post alone has gotten forty five views just in the past two days. I wrote a press release for the release of Asher’s new mixtape the Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 that is now ranking fifth on Google for that exact keyword. It is awesome to see this page competing with huge hip hop sites like,, and Asher Roth’s personal website.

Now instead of updating the blog weekly, I have began to do daily updates, which has proven to drive in a steady stream of traffic from many different posts. This, along with being more active on Facebook and Twitter, has proven to be a great marketing strategy. The results show, as my stats have steadily been increasing over the past three weeks, and I am hoping for an even bigger week this week.

I am continuing to work on getting the site ranked higher in Google overall , and I have hired someone to work on building back links to my site to help its overall popularity on Google. This is a process that takes several weeks but I am expecting a significant result once it is completed.

This week, I will keep plugging away making blog posts everyday. I want to focus on getting Facebook likes up and having a larger presence on Youtube. Until next time.

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