Summer 2016 Entrepreneurial Experiences

TapInfluence – Week 7

Sunday, August 14, 2016 2:59 pm

Leadership in any company has a trickle-down effect. The CEO of any organization sets the pace for the rest of the organization, and their passion and devotion to the company’s goals must not only be seen but also instilled throughout the entire organization. This is how a company’s culture is formed… or transformed. No easy task.

As we trickle down, CEO’s need a strong C-Suite, the C-Suite needs strong managers, and so on. On the recruiting side, leaders within an organization need to bring in top talent that shares the same passion towards the company goals as they do. It’s not hard for companies to find potential hires that fit a job description. There are tons of people for any position. What’s really hard is finding employees that fit the job description and match/exceed the passion towards the company set by the top. Within an organization, top employees need incentives and rewards that encourage exceptional performance. As top employees move up, they create a high-barrier to entry with new-hires, which is a good thing. As more and more employees align with the company’s culture and its goals, that’s when the magic can happen. The only reason I say ‘can’, is because most startups fail, but without this fundamental building block, failure becomes a lot more likely.

As a budding entrepreneur, I have realized that having great technical skills for your job is not enough for a startup. What are your values and your beliefs? What is your work ethic? Does it all align with the company? If not, you, your co-workers, and the company will take a hit.

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  1. You really captured what it means to be an entrepreneur! Skills can be acquired, but you have to value what you do and see the value that it brings to others!

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