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The Final Week

Sunday, August 7, 2016 9:10 pm

This week was the final week of my internship in Silicon Valley. The best part was that the company flew me down to LA to visit the new headquarters – a 4,000 square foot mansion in the middle of Venice, CA. This place was magnificent and right in the heart of the famous Venice Beach area. We were across the street from the famous Muscle Beach.

Venice, CA is a trendy neighborhood on the west side of LA on the beaches. It has the designers, models, and new tech companies moving in and restoring ugly houses into multi-million dollar properties. Snapchat, Google, and BuzzFeed are three of the many tech companies that have set up large offices in this small residential neighborhood. The Silicon Valley companies want to start moving here because it is a well-liked neighborhood with cheaper rent than San Francisco. In addition, they can start to tap into the talent pool and industries of LA. A lot of digital media companies have chosen to move to Venice because it allows them to work closer with the entertainment industry giants in LA.

The work/life balance in LA seems to be a little different than that of San Francisco. Residents of LA seem to enjoy being outside a lot more and enjoy the beach lifestyle that Venice and Santa Monica have to offer. The LA neighborhoods offer a variety of excellent restaurants, boutique stores, and fun things to do.

What is difficult about being in LA as a tech company is that the talent pool is much smaller than that of San Francisco. With fewer engineers, it is difficult to recruit top-level talent to build products that can rival those in Silicon Valley. However, each year it seems that more engineers are moving to Venice to take advantage of the lower rent and high salary offerings that Venice-based companies are promising.

The question remains: should Silicon Valley move to LA where there’s more room and more industries to integrate with?

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  1. The new headquarters sounds amazing Nick! I didn’t know the tech scene was growing so much in LA – I have always associated it with San Francisco. With lower rent and higher salaries, Venice and other LA neighborhoods are bound to explode with more new tech companies soon – especially with a few big names already there.

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