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Monday, February 18, 2008 10:41 pm

New database suggestion: ARTSTOR (; as an art major, it is often very difficult to find images of particular works of art or architecture. Databases like Grove Online just do not cut it beyond general reference use, especially for foreign artists and architects. Anyway, just a thought, I completely understand there are budget restrictions and such. Thank you!!!

Thank you for your suggestions! In our collaboration with the Art Department, they have advised that ARTSTOR would not be the best purchase for us to make so we have not pursued it seriously.

However, librarian Kaeley McMahan gives these additional tips and you may contact her for additional info:

The Visual Arts Library in the Art Department is a place to locate images. Martine Sherrill may have the image already, or readily know where to locate it. Also, beyond the encyclopedia-related images in Grove Art, there are two other image databases available inside of the Grove Art database: Art Resource (90,000+ images) and Bridgeman Art Library (100,000+ images). Also, in the art databases section, we have access to CAMIO, which is another art images database that contains museum images.

Hope this helps!

Lynn Sutton

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