Spoon Fed Society

September 11, 2001 is the first time in my life I remember being completely reliant on the Media. I was 9 years old and came home from gymnastics to see my mom and dad crying. No one knew what was happening or what to do. After my parents told my sister and me what they knew we turned on the TV and listened for hours trying to understand what had happened. I’ll never forget the images I saw on the TV that day. This was also asimilarexperience to February 1, 2003 when the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded.After reading the sections from Klinenberg’s text Fighting for Air, I wasimmediatelyreminded of these times as a child when media was used to inform the public of disasters.

These examples are the extreme, but it emphasizes how important and absolutely necessary, most would say, media is in today’s society. Media has become the public’s main source of information; we rely on it 100% to give us up to the minute information on disasters and other goings on in the world.The power that media conglomerates have over the American people is extreme; they control information and the way it is presented. This control allows them, as noted in previous readings and classes, to input their biases into the stories they present. Their manipulation and misinformation alters and affects they way people think about certain situations and issues.

If so many studies have been done on the power of media, and people recognize that the media can negatively affect them, then why do we, as a society, still partake in this cycle? It’sconvenientand we want to be in the know. We,as consumers, fuel this cycle; it’s our fault that the media conglomerates have become these partisan and biased organizations because they know that regardless…people will still listen and they can control the public and the messages they want to share.

Below is a cartoon displaying how the media spoon feeds their audience to listen and believe themanipulatedand biased messages they share.


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