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ASERL Nov 14-15, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011 12:33 am

On November 14-15, I attended the fall membership meeting of the Association of Southeast Research Libraries. I was all set to transcribe my notes when ASERL Executive Director, John Burger, posted this summary. It is just too tempting to use his summary, so forgive this shortcut. My supplementary comments appear in italics.

1)Journal Retention Program. Paula Sullenger (Auburn University) is Visiting Program Officer leading this program, through March 15, 2012. Development is proceeding very well: 22 ASERL libs are participating, 19 have signed MOUs for the program. Exceeded our goal of 3000 titles to be retained by libraries participating in the project. Currently 4,000+ titles are pledged, with more coming in. Issues around duplicate titles, filling gaps, and bibliographic disclosure of retention agreements still under examination. I chair the Committee governing this program and Carol has been very active in offering our Wake Forest titles. We have high hopes to coordinate our offsite collection with this initiative.


2)Collaborative Federal Depository Program/ASERL FDLP Guidelines. ASERL is in last year of $650K federal grant for CFDP program. Discussions with GPO about compliance issues underway; little progress to date. LOTS of time spent communicating ASERL’s viewpoints on this program with various audiences. ASERL is seeking a face-to-face meeting with GPO senior leadership, no response so far. Development of Centers of Excellence and roll-out of disposition tool continues at FDLP libraries in region. ASERL’s online petition has 116 signatories to date; other signers are welcome. (See to review/sign petition. See for latest petition summary.) Judy Russell, current Dean of Libraries at University of Florida and former Superintendent of Documents, is driving this effort.


3)Future Growth for ASERL. Broad discussion among membership regarding growth for ASERL. As noted above, ASERL’s IMLS grant for CFDP program will expire in 2012. Other grants under consideration, but competition for grant funding is increasingly difficult. To maintain momentum of program development, ASERL’s Board proposed ASERL members self-fund a 25-hour/week program coordinator. This will continue the current staffing level after grant runs out. Three members expressed concern about ASERL’s program focus and the sustainability of self-funded staffing. Vote to support this staffing level = 33 in support, 1 opposed, 1 abstention. ASERL does really good work, but it is tough to afford a significant increase in dues.


4)Dues to Support Expanded Staffing. Board offered two models to support the staffing level that was approved by membership – a flat-rate option (all members pay the same amount) and a variable option (dues based in part on each member’s total library operations budget.) Strong support for flat-rate option. Assuming 40 members in ASERL, dues for FY 13 (i.e., starting July 1, 2012) would be $6375/library. Vote to support this level of dues = 32 support, 4 opposed, 1 abstention. Ditto.


5)Copyright & Fair Use Discussion. Peter Jaszi (American University) and Lisa Macklin (Emory University) discussed issues relating to recent limitations on fair use & copyright. Stressed that current practice is often an important factor when cases go to court. Peter and colleagues will produce a best practices tool kit and a “road show” to discuss/demonstrate its contents in early 2012. ASERL will consider venues for hosting a road show event to continue discussions on these issues and to foster implementation of best practices at member institutions. Peter was very good and we are very interested in his toolkit.


6)ASERL-SURA Data Policy Collaboration. Tyler Walters (Virginia Tech) described a new collaboration with Southeast Universities Research Association (SURA) to monitor changes in federal data management policies, offer models of local policies, discuss emerging issues, etc. ASERL’s Board has approved this concept. Collaboration will be via online tools, and first step in fostering more shared programming between ASERL and SURA. Several directors indicated they had staff who would like to participate. Tyler will work with John Burger to draft a formal charge for the group. A call for volunteers will be posted after Thanksgiving. Group will convene in early 2012. This is definitely a growth area for research libraries. We need to decide the extent to which we will become involved.


7)UF Recruitment Study. U-Florida, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and other universities are tracking their success rates & factors for staff recruitment processes, as well as diversity issues. Database is hosted at UF. Other participants are welcome. We may wish to participate, as the study has a diversity focus.


8)Update re Berlin 9 Convention. Many ASERL members had representatives at the recent Berlin 9 Convention in Bethesda. They are developing an OA journal to compete with Nature and Cell. Seeking additional signatories from US in support of “open access to knowledge in science and the humanities.” Several ASERL members noted some progress in signing-on at their home institutions, but stalls occurred when administrators wanted to see who else was signing. ASERL members unanimously voted to support Berlin Declaration as a means of creating momentum for gaining signatories at member institutions. John Burger will communicate with Max Planck Society & create publicity to foster additional support within ASERL institutions. Thanks to Molly’s efforts, Wake Forest will be added to the list of individual signatories!


9)Update re HathiTrust Constitutional Convention. Nine ASERL libraries are members of HathiTrust. There is interest in linking ASERL’s collection management programs with Hathi’s expanding array of programs. Hathi may also be exploring new models for membership/content providers – ASERL will continue to monitor these options. We hope to join Hathi Trust as a sustaining member sometime in the next fiscal year.


10)Next meeting is April 11-12, 2012. Can’t wait!


3 Responses to “ASERL Nov 14-15, 2011”

  1. It’s good to see ASERL is jumping into the data curation conversations.

  2. This is all really exciting information! I’m anxious to see how ASERL Journal Retention plays out across participating libraries, and the Copyright roadshow should be very timely.

  3. Thanks for the summary – such great topics on problems it really takes villages of libraries to tackle. Just one reason ASERL and other groups like it will be increasingly crucial in shaping the discussions on topics like these. And I cannot wait to see where the FDLP/GPO/ASERL debates go. Fascinating politics!

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