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Wake Forest Students Cover Downtown Winston-Salem

Phoebe Zerwick (Editor)

I am an associate professor of the practice in the English Department at Wake Forest University, where I teach journalism and writing. I came to teaching after more than 20 years as a working journalist, mostly at the Winston-Salem Journal, where I was a reporter, columnist and editor. I have always been drawn to human stories and to the role journalism plays in defining and creating community. Heard It Here is a regular news report produced by students in my community journalism class. I serve as editor, but the work you see is the work of my students. Feel free to email or call me with story ideas and comments. I want to hear from you when we get it right and when we don’t. You may reach me by email at zerwicp@wfu.edu or on my cell at 336-682-2249. Website

2015 Journalists

Anna Conte

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University planning on studying either Business or Politics & International Affairs while minoring in Journalism and Economics. I have ventured down to the South, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in order to pursue an education from Wake Forest University, but I am originally from Ithaca, New York. As for journalism experience, writing for Heard it Here will be my first true experience with journalism and I am so excited to dive into this unknown territory. Just in my first couple of weeks taking this class, journalism is already so intriguing because I have such a great curiosity for my surroundings. I am so eager to learn all this community has to offer and consider it a great privilege to provide that information and news worthy stories for you all to enjoy. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any comments or questions regarding articles or our online newspaper, Heard it Here, my email address is contae14@wfu.edu and my cell phone number is (607)793-4137.

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Caroline Green

I am a senior with a major in History and minors in English and Cultural Resource Preservation. Last year, I worked as a student curator on the exhibit, “Release: From Stigma to Acceptance,” which featured the artwork and stories of former offenders, in collaboration with the Winston-Salem based rehabilitation program, Project Re-entry. Following that project, I worked as a museum intern at the New Winston Museum, researching and planning public history events for areas including Columbian Heights, Happy Hill, and the Belews Street Neighborhood. I also helped to curate “Humanizing the Mechanical Eye,” an exhibit at Sawtooth School for the Visual Art that featured local artists, and have tutored at El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services.

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Daniel Sechtin

A southern native with a passion for presenting news in fresh and engaging ways: I'm a senior at Wake Forest majoring in politics and international affairs and minoring in journalism and philosophy. My Journalism experience comes from internships with local news stations such as WGHP in North Carolina and WMBF in South Carolina. I've also worked for national networks including Voice of America and CNN. My interest in journalism spurs from my grandfather who informed and entertained the Pee Dee region of South Carolina as a disk jockey for almost 20 years. I was raised in the small town of Florence, SC but I have a big dream of one day sitting at the anchor desk for a national news network. Feel free to reach me with any questions or comments. Email: sechdr12@wfu.edu Phone: (843)-992-3051

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Emily Eisert

Emily Eisert is a sophomore Presidential Scholar in Dance at Wake Forest University. She is majoring in biology and minoring in journalism, entrepreneurship and social enterprise, and dance. Emily can be reached at eiseea14@wfu.edu or at (703) 402-8713.

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Erin Buchholz

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University hoping to major in Psychology with possible minors in Arts, Communication, and/or Journalism. I was born and raised in Texas, but after appreciating having actual seasons here in North Carolina, I am proud to call Winston-Salem my new home. I have the Presidential Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement in Art at Wake Forest for my talent in photography and hope to expand my knowledge of the arts in downtown. Growing up, every day my dad would tell me “always treat every person, no matter who they are and what they do, with the utmost respect and kindness.” I hope to apply this ideology and my experience in the arts to further my journalism career on Heard It Here. Please feel free to contact me with any comments and or questions at (713) 805-0678 or buchem14@wfu.edu.

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Erin Patterson

Erin Patterson is a senior at Wake Forest University, double majoring in communication and Spanish and minoring in journalism. She is also an independent social media contractor and a freelance writer. She is passionate about the power of the media industry, and loves spending time in downtown Winston-Salem. Contact Erin at pattee12@wfu.edu or at (904) 236-3969.

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Katie Dickens

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University currently planning to study Business and Enterprise Management, Journalism, and Spanish. I have loved community journalism ever since being the Editor in Chief of my small high school newspaper, and am so excited to pursue my passion for local news, feature stories, and fashion in downtown Winston-Salem this semester. I’m also Chief Coordinator and an avid writer for WFU Style, a fashion and lifestyle blog run independently by Wake students and hope to work in the fashion industry one day. I love telling people’s stories through photography and the written word. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to contact me with comments or questions. My phone number is (919) 219-7229, and my email address is dickkp14@wfu.edu.

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McKenzie Maddox

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University, studying Communication and Politics & International Affairs with a focus in Journalism. I am from the Lake Norman area in North Carolina, but I now consider Wake Forest my new home. Prior to coming to Wake Forest, I had no experience in journalism. Yet after taking a few classes, I quickly cultivated a love for it and began writing for the Old Gold & Black, the student newspaper. I gradually gained experience in writing and editing which led me to my position now as the section News Editor. With this position, I became acclimated to the pressing issues going on on-campus which I realized were closely interrelated to the Winston-Salem community and the downtown area. This semester I am excited to focus on a different small community and learn the inner workings of the downtown area. If you have any comments, questions or story ideas, feel free to contact me at maddml14@wfu.edu or 704-502-0112.

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Stephanie Sullan

Stephanie Sullan is a senior Communication major and Entrepreneurship and Journalism double minor at Wake Forest University. After graduation, she will be working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Financial Services Management Consulting. On top of her interest and work in Consulting, Stephanie has had a strong interest in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. Last year, she took a class on PR/ Marketing through Wake Forest University. This class centered on Winston Salem and different ways to advertise or market for individual businesses. The final project that Stephanie and her team worked on was a marketing plan for the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. Through this project, she was able to learn more about Downtown Winston Salem and expand her experience outside of the “Wake Forest bubble.” She has had experience writing on various topics through the courses associated with her Communication major and Journalism minor and looks forward to learning more about Downtown Winston Salem. Stephanie can be reached at 303.868.7143 or sullsn12@wfu.edu.

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2014 Journalists

Blythe Riggan

I am a junior at Wake Forest University, studying Politics & International Affairs with a focus in Journalism and Latin American Studies. I split my time between my two homes: Lexington, North Carolina (where I was born and raised) and Winston-Salem, North Carolina (my most recent home, where my Wake Forest family lives). Before becoming a writer for “Heard it Here,” my journalism experience has included serving as both a correspondent for the Lexington, North Carolina community newspaper “The Dispatch” and a writing intern for the national magazine “The Borgen Project,” focusing on global health and international development issues. Having grown up just forty minutes south of Winston-Salem, the “Camel City” has been my second home long before I arrived on the Reynolda campus of Wake Forest. That being said, I feel that I’ve found new “hidden gems” and met more remarkable people in downtown Winston as each year at Wake passes. With “Heard it Here,” I look forward to covering these hometown haunts and heroes with the folks who know them best- you, the readers. Share your thoughts, comments, and hometown pride with me by emailing me at riggab12@wfu.edu or calling me at (336) 596-5688.

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Buck Hinman

I am a junior at Wake Forest University majoring in Communications, with a minor in Journalism and Music. As a journalist, I have written a number of articles for the Old Gold & Black, Wake Forest’s Student Newspaper, and have worked for 88.5 WFDD, the NPR affiliate in the Triad area of North Carolina. I am also the staff manager of Wake Forest’s student run radio station, Wake Radio. My passion for broadcasting is arguably genetic, passed down from my grandfather, Preston “Buck” Hinman. Throughout my childhood, I experimented with video and audio 24/7, much to the chagrin of my family. From stop-motion films with Legos to live-action comedies with my friends, I have always loved creating media, on- and off-screen. My love for the news began with the weekly family viewing of CBS Sunday Morning, especially Charles Kuralt’s segment “On the Road”. If you need to get in touch, email me at hinmsb12@wfu.edu or call me at (828) 713-0032.

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Emma Dolson

I am a senior at Wake Forest University studying Political Science, Journalism, and Communication. Dream jobs: anchor on CNN or host of Good Morning America. I love reading breaking news and hope to one day report what is happening all over the world. Because of my major, I follow politics and enjoy reporting national new stories. Needless to say, the idea of a community newspaper is completely foreign to me, so this semester will no doubt be quite the learning experience. I am excited to jump into another type of journalism and looking forward to what this semester and downtown Winston-Salem hold. If I’m not trying to contact you for a story, you can assume I’ll be rowing, studying, sleeping, or trying to get a real-person job. I’m attached to my phone and email, so please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in contributing anything to our online newspaper! My phone number is (301) 404 1651, and my email address is dolsed12@wfu.edu. Happy reading!

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Kaitlin Mundy

Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, I was interested in journalism from a young age. As a kid, I created a monthly newsletter for my family that gave my opinions on the latest happenings in the world of sports. Sports opened the door into the world of journalism, but reading the stories about people – their ideas, passions, adventures - is why I stayed. The summer I turned 16, I began working for the Black Mountain News, a small community paper in an eclectic community just outside of Asheville. My first stories profiled a new restaurant, a retiring postman, and the local ice-cream scene. It wasn’t hard-hitting, but it allowed me to dip my toe into the world of reporting. Five summers later, I still work for the Black Mountain News. The stories I write now usually have a more serious tone, but I occasionally find myself back patrolling the ice cream beat. I made a list of goals for myself at the beginning of my freshman year at Wake Forest, and one of my goals was to help create a sustainable business model for community news. Community journalism is my passion. Heard it Here gives me an opportunity to tell the stories of a community that I am still getting acquainted to, and I look forward to this experience. If you have any story tips or ideas, please feel free to email me at mundkm12@wfu.edu or call me at (828) 713-2570.

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Kevin Closs

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University, studying Economics and Political Science while planning to minor in journalism. I am excited to be covering downtown Winston-Salem for “Heard it Here” for the opportunity to explore such a vibrant place and sharing it with you. I have previous writing experience for the Old Gold & Black student newspaper at Wake Forest and was also the editor-in-chief of my high school publication. If you ever need to contact me, my email is closkp13@wfu.edu and would love to receive feedback on anything I post.

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Kristopher Kolb

I am a senior at Wake Forest University with a major in Politics and International Affairs and minors in Economics, Sociology, and Journalism. I am originally from Atlanta, Ga., but I have found a new home in Winston-Salem. I look forward to better connecting with the local community and reporting on the issues and events most relevant to their interests. I have a strong passion for writing and have worked as the News Editor and Production Manager at the university’s student newspaper, the Old Gold & Black. Additionally, I have studied journalism abroad as part of the university’s international program. I am also involved with organizations such as Wake Radio, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Habitat for Humanity on campus. Following graduation, I plan to attend graduate school to study law. If you have any comments, questions or interest anecdotes, shoot me an email at kolbkl11@wfu.edu and follow me on Twitter @kolbkl.

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Lindsey Gallinek

I am a junior at Wake Forest University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Journalism. Over the past year, I have developed a passion for journalism and reporting on both current events and human-interest stories. This passion stems from my interest in learning about different people, cultures and communities. Regarding my journalism experience, I started writing for the student newspaper, The Old Gold & Black, my sophomore year and am now the Life Editor. I am very excited to learn more about downtown while reporting for this class. I hope that readers will get an inside look into the Winston-Salem community. I believe that everybody has a story to tell. If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at galllm12@wfu.edu.

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2013 Journalists

Amalia Klinck-Shearman

I am a student-journalist at Wake Forest University, where I am studying communications, history and journalism. I have a passion for people and for writing about issues that affect people and their everyday lives and hope to become a professional journalist upon graduation. In the past, I have been a contributing writer for Wake Forest's student-run newspaper, The Old Gold and Black, and have written pieces for The Knot Magazine, The Knot Michigan and The Knot Colorado. Heard It Here is a weekly on-line newspaper which focuses on prevalent issues throughout downtown Winston-Salem. As a contributing writer for this digital newspaper, I hope to create stories that bring the community closer together, exposes issues downtown, and ultimately brings about change. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding my stories or potential stories! You can reach me by email at klinaa0@wfu.edu or on my cell at (305) 801-5140.

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April Walsh

I am a senior at Wake Forest majoring in Communication with minors in Journalism and Classics. The theme linking my academic interests is the art of story telling. I enjoy traveling to different places to learn more about the concept of community and what makes each one unique. Since I am a Connecticut native, this curiosity is what directed my college search south and ultimately to Wake. In the past, I was a field reporter for the Wake TV student station and covered events at many local businesses. I also contributed to the Charlotte Observer during the most recent presidential election. Downtown Winston is such a vibrant place so I look forward to reporting in the area. I love writing about the arts including but not limited to: art, music, and cuisine! Please feel free to send story ideas to 203-644-4450 or walsan0@wfu.edu

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Jennifer Koniuk

I am a senior at Wake Forest University studying psychology with a double minor in communications and journalism. As a student-journalist, I've developed a passion and aspiration to enter the field of public relations upon graduation this May. The world of journalism fascinates me and I believe it is crucial to understand how reporters think and operate in order to be successful in the world of public relations which is one of many reasons I decided to minor in journalism. It's evident that news surrounds us every day whether through television, twitter, newspapers or magazines and understanding the behind-the-scenes aspects of the news we hear about is fascinating. Community journalism, in particular, is so valuable because national news can always be localized and things always occur in towns and cities that are sensational, topical and important for residents to know. My goal for this class is to better understand the Winston-Salem community and to develop stories that would capture people's attention. This class will not only give me the opportunity to advance my journalism skills and talk to individuals outside of the Wake Forest community, but also truly understand the history and development of Winston-Salem. Please feel free to contact me with story ideas or comments- konija0@wfu.edu 631-988-4907.

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Sinthu Ramalingam

I am a senior at Wake Forest University, where I am majoring in Politics and International Affairs, and minoring in Middle East and South Asian Studies, and Journalism. I have written a few articles for The Old Gold and Black, and co-authored an article for the North Carolina Undergraduate Journal for Public Affairs. Community journalism is something new to me, and I feel as though it plays a big role in communities. I like the idea of community journalism, and the idea of integrating into the community in order to do the reporting. Although I have been in Winston-Salem for four years, I have not experienced downtown that much. I hope to learn a lot not only about reporting, but also about Winston-Salem from this class. Feel free to email or call me if you have any ideas, questions, or concerns. My e-mail is ramas0@wfu.edu, and my number is 614-507-0030.

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Siobhan Callahan

I am a Wake Forest University sophomore and reporter for Heard it Here. I am also a reporter for Wake TV. I have always been amazed how information has the ability to connect people. I first witnessed this process through a family newsletter, at age 8, and have not been disappointed with the power of the written and spoken word since. I recently started to understand the amazing community of downtown Winston and look forward learning all that I can, while sharing my information in order to enhance the unique downtown community. I welcome your input and response to any of my stories! Feel free to contact me on my cell (610) 389-6067 or by email at Callsf13@wfu.edu.

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Taylor Rousseau

Getting personal in 250 words is always hard, but here is my valiant attempt. Bear with me. I'm a senior at Wake Forest with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Journalism. After graduation in May I have plans to 'breathe,' but if Wake has taught me anything, it's to multitask, so I can predict a lot of non-profit service work and writing in my future. My interest in journalism actually sparked my interest in Anthropology, surrounding myself with people, learning about them, and boosting their voice are all, in my opinion, highlights of journalism, particularly community journalism. I'm excited to add my own voice to this blog, and hopefully help to further some connection between Wake Forest and Downtown Winston. Please feel free to contact me with story ideas or comments - rousts0@wfu.edu (513) 400-1217

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