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ZSR Zephyrs Compete in 2011 Staff Summer Olympics

Friday, July 29, 2011 4:00 pm

ZSR Zephyrs Summer Olympic Team 2011

ZSR Zephyrs 2011: Erik Mitchell (doing his farewell tour), Gretchen Edwards (bringing a new generation of spirit to the team), Rebecca Petersen (a new speed rival to Erik), Susan Smith (oldest Zephyr around), Mary Beth Lock (major cheerleader and team Pollyanna about our weekly chances at winning), and Barry Davis (sport photographer and voted most willing to do anything but swim)

ZSR Library once again fielded a team for Campus Recreation’s annual Staff Summer Olympics, this year called the “Biggest Winner Summer Challenge.” The library has had a team in the 8 week-long event since its inception in 2003 (minus the lost year 2007, that’s another story). The format has changed over time, as have the team members. Only two original members remain: Erik and Susan! And for you curious readers, here is the Gaz article from the first year we competed (when we won the cup!)

As always, there is an activity component where, this year, each individual could earn up to 5 points daily for doing cardio, strength or by taking CR classes. New this year was a weight/fat loss angle that was accompanied by 2 nutrition lectures (don’t ask how we all did on that one!). That left 6 weeks of Wednesday athletic competitions that included old favorites such as bowling, water polo, quadrathlon, Frisbee golf and table tennis. The last day is always a mystery field day. This year Erik did a backward run then paired up with Susan for the wheelbarrow portion. Gretchen had to put on a vest, backpack and helmet to sprint to where she exchanged the gear Mary Beth who then bicycled back to the start line. Our pictures demonstrate that the Olympics remain a great deal of fun and a wonderful way to get to know colleagues better across campus!

This is Erik’s last showing as a Zephyr and he managed to go out in a blaze of glory winning the overall individual award for most exercise points earned over the 8 weeks. Is anyone surprised?



Summer Olympics Time Again!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:34 pm

ZSR Zephyrs 2010

2010 ZSR Zephyrs team from left: Carolyn McCallum, Audra Eagle, Prentice Armstrong, Mary Beth Lock, Heather Gillette, Erik Mitchell, Jean Paul Bessou, Susan Smith

Summertime on the WFU campus means another year of friendly inter-departmental competition in the Campus Recreation’s “Faculty & Staff Summer Olympic Challenge.” Over the next 7 weeks, this year’s ZSR Zephyr team will compete against several other teams in hopes of bringing the coveted Reynolda Cup back to the library. This year we welcome new team members Audra and JP who we know will contribute greatly to the overall effort. Last year we secured 2nd place overall, so the bar is high :-)

The first Wednesday lunchtime competition, archery, took place today. Each week four of our team members will participate in the event while the rest cheer and earn participation points. Today’s archers were Prentice, JP, Erik and Susan. It was JP’s first time to shoot an arrow and he did very well! There are a few archery competition pictures on the library flickr site (friends and family view) to enjoy.

You are used to seeing Erik and Susan slip out to exercise at lunchtime, but now you’ll also see several Zephyrs carrying yoga mats to earn their daily activity points over at Miller Center. I predict an increase in long walks, with or without pets on a leash!

The goal of the challenge is to give us an opportunity to interact with other departments on campus while having fun and getting healthier.

Next week is frisbee golf, so be sure and peek out to Davis Field mid-day Wednesday to catch the team in action

ZSR Zephyrs On the Podium Once More!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 12:03 pm

And It's A Race to the Toilet!
Craig Races to the Toilet!
Water Balloon Toss

Craig Watches Heather and Prentice in the Water Balloon Toss

Another successful, fun filled Summer Olympic Challenge came to an end yesterday with a final “Mystery Event” Relay. The Zephyr Relay Team for the challenge was Craig (who competed in the toilet plunger toss), Prentice and Heather (water balloon toss) and Mary Beth (Cracker eating whistler!).

Eat 3 Saltines, Then Whistle
Can MB chew and whistle at the same time?

The Annual Staff Summer Olympic Challenge took place this year over a 7 week period. This year there were 12 teams from departments across campus. This year’s weekly events included some old favorites like archery and water polo, but introduced some new ones like the adventure race and bowling. The event has been offered by Campus Recreation since 2003, with ZSR Library fielding a team every year except 2007. Over the years, we have fielded winning teams, bringing home the gold three years, silver last year, and bronze this year (like Lance at the Tour this year!). Each Zephyrs team member received a Starbucks gift certificate as our prize (very handy, don’t you agree?) In addition, Erik secured third place in the men’s individual competition that rewards daily lifestyle points earned for exercising and taking classes.

This year’s Zephyrs team was Heather Gillette, Travis Manning, Prentice Armstrong, Mary Beth Lock, Craig Fansler, Carolyn McCallum, Susan Smith and Erik Mitchell.

Way to go, Zephyrs!

Zephyrs ‘bring it’ in the fitness quadrathalaon

Thursday, July 16, 2009 4:02 am

pushupsThe Zephyrs took on the Summer Olympic Challenge quadrathalon on Wednesday and came home with a respectable third place finish. Susan started the event with a 500 meter row, Craig rocketed a 1.5 mile bike ride, Travis sped through a .5 mile run and to finish the event Prentice hit 50 pushups.

The rest of the team cheered our core team on and watched (amazed) at Prentice knock out 50 pushups as if he was warming up for a light workout.


ZSR Zephyrs Tie for First in Today’s Olympic Challenge

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 8:01 pm

The Zephyrs were ready but not thrilled about having to brave the rain for today’s scheduled challenge, Frisbee Golf on Davis Field. We were puzzled to recieve an email this morning saying that the scheduled games were off due to the inclement weather and we were to report to Reynolds Gym at noon instead.

Not knowing what to expect, Prentis, Travis, Erik, Susan, Heather, Carolyn and Mary Beth walked over to the gym and, after trading a few barbs with opposing team mates, descended to The Six weight room where we were given the rules to the new game. We had to pick three team mates, who each would be doing one physical challenge while the rest of the team answered trivia questions. If the team completed the trivia questions without the team mate tiring and giving up, we could earn points for every question we got right. If the team mate got too tired while we debated the answer to the questions, we couldn’t answer any more questions in that round. We bemoaned the fact that our Quiz Bowl champs weren’t on the Olympic team today!

The first challenge was a “wall sit”, and was admirably completed by Erik. He had to lean on the wall, with his thighs parallel to the floor, while we answered the 6 questions on fitness and nutrition. I don’t think he even broke a sweat. The next challenge was dispatched handily by Travis who maintained a “plank” position, (anyone who’s done this in yoga knows it’s not easy) while we answered another set of questions. In the final challenge, Prentis did “crunches” while we answered the last 6 questions. Luckily, between us, we knew enough nutrition, fitness, biology and etymology to eek out a first place win. And the three gentlemen in the group managed to maintain poise and style, while utilizing skill, (not luck) and demonstrating their physical prowess.

Next week, Susan, Erik, Heather and Carolyn are ready to go head to head with other teams in the Water Polo Basketball Rematch. Come on out and watch!

ZSR Zephs Victorious

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 12:52 pm

The ZSR Zephyrs (or “Zephs”, since it has a little more attitude) played to a 2 Win, 1 Loss series today in Reynolds Gym, kicking of the Summer Olympics in fine style. The “A” team today consisted of Travis and Prentice, with Craig and Mary Beth acting as cleanup.

The first round was played against “The Committee” from Admissions. While their name would make them seem mild mannered, they schooled the Zefs in a 16-11 loss. The “B” team were handed a 2 point lead by Travis and Prentis before they approached the table for their half, but Craig and MB couldn’t carry the victory off. “The Committee” quickly found and exploited the weakness in the team, (AKA Mary Beth). MB realized she was going to have to settle down to keep the ball on the table.

Round two, played against the Stage Muthas (Theater/Dance) went better, and was closely played between the two teams. The final score was 17-15. Prentice and Travis again gave the Zephs a lead, and Craig and Mary Beth nearly managed to lose it when the opposing team won several unanswered points in the half. Craig and MB rallied late and took the team from a score of 11-15, to 17-15 to win game two.

The last round was played against the “Exhibitionists” from Reynolda House. Drunk on their previous victory, the Zephs hit their stride by the third game and finished off the opponents with a 16-7 victory. Well deserved high fives were given all around.


ZSR Zephyrs Celebrate Last Summer’s Accomplishments

Friday, January 16, 2009 7:21 pm

On one of the coldest days in recent years, the ZSR Zephyrs gathered to celebrate our 2nd place finish in last summer’s staff Olympics. Our prize was a $50 gift certificate to Chipotle’s and it languished in my desk drawer for months. But, when everyone remembered it, we quickly set a time for a “reunion” over burritos! Team members Erik, Roz, Heather, Mary Beth, Carolyn, Prentice and Susan chowed down and decided this was our first 2009 season training session!

Zephyrs Take Silver in the 2008 Summer Olympics

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 1:58 pm

Prentice Ate the Pie, the Whole Pie

Today was the final competition for the 2008 WFU Staff Summer Olympics. The challenge was a relay: Prentice and Mary Beth formed a human wheelbarrow (Prentice started out holding up Mary Beth as she walked on her hands, but they switched off midway). Then, when they arrive at the pie table, Prentice had to eat a whole apple pie (no hands allowed). Next, Susan bobbed for an apple. Erik finished up the relay by throwing on/carrying a variety of pool accessories (inner tube, noodle, kick board, etc.) back to the finish line. It was a noble effort by all, particularly Prentice who had eaten lunch prior to showing up for the “mystery” event. Weight Watchers Erik, Mary Beth and Susan all refused to eat a whole pie!

However, the effort was enough to secure the ZSR Zephyrs 2nd Place in the team category for the entire summer – especially since we were one of only 4 teams who turned in all the participants’ lifestyle points (librarians always follow the rules of the game!). And Erik nabbed 1st Place in the Individual Male competition (lifestyle points + individual competition points).

Overall, it has been a fun-filled summer with the Wednesday competitions being a nice mid-week highlight. And it’s always a great way to interact with fellow WFU staffers in other campus departments.

Way to go, Zephyrs!

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