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Deacon Discovery 2009 at ZSR!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 3:47 pm

On Sunday, July 12th, the 34 new student athletes who began classes on the previous Tuesday came to the ZSR Library in small groups of 6-10 students each. They were participating in a program called “Deacon Discovery”, a scavenger hunt around campus to introduce these news students to the various services available at WFU! In the 10-20 minutes I had with each group in Reference, we talked about the services the Library has to offer. We also checked out the Library’s home page and learned how to contact a librarian, find the Library catalog, databases and research guides. After each group was done, they took a picture of me and group in Reference as their scavenger hunt item! It was a fun, fast way to introduce them to ZSR and the services we have to offer!

ZSR Zephs Victorious

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 12:52 pm

The ZSR Zephyrs (or “Zephs”, since it has a little more attitude) played to a 2 Win, 1 Loss series today in Reynolds Gym, kicking of the Summer Olympics in fine style. The “A” team today consisted of Travis and Prentice, with Craig and Mary Beth acting as cleanup.

The first round was played against “The Committee” from Admissions. While their name would make them seem mild mannered, they schooled the Zefs in a 16-11 loss. The “B” team were handed a 2 point lead by Travis and Prentis before they approached the table for their half, but Craig and MB couldn’t carry the victory off. “The Committee” quickly found and exploited the weakness in the team, (AKA Mary Beth). MB realized she was going to have to settle down to keep the ball on the table.

Round two, played against the Stage Muthas (Theater/Dance) went better, and was closely played between the two teams. The final score was 17-15. Prentice and Travis again gave the Zephs a lead, and Craig and Mary Beth nearly managed to lose it when the opposing team won several unanswered points in the half. Craig and MB rallied late and took the team from a score of 11-15, to 17-15 to win game two.

The last round was played against the “Exhibitionists” from Reynolda House. Drunk on their previous victory, the Zephs hit their stride by the third game and finished off the opponents with a 16-7 victory. Well deserved high fives were given all around.


Access Services Retreat

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 7:38 am

On Monday, June 8th, the Access Services Team took a day long retreat. We needed and wanted to stick close to the library, and since we have such great study rooms now in the library, we used the study room on the west side of the building, (near the Graduate Student Lounge) as our home base for the day. We started with the early risers taking a trip to Krankies downtown for some coffee and treats to get our engines going.

We returned to ZSR and met the rest of the team for our meeting in 232. The goal of the day was to do a SWOT analysis (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) for each Access “division” and we brainstormed in big and small groups about each of these divisions: ILL, Reserves/Ereserves, Circulation, Stacks, Facilities, Media and Document Delivery. We willl utilize that information to set goals for the coming year. Another goal of the day was to write a Mission Statement for the team.

After working until noon, we went to the Deacon Grille for lunch, and then took a tour of the Deacon Tower. Lunch was delicious, (and pretty reasonable.)

Then after a tour of the Tower,

we returned to ZSR for an afternoon session to further our SWOT analysis.

The day ended at 4pm with the team revved up and ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

It was exhausting, but we discovered a great deal about each others concerns and challenges. We didn’t finish the Access Mission statement, and have a little more analysis on the SWOT charts to do, but we’ll be completing it all in the next few weeks. We know good things will result from all of this work. We appreciated being given the chance to have a day like this, (Thanks to Lynn!) and we also thank our great students who managed to problem solve sufficiently that they didn’t even need to use the emergency cell phone once!

The Second “Celebrating Nature: Earth Day @ ZSR” program

Thursday, April 23, 2009 1:54 pm

Earth Day was observed at ZSR a few days early this year, with the second annual “Celebrating Nature” program that was held on Thursday, April 16. Three speakers gave their perspectives on the importance of recycling in terms of conservation strategies, preservation techniques, and the connections on a local and broader canvas.It was also scheduled to coincide with the Earth Day Fair to be held for the first time on Wake’s campus the following Saturday the 18th.

Peter Romanov started the program as a substitute for Becky Bowers, who had been scheduled to participate.He gave a brief tour of the Treehugger website, a source of environmental news as well as tips, forums, and quizzes. Peter demonstrated three of these quizzes to the audience:

What’s Your Green IQ?

Are You Green Car Savvy?

What’s the Footprint of Your Food?

Craig Fansler followed with an example of recycling some of the materials that are discarded from the library. By salvaging endpapers, pictures and text from books that have been withdrawn, he created a series of shadowboxes (seen below), flip books, and magnets.

Dr. Robert Browne of the Biology Department, who spoke at the first “Celebrating Nature” event last year, closed the program with several thoughts about the efforts to encourage sustainability at Wake Forest. Different units around campus have been recycling materials as much as possible, from lawn waste to construction materials. Recycling of paper, glass and metal has been gaining ground, but the problems of cross-contamination have led to the disposal of some recyclables as garbage. In the case of garbage, Dr. Browne commented about attempts by Winston-Salem to keep the landfill as safe as possible by finding ways to prevent the buildup of volatile methane gas, either by capturing and recycling it or by “scrubbing” many of the harmful contaminants by a complex filtration system.

Dr. Browne also shared two little known facts:

  • A serious methane explosion took place in Winston-Salem on the morning of September 27, 1969 at the old city dump located on Silas Creek Parkway behind the National Guard Armory.Gas that seeped into the armory was ignited by a person lighting a cigarette.Three people were killed in the accident and twenty-five more were injured.
  • Some of the marble from the staircases that led to the original main entrance to the library from the fourth floor is still on campus.Several benches were made from that marble and placed along the Reynolda Village Path.If you look closely, the masonry is still visible!

In all, twenty-three people attended this year’s program. Who knows what next year may bring?

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