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Librarian’s Book “Unglued;” Now Open Access

Lauren Pressley

Readers often ask why e-books come with price points similar to print books, but with fewer rights to lend and share. In academic circles, some ask why scholarly and professional e-books are not published as Open Access (OA) texts, a publishing model that removes access and reuse barriers by granting those rights to readers upfront via licensing. While some publishers are releasing OA e-books, often in conjunction with a print version, the OA publishing model for e-books has not yet been widely explored.

One innovative approach to making e-books open is to target previously published texts, as the team at GlueJar, a company aiming to “liberate” e-books, is doing via Unglue.it. Launched in May 2012, Unglue.it enables the rights holder – sometimes the publisher, sometimes the author – to set a campaign goal for a previously published text and to seek crowdfunding donations to “unglue” an e-book version. After meeting the campaign goal, the e-book is released as an OA e-book under a Creative Commons BY-SA (Attribution-ShareAlike) license.

The most recently unglued e-book was written by Lauren Pressley, Head of Instruction at ZSR. Reaching its campaign goal on December 29, 2012, Lauren’s book, So You Want to Be a Librarian, will soon be freely available to anyone worldwide, without restriction by platform, file type, or DRM (digital rights management, which prevents lending to others, switching e-reader platforms, etc.). The donation that pushed Lauren’s book over the goal was made by Dean Lynn Sutton, on behalf of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

While working as the microtext assistant at ZSR, Lauren realized that she wanted to become a librarian, and we at Wake Forest University have been fortunate to witness her launch her career. Therefore, it is with deep gratitude for her accomplishments and best wishes for her future, that we bid her a heartfelt farewell as she departs ZSR in February for a new position at the University Libraries at Virginia Tech as the Associate Director for Learning and Outreach. Helping to unglue her e-book is just one small way to thank Lauren for her nine years of dedicated service to ZSR and Wake Forest!

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ZSR Joins HathiTrust

The ZSR Library has recently joined HathiTrust as a sustaining partner. HathiTrust began in 2008 as a collaboration of 13 universities to establish a repository for archiving and sharing library collections that were digitized as part of the initial Google Book project. Today, over 60 research libraries worldwide have committed to long-term availability of the cultural record. Many of the partners contribute content for digitization. Others, like ZSR Library, become sustaining partners to participate in the curation and management of the HathiTrust repository in return for enhanced services for accessing and using materials in the digital library.

HathiTrust partners share a goal to build a comprehensive archive of published literature from around the world and using collaborative strategies for managing and developing their digital and print holdings. Currently, the HathiTrust Digital Library contains 10,600,000 monographs and serials. These include both in-copyright and public domain materials that have been digitized by Google, the Internet Archive and Microsoft, as well as through in-house initiatives.

The sustaining partnership will benefit the Wake Forest community in a variety of ways that include:

  • Ability to view and download public-domain materials and materials for which HathiTrust has received permissions
  • Specialized access to public domain and in-copyright materials for users with disabilities
  • Other uses permitted by copyright law, e.g. print replacement copies and fair uses of in-copyright materials
  • Ability for users to create virtual collections of volumes held in the repository
  • Initiatives and resources geared toward shared collection development and management (e.g., copyright review, de-duplication, collaboration with other organizations), and participation in governance and partner initiatives, which will define future directions of the shared library

ZSR Library proudly joins a community of institutions committed to advancing the common good by supporting the teaching and learning activities of students and faculty at their home institutions as well as the scholarly needs of the broader public.

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Particle Physicists Converting Journals to Open Access

CERN and the international particle physics community, which previously brought us the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs boson discovery, have launched an initiative to make their journal literature Open Access. ZSR will participate in this project, dubbed SCOAP3, the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics. Under the plan, CERN has negotiated contracts with participating publishers such as Elsevier and Springer and will lead the operation of SCOAP3. Once the plan is fully implemented, subscription payments for certain physics journals will make the content fully and freely available online, while still compensating publishers for their value-added services. CERN Director General Rolf Heuer said, “It is gratifying to see how the model of international collaboration in particle physics has been applied to addressing the important societal issue of open access to scientific information.” For more information, please refer to the latest SCOAP3 FAQ.

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ZSR Renews – In Your Office!

ZSR staff member Travis Manning can renew books in your office.

ZSR takes seriously the stewardship role of its book collection. However, faculty engaged in long-term research projects may need books longer than the one-year checkout and one-year online renewal. Hauling all of your books back to the library for on-site renewal can be an onerous task. Therefore, to balance collection oversight with faculty convenience, the library offers renewal service in your office. To request this service, faculty that have over 20 books that need renewing may contact the Circulation desk to arrange for a time. Have the books already set apart and available. A “roaming” Circulation staff member, armed with a computer, will check the items in and back out to you again, and you can quickly return to your research.

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Spring 2013 Library Lecture Series

(L to R) Andrew Smiler, Derek Hicks, Michelle Balaev

In keeping with a tradition that began in 2010, the spring semester’s first lecture will feature the student winner of the previous year’s WFU/WSSU Martin Luther King, Jr. Building the Dream Award. Senior Bentrice Jusu, the 2012 recipient, will speak on her personal experiences on Monday, January 28, at 5:00 p.m.

During the months of February and March, three faculty authors will discuss their recently published books.

  • Andrew Smiler, Visiting Assistant Professor in Psychology, will speak about Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male. (Tuesday, February 5, at 3 p.m.)
  • Derek Hicks, Henry Luce Diversity Fellow in the School of Divinity, will discuss Reclaiming Spirit in the Black Faith Tradition. (Tuesday, February 19, at 3 p.m.)
  • Michelle Balaev, Visiting Assistant Professor in English, will discuss The Nature of Trauma in American Novels. (Tuesday, March 26, at 4 p.m.)

In recognition of Earth Day, James Byrd, Deacon OneCard manager, will speak on Monday, April 22, at 3 p.m. about his experiences in restoring a New Orleans library after Hurricane Katrina.

All lectures will be held in the ZSR Library Auditorium. Mark your calendars and join us! For more information, visit the Library Lecture Series website.

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A Gift of Literature: Jan Hensley’s North Carolina Authors Collection

Jan Hensley and Lynn Sutton

ZSR’s Special Collections department received an exciting addition to its Southern American literature collections in 2012 with the gift of Jan Hensley’s personal collection of materials by and about North Carolina authors. Mr. Hensley, who attended WFU in the 1960s, is a photographer, author and collector who has been active in the North Carolina literary world for nearly 50 years. He is best known for his candid photographs of authors, which have been exhibited at Wake Forest and at many other venues throughout the state.

The Hensley Collection includes not only these photographs, but also a wide array of print, audio, graphic and archival materials. Many of the authors are household names – Thomas Wolfe, Reynolds Price, Clyde Edgerton, Lee Smith. Others are less well known. Most are North Carolina authors, but a few are from other regions in the South. The collection includes many books, most of them first editions and many of them autographed or inscribed by their authors. However, the more ephemeral materials in this collection may prove most valuable to researchers in the end.

Jan Hensley collected items such as small chapbooks, broadsides, journal and serial publications of poems and stories, and posters and flyers advertising author appearances or other events. Mr. Hensley also kept personal notes on his interactions with authors and made audiotapes of readings and Q-and-A sessions. These materials can document the early career of an author who went on to later renown, or the changes in literary publishing over several decades, or the interactions between authors and the reading public. Taken as a whole, the Hensley Collection provides not only a wealth of information on individual authors, but also a snapshot of the literary culture of North Carolina over the past half century.

Jan Hensley will transfer materials from his extensive personal collection to ZSR Special Collections over the next three years. The first shipment, which arrived in December 2012, includes Reynolds Price, Burke Davis and Robert Watson collections. After processing, the collection will be open to the public. Eventually, selected photographs and items may become available in digital format. For more information about the Hensley Collection, please contact Megan Mulder at x5091.

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Senior Showcase Returns in April

Winners of the 2012 Senior Showcase (L to R): Perry Ransbottom, Theatre; Erin Cassidy, Religion; Dain Finke, Anthropology; Tim Brady, Health & Exercise Science

On April 23, ZSR will host the fourth annual Senior Showcase to recognize outstanding research and artistic theses or projects completed by Wake Forest undergraduates. Since its inception in 2010, the showcase has featured the research of 12 former students, in ten academic fields, from history to music to communication to chemistry. New this year, each student winner will receive a $1,000 prize as an additional recognition of achievement.

The showcase gives students the opportunity to share their research or projects before the Wake Forest community at a public event held in the library. A committee of library faculty will select up to five students, one per College division, from a pool of nominees recommended by Wake Forest faculty. Projects in progress or completed during the 2012-2013 academic year are eligible for consideration.

The review committee will evaluate submissions using the following criteria, revised for this year:

  • Clear statement of purpose
  • Evidence of thorough research
  • Credible sources
  • Development of the idea
  • Well organized
  • Well written
  • Sound reasoning
  • Skill/aptitude
  • Interpretation
  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Importance to the field

Look for additional details and a formal call for nominations in February. Specific inquiries may be directed to Molly Keener at x5829. Plan now to nominate your top senior students’ theses and projects!

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Upcoming Technology Workshops

The library will host workshops this spring on:

  • Google Apps for Instruction: Have you ever considered the power Google tools might have to enhance your classroom instruction?
  • Open Educational Resources: Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning objects like class activities, streaming videos, assessments, games, and even entire courses that educators around the globe have created and made freely accessible for others to use and modify.
  • Zotero: Try this open-source citation manager and research tool that integrates directly into your Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser for easy and effective citation management.
  • Video Editing 101: A brief introduction to making short videos, instructional or otherwise, using the Corel editing software available on the WFU ThinkPad.

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Database News

The following databases have recently been added. Please take a look and consider how you and your students might put them to use.

New Databases

Medical Library Databases

The Coy C. Carpenter Library recently canceled its subscription to the DynaMed database and replaced it with the medical database Up To Date.

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