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Goodbye To All That by Angus MacLachlan

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 3:35 pm

Goodbye To All That, written and directed by Winston-Salem playwright and screenwriter Angus MacLachlan (perhaps best known for his 2005 film Junebug), will play at Aperture Cinema on January 2. The film, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where Paul Schneider won the Best Actor Award, will have its opening Wednesday, December 17 at the IFC Center in New York City. For additional dates, see below:

  • IFC Center – NYC – Dec. 17
  • Arena Cinema – LA, CA – Dec. 24
  • Hollywood Cinema – Monterey, CA – Dec. 26
  • OSIO Plaza Cinema – Pittsburgh, PA – Dec. 26
  • Aperture Cinema – Winston Salem, NC – Jan. 2
  • Jean Cocteau Cinema – Santa Fe, NM – Jan. 2
  • Cosford Cinema – Coral Gables, FL – Jan. 2
  • Cinema Paradiso – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Jan. 2
  • Strand @ 38 Main – Waynesville, NC – Jan. 9
  • Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts – Grand Rapids, MI – Jan. 16
  • Fountain Theatre – Albuquerque, NM – Feb. 27

The film will also be available on Video-On-Demand, iTunes, and Amazon.

For more film recommendations, visit the ZSR Film Collection on the 4th floor of the Reynolds Wing, or browse our list of new arrivals!

That’s a Wrap! Fall 2014 Sources, Citations & Cocoa

Sunday, December 7, 2014 6:00 pm

Cookies & candy & citation guides-- oh my!

Last Monday, ZSR held the last drop-in research session of our Sources, Citations & Cocoa series. This semester’s series started fast and furious, with twenty students stopping by within the first hour of the first session on November 10th. The following three sessions were also well attended, and overall, we had 90 students participate in Sources, Citations & Cocoa program this semester (compared to 35 last Spring, and 47 last Fall). We are excited to see these numbers grow, and are looking forward to offering more drop-in sessions in the Spring.

A follow-up survey was sent to participants to gather additional information about their experience with the drop-in session, and collect suggestions for future drop-in sessions. Based on the survey responses received:

  • 53% of responding participants “strongly agreed” that the help they received in the session made their research paper or project better (an additional 40% agreed with this statement).
  • 60% of participants who responded to the survey received assistance with citations during their drop-in session.
  • 67% of respondents are “very willing” to attend other ZSR-sponsored events, based on their experience at the drop-in session.
  • 87% of respondents were “very satisfied” with the overall experience of their drop-in session.
  • 100% of participants who responded to the survey agreed that they were “very willing” to recommend drop-in research sessions to a friend or classmate.

A special thanks to all the ZSR librarians, staff, and student assistants that assisted with, and helped to promote, this event! I look forward to offering these drop-in sessions again next semester.

It’s time to Wake the Library!

Thursday, December 4, 2014 8:22 pm

Finals week is around the corner & we are gearing up for the popular tradition known as Wake the Library (WTL)! This well-known event lasts through exam week and seeks to motivate and energize students to close-out the semester strong.

This semester, Wake the Library begins on Sunday, December 7th and runs through Friday, December 12th. The library will provide a variety of food items beginning Sunday night. Midnight snacks for exam week will include pizza, subway, burritos, chicken biscuits, and hot dogs with a healthy side of grapes and water. In addition, to promote sustainability again this year, the library is encouraging the BYOM (bring your own mug) campaign for the all-day coffee service in the Atrium.

Since its inception in the Spring of 2006, Wake the Library has become a beloved late-night tradition that students do not want to miss. In response to the increased levels of student stress and anxiety during this time, ZSR and the ZSR Library Ambassadors plan special events to liven up the study-hard atmosphere, and give students a short break from their intense work sessions. Events in the past have included student-led raves, SOTOGAB performances, dance group performances, and surprise ice cream handouts. Interested to know what will happen this semester? Come to Wake the Library!

Stay up to date with all the festivities by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! Share your Wake the Library experience with us by using #wakethelibrary, #myzsr, @zsrlibrary. Happy finals & Go Deacs!

Wake Forest and Z. Smith Reynolds (ZSR) Library Travel to Suzhou High School

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 4:16 pm

Wake Forest Advantage helps international students and admissions officers find the best fit for students to succeed at U.S. colleges and universities. In 2013, Wake Forest Advantage began its initial program with Suzhou High School in Suzhou, China. Suzhou High School’s partnership with Wake Forest is notable as being the first high school to include the Wake Forest Advantage program in their school’s curriculum. As a token of gratitude, Wake Forest pledged to present Suzhou High School a gift as a symbol of their partnership. The presentation was scheduled for late November 2014 for a gift to be located in the school’s library.

In early August, ZSR Library was approached by Wake Forest Advantage to collaborate in the creation of an interactive kiosk and banner representing the connection between the Suzhou High School Library and ZSR Library. The interactive kiosk highlights ZSR Library people and services, and includes numerous resources to help international students at Suzhou High School understand American College life through the lens of Wake Forest University. Geoff Groberg, one of ZSR’s Web developers, programed all of the content on the touchscreen kiosk. The kiosk includes these materials contributed by the Library:

  • Research and Inquiry Documents created by ZSR Library Ambassador (Ex. Quick Guides on Presenting in College, APA Thesis Statements, Honor Code and Ethics Statements at American universities, etc…)
  • “Life of a college student” videos created by Library Ambassadors (w/ attached contact information for direct communication from Suzhou High School students)
  • Pictures of ZSR Library taken by Ken Bennett
  • Informational videos of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library’s services (ex. The writing center, tech services, and the library reference desk)
  • Biographical profiles (Lynn Sutton Vice Provost/ Dean of the Library, Sarah Jeong Research & Instruction Librarian, Le’Ron Byrd Z. Smith Reynolds Library Presidential Fellow, Geoff Groberg ZSR Web Developer)
  • A brief message from Amanda Foster, Instruction Librarian, to international students at Suzhou HS (Amanda provided her background biography and advice to students interested in studying in America).

Z. Smith Reynolds library’s largest investment, however, was committing their presidential fellow, Le’Ron Byrd ’14, to assist Wake Forest Advantage with this large project. Le’Ron’s work included creating and organizing content for the kiosk, designing the ZSR Library banner for Suzhou High School’s library, mapping out the design of the physical installation at Suzhou High School, and, most exciting, traveling to Suzhou, China for the month of November. On November 22nd, Le’Ron stood alongside Provost Rogan Kersh, Associate Provost Kline Harrison, and the Wake Forest Advantage team as the Z. Smith Reynolds Library representative in presenting this significant gift to Suzhou High School.

Le’Ron Byrd is set to give a presentation on his experience to his colleagues in January at the library staff meeting.


Saturday, November 29, 2014 3:19 pm

In an effort to help our students who remained on campus for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the ZSR Library served lunch for student in the atrium on Saturday, November 29th, from 12-1:30pm! Sarah Jeong and I hosted the event, and thanks to the support of the ZSR Library, we were able to feed 52 students. Instead of pizza, we had sandwiches from Jimmy John’s, better allowing us to serve the dietary requests of everyone attending! Two faculty fellows, Professors Ana Wahl and Steve Gunkel, also attended the event.


While the event was primarily marketed to international students, all students were welcome! The majority of the students arrived between 12:00 and 12:30pm, but we had students continue to slowly trickle in until about 1:35pm. Around 1:45pm we took the leftover sandwiches to the lobby of Babcock Hall for the students.

Last year we tried hosting “Dinner and a Movie” on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but only 34 students attended the pizza dinner, and only 6 stayed for the movie. We learned valuable lessons from that event, and this year we focused on the food and skipped the movie.

The students had nice comments about the event and appreciated our efforts!


The Search for a New Z. Smith Reynolds Library Dean is Underway

Monday, November 24, 2014 4:43 pm

After 10 years leading the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Dean Lynn Sutton became Vice Provost on July 1 of 2014. Dean Sutton has been serving as both Dean of the Library and Vice Provost since then. Now the search committee has been formed to find a new dean for the Library and the search process is underway.

The University will host an open forum for the campus community on Thursday, December 4th from 4-5pm in the ZSR Auditorium, Room 404. Provost Kersh outlined the themes for this forum in a recent broadcast email, and asked those planning to attend to come prepared to share thoughts on these themes:

1) From your perspective, what are the especially positive things about the ZSR Library that we should be sure to stress in order to attract top-notch candidates to consider the role of dean?
2) What challenges and opportunities will be on the plate of the next Dean in her/his first three years in the position?
3) Given those challenges and opportunities, what do you feel are the most important professional skills and personal attributes that we will need to seek as we search for the best person to fill this role?

Anyone wishing to share thoughts on these themes or wanting to submit nominations for the position is invited to email the search committee at

ZSR Dean Search Committee Membership:

Rogan Kersh, Provost and Professor of Politics and International Affairs (Chair)
Susan Borwick, Professor of Music
Will Clarke, Senior Systems Administrator, ZSR
Al Gurganus, Chair, ZSR Council of Advocates
Steve Kelley, Head of Continuing Resources & Database Management, ZSR
Chris Knott, Assoc. Dean for Information Services and Technology and Professor, School of Law
Travis Manning, Library Specialist, ZSR
Elizabeth Nolan, Director of Faculty Affairs, School of Business
Rebecca Petersen, Public Services Archivist, ZSR
Mark Petersen, Vice President for University Advancement
Chelcie Rowell, Digital Initiatives Librarian, ZSR
Hu Womack, Instruction & Outreach Librarian, ZSR

Sam Perrotta, Event and Project Manager, committee staff

For more information, see the committee announcement on

#myzsr Guide to Finals Week: Finding Your Happy Place

Sunday, November 23, 2014 9:05 pm

ZSR and the The Writing Center are teaming up to bring you the #myzsr Guide to Finals Week– a weekly series of valuable advice, tried-and-true strategies, and insider information to help you survive THRIVE during exam week! This week’s installment . . .

Finding Your Happy Place

You don’t have to be a New York City real estate mogul to understand the key concept in property valuation– it’s all about location, location, location! Just ask any seasoned WFU student about their study habits & they are likely to provide a list of reliable campus locations that provide the ideal setting for an effective study spot. Location is key. And not just any location, but one that matches the desired characteristics for a comfortable & efficient study space. If you are still searching for your perfect study space, check out our list of recommended spaces in ZSR, on WFU campus, & beyond!

ZSR Spaces:

For Absolute Silence

The 6th, 7th, & 8th Floors of ZSR are designated Quiet Zones
The 24 Hour Study Room (across from Starbucks)
The Basement floors on both Reynolds & Wilson wings
The Ammons Gallery / Red Room (Room 401)

Hidden Gems

The ZSR Special Collections Reading Room
Balcony Nooks on Wilson 4 & 6
Video Conferencing Room / ZSR Room 204: Located on the hallway that runs behind the Circulation Desk on Level 2 of the Reynolds wing (ask for directions at any service desk). The room seats 38 and provides access to ample power outlets.
Study carrels and tables on Wilson 6

For Group Study

Book a Study Room
Tables in the Atrium & on the 4th floor of the Reynolds Wing (GovDocs area)
Room 476 (Wilson 4)

Soon the Writing Center will be posting information on their Facebook page about how you can win study time in the Writing Center classroom during finals week. Like our page and check back soon!

Elsewhere on Campus:

Campus Grounds
Reynolda Hall
Benson study rooms & public areas
Kirby & Manchester
Business Information Commons at Farrell Hall
North Campus Dining Hall
The Green Room in Reynolda

Venturing Beyond Campus:

Twin City Hive
Camino Bakery
Ardmore Coffee


More Advice for Setting Up Your Study Space:
(for students, by students!)

“The most essential part is that if you’ve allocated a certain time to study, use it to study. That means do whatever it takes, but don’t end up on that same old social media haunt or trawling the internet instead of doing the work that needs to be done.”
- Matt Avara (’17)

“If you don’t have a space reserved it’s helpful to have a short list of spots in your head for when you are looking for a place to study in ZSR. Find some areas that are suitable for your type of studying (dead silence for some, a little activity for others). Most importantly in choosing a spot in ZSR is finding a place with outlets. The majority of areas around here have plenty, but there is nothing worse than working for an hour then having to move because your computer is about to die.”
- Evan Altizer (’17)

“After having worked in the Special Collections archives this past summer (6th floor of ZSR), I would recommend that students visit and take a look at some of the rare book collections/displays, as most people seem unaware that Special Collections even exists. The main room looks like a scene straight from Harry Potter, and students are welcome to study there when researchers aren’t using it!”
- Kristin Weisse (Graduate Student, English Department)

Share your expertise!
Let us know what you look for in your ideal study space, or provide a recommendation! Add your comments below, or share with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
Don’t forget to add #myzsr!

#myzsr Guide to Finals Week: 5 Research Hacks to Know

Monday, November 10, 2014 8:28 am

ZSR and the The Writing Center are teaming up to bring you the #myzsr Guide to Finals Week– a weekly series of valuable advice, tried-and-true strategies, and insider information to help you survive THRIVE during exam week! Week One: 5 Research Hacks to Know.

They’re coming. Getting closer. You can feel it in the air, and see it on the faces of everyone around you … DUE DATES! Luckily, ZSR has some research tricks that can help you save time, reduce stress, and maintain your balance, as assignments start to stockpile. So, without further delay…

5 Research Hacks to Know:


1) Get started with a Research Guide!

ZSR Librarians have created comprehensive online Research Guides to help you get started with any research assignment. We offer Research Guides in every academic discipline, and guides for research-related tools (such as our Citation guides and Zotero guide). The guides offer recommendations for relevant databases, journals, and other information resources– all librarian-approved. A great starting point for all assignments!

2) Database Search Tricks

Boolean Operators
Use AND, OR, NOT to combine your search terms, so the database understands what you are looking for. Using AND indicates that all words must be found in the results (ex. violence AND media AND children), using OR indicates that at least one of the terms provided must be found in the results (ex. sea OR ocean OR marine), and NOT excludes results containing a particular term (ex. bears NOT Grizzly).

Use the root part of a word with an asterisk, which will provide search results that include all forms of the root word used (ex. chin* will retrieve China, Chinese . . . religio* will retrieve religion, religions, religious, etc.)

Phrase Searching
Use quotation marks around keyword phrases to indicate that these words be searched as a phrase, in the exact order you type them. Ex. “global warming” OR “stand your ground law” will provide results with both of these exact phrases.

3) Citation Aids

One word– Zotero.
This incredible Citation Manager is free, easy to use, and ZSR offers instruction on how to get started with this software.

Our search interfaces also provide citation assistance through various “cite” functions. You can cite search results from the homepage search by hovering over the item, and selecting “CITE” from the right column.

You can also cite items directly from their record in our catalog. From the item record, select the “* Cite this” option above the featured item. For more help with using these Citation Aids, please Ask ZSR.

**KEEP IN MIND**: With all automatic citation generators, you still need to check these citations to make sure that they conform to their appropriate style guidelines. They give you a starting point, but they may have errors.

4) Target your search results with Filters

Use the filters in the search results page to refine and get more targeted results. You can filter by:

  • Full text online
  • Scholarly/peer-reviewed
  • content type (books, journal articles, magazine articles, etc.)
  • publication date
  • language
  • discipline
  • And much more!

5) Drop in for Research Assistance (and Cocoa)!

Our *cozy* drop-in Research Assistance Sessions– Sources, Citations & Cocoa– are offered during the end of the semester. ZSR Librarians are on hand to provide assistance for students at any stage of their research process– narrowing a research topic, finding scholarly articles and supporting research, and building citations. Oh! And we offer a veritable buffet of delicious treats and beverages to boot! This semester, we are offering Sources, Citations, & Cocoa sessions on:

Mondays from 3:30pm-7:30pm,
starting November 10th and running through December 1st.

Of course, if you can’t make it to any of these sessions, you can always schedule time to meet with a librarian for a Personal Research Session.

Alright! Now that you know how to hack it, hit those books! :)

Book-tacular Fun at Project Pumpkin with the ZSR Ambassadors!

Sunday, November 9, 2014 2:08 pm

ZSR Ambassador and Student Assistant, Megan Franks, reports on the Z. Smith Reynolds Library’s recent participation with Project Pumpkin!

On October 29th, the ZSR Library participated in a longstanding Wake Forest tradition, Project Pumpkin, for the first time. Project Pumpkin is a frighteningly fun time on the Upper Quad of the Wake Forest campus. Children from the Winston-Salem community are invited to go trick-or-treating at dozens of booths set up by student organizations and campus departments. Besides the pure joy of candy, there are also activities and games at each booth for the children to participate in. This year, over 900 children were brought to Wake Forest to participate! Of course, ZSR had to get in on the fun.

bookmarks, stickers, and markers for Hallo-Read activity.

Hallo-Read book marks are ready for young readers to decorate with spooky stickers and art supplies.

ZSR staff members collaborated with members of the ZSR Ambassadors group on a Project Pumpkin booth. The Ambassadors are a group of students who plan fun events year-round in the library and promote the library’s services to the wider community. The staff members and the Ambassadors decided on a book-tacular “Hallo-Read!” theme. The ZSR booth was scattered with stickers and markers so the children could make their own bookmarks. There was also a handful of spooky Halloween books from the Education library on hand, in case anyone wanted a quick scare!

The President of the Ambassadors, Heidi Gall, and the Vice President, Madison Cairo, expressed their excitement in having a chance to serve the Winston-Salem community and also in getting more involved with the Wake Forest community of organizations. The volunteers at the booth throughout the day were all smiles as the kids approached in their cute costumes. The bookmarks were a hit – the kids loved being able to create something of their own to use in their books at home! And of course, the handfuls of candy weren’t a bad deal either.

All in all, everyone had a blast on this windy Fall day, celebrating the holiday and the community. The Ambassadors look forward to participating in more campus traditions, as well as giving back to the campus itself – with Wake the Library! Every year, the Ambassadors collaborate with ZSR staff to bring fun and food to the students studying hard for their final exams in the library. This year promises to be a great, grand time. And fear not, for there will be candy galore at this event as well!

Megan Franks is a senior from Kernersville, North Carolina. She is a psychology major. She works at the circulation desk and absolutely loves the library, and loves having the opportunity to flourish!

Did Google Drive Just Become Our Institutional Repository?

Friday, November 7, 2014 7:20 pm

Spoiler alert.

Odds are, you didn’t notice that sometime in the last couple of days, the tiny text in the bottom left corner of your Google Drive display stopped saying something like “3GB (10%) used of 30GB” and now just says “3GB used”. That’s because Google no longer has any limit on the storage available to WFU accounts. This is part of a rollout they announced a few weeks ago giving limitless storage to their Apps for Education customers. (Okay, there is one limit: individual files cannot exceed 1TB in size. But if you have a hundred 999GB files, you’re good to go.)

This gives students and faculty an open ended space to park their notes, photos, music, backups – you name it. It can also be storage space for articles, with control over who gets access to them, and likewise data files. In one fell swoop, Drive has become part of the discussion in topics like Open Data and Institutional Repositories. Earlier today, I heard a LITA Forum keynote that stressed (among other things) that “Workflow is the new content” and that repositories need to work with scholarly authors to meet their needs and convenience, not the other way around. Now Drive is a drag-and-drop option from everyone’s desktop, and we need to think about that for a bit.

Did Google Drive just become our institutional repository? No, of course not. The IR has to handle archival responsibilities, provide sound metadata and discoverability, and offer the imprimatur of university branding (think of WakeSpace as an imprint). But Drive did just make itself one attractive answer to a bunch of related questions, and we need to be on our toes to keep other answers, like WakeSpace, viable.

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