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Graduating Seniors and the End of the Semester

Monday, April 28, 2014 10:49 am

Seniors: Get ready for graduation! And ZSR is here to help.

Thursday, May 1, Reading Day

Stop at the table across from the Circulation Desk and find out how to resolve holds, return laptops, and remove any other roadblocks between you and graduation day!

Sunday, May 18

The library will be open from 3pm to 5pm to allow graduating seniors one last chance to return library materials to the library and resolve any outstanding holds before graduation.

ZSR representatives attend CPR/AED/First Aid training

Monday, January 13, 2014 1:54 pm

On December 11, several members of the ZSR Safety and Security Team, along with additional staff from Special Collections and Archives, and Reference and Instruction Services attended a training session to become certified in providing CPR and First Aid as well as to learn to use of our Automatic External Defibrillator. The Z Smith Reynolds Library recently received a second defibrillator that is now housed next to the Reference Desk on the 4th floor of the Wilson Wing. The new defibrillator complements the first AED which is kept right across from the circulation desk. In the course of this 5 hour training, we learned to become comfortable with how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in conjunction with CPR. But we also learned so much more!

The First Aid/CPR/AED course prepared us to respond to and manage first aid, choking, and cardiac emergencies in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives. The training materials we received were from the National Safety Council course meets the current CPR and ECC Guidelines using a combination of instructor, (Bridget Marrs from Environmental Health and Safety), video-self-instruction and hands-on training. We utilized new CPR dummies that simulated the force necessary to perform the procedure on a live human being and took turns trading off every two minutes. The force necessary to pump a human heart was surprising, and the work was not easy. The full course content included: Taking action in an emergency; Assessing the victim; Provide basic life support, including airway management, breathing and circulation; Using an AED; Preventing disease transmission; Recovery position; Choking; Heart attack and chest pain; Bleeding and wound care; Shock; Burns; and Splinting a bone. Participants included: Craig Fansler, James Harper, Ashley Jefferson, Sarah Jeong, Meghan Webb and Mary Beth Lock. We all have received certificates of participation as well as official cards verifying our certification should we ever need to show them in an emergency! I hope we never have to utilize the skills we learned, but it does bring one comfort knowing such experience exists in our library. In case of an emergency, give us a call!

ZSR’s “Cans for Fines” provides food for Campus Kitchen

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 4:35 pm

Got fines and a desire to help the hungry in our community?

This December the Z. Smith Reynolds Library will accept non-expired, unopened canned goods as payment for overdue fines. For each can of food donated, $1 will be waived from your library fines. (No maximum.) Only canned goods will be accepted. The program will run from Monday, December 2 through Friday, December 13, 2013.

The canned goods will be donated to Campus Kitchen to provide groceries to those in need in our community this holiday season. Take advantage of this program to both help provide food for the hungry in the community and get your overdue fines forgiven! Even if you don’t have fines, you can feel free to donate unexpired canned goods.

The “Cans for Fines” waiver is for library fines only and may not be applied to replacement fees for lost items, nor may it be used as credit against future fines.

Thanks for participating!



ZSR’s Travis Manning wins WFU Employee of the Year

Thursday, November 14, 2013 11:05 am

Travis Manning was named WFU Employee of the Year on Tuesday, November 11, 2013, at the University’s Staff Rewards & Recognition Luncheon held in the Snead Club Room at Bridger Field House.

He won in the non-exempt category. The criteria for winning the award included a demonstrated commitment to Integrity, Accountability, Inclusion, Dedication to Excellence, and Pro Humanitate. His nomination read in part: “Travis takes his responsibilities seriously to create an inclusive and supportive environment that helps all of the students he supervises feel a part of the team. He helps them transition to life as a college student and guides them through the uncertainty of starting a new job in a new place. He is patient and kind to everyone, and creates a team of students who support and care for each other, always leading by example. Travis has been solely accountable for an innovative service and has implemented it to great acclaim among the faculty. He is always among the first to volunteer when there is a call for assistance in the library. Travis has a great ability to build a bridge of understanding between people. He provides superlative, exceptional service and serves as an example to the students who work with him allowing his good attitude to have impacts beyond his own actions.”

The Employee of the Year Award in the exempt category was awarded to Shayla Herndon-Edwards, the Diversity Education Program Manager, and also a friend of the library.

A heartfelt congratulations to both Travis and Shayla! Thanks from ZSR and the wider WFU community for your continued good work!

Changes to ZSR’s Print/Copy/Scan Stations

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 6:18 pm

Printing and copying will be unavailable in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, in the Professional Center Library, and in Farrell Hall on Monday, September 23 starting at 8:30AM and continuing to Tuesday, September 24, mid-day while we change over the machines on campus to new Xerox multifunctional devices. Please plan accordingly!

Once the new machines are deployed and everything is operational, students will have to download new print drivers before they will be able to send a print job. The new drivers will be available from ZSR’s website. With the new Xerox machines in place, students will see a few things change for the better.

First, the charges for color copies and prints will be reduced from .50 per page to .25 per page, saving students some money. All of the copiers will have the ability to print in either black and white or color!

Second, print jobs will print double sided as a default. This will enable you to carry around fewer sheets of paper and allow the university to help meet its sustainability goals. Students should check with faculty on whether a double sided printed paper will be acceptable. If you need single sided printing, instructions will also be available on ZSR’s website. Feedback we received in advance of making this change indicated that faculty were perfectly happy with papers printed double sided, and many suggested that they were happy with an electronic submission!

Third, the new machines will make use of Omega devices hung up to the right of every printer/copier/scanner. The Omegas will be the place where you swipe your card to release the print job or initiate a copy or a scan. Additionally, scanning from the new Xerox machines is much easier than scanning from the machines they will replace, allowing students to go paperless when they can.

Once the new multifunction devices are ready for use, students will have to name their print jobs with their WFU username in order to be able to release them at the print stations. One final plus, when students slide their card to release their print jobs, they will only see their own print jobs on screen. No more scrolling through to find your own paper from a very long list!

We are looking forward to the deployment of the new Xerox multifunctional devices on campus, and hope you will be even more satisfied with the features offered and the new cost structure.


The Textbook Collection continues, Fall, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 8:12 pm

The Z Smith Reynolds Library is continuing its textbook pilot program into a second year. The pilot began in the fall of 2012, as a result of a strategic initiative to help address the of the financial burden that textbook purchases place on students. Our textbook pilot, through an arrangement with the bookstore, enables us to purchase one book for every class that is taught to 30 or more students at the undergraduate level. The pilot started slowly in the fall of 2012 with only a small percentage of the purchased material having circulated in the first 3 months. The spring semester saw a significant uptick in the usage of the collection. As a result, we’ve decided to see if this trend continues, and will continue the pilot into its second year.

The Textbook Collection is kept behind the Circulation Desk and interested students can request them for checkout. New Fall 2013 texts have been added and are available now.

Similar to reserves materials, the textbooks circulate only in the building, and because of the numbers of students who need access, they only circulate for 2 hours at a time. While we have collected a large number of books offered to undergraduates, the collection does not contain every book used in an undergraduate course. It does contain many of the more expensive and interestingly, heavier texts! We hope the textbooks will assist students who otherwise might not have easy access to their assigned reading material. They also are available for those students who might decide not to lug their heavy textbook across campus, and happen to be studying in the library.

If you think there is a textbook that warrants being in the collection that we have overlooked, please contact Mary Beth Lock. We will try to obtain it.

Access Services Retreat-July 24, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013 2:14 pm

The Access Services Team, comprising the staff that provide Circulation, Stacks Maintenance, Interlibrary Loan, Course Reserves, Offsite Storage services and more, had a day long retreat on July 24. The purpose of our team retreat was to allow us to get away from our regular daily work and get some fresh perspective, get questions answered, air concerns, and problem solve as well as plan for the future. The team started the day at the New Winston Museum which was a great place to have our morning meeting. The Museum staff were very gracious and accommodating. We had the place to ourselves all morning. Chris, the Director of Programs, and Katherine, the Executive Director were both there to welcome us and make sure we had all we needed. During our break, they turned on the exhibits so we could see the videos that were lining the walls and learn more about what was on display.

During the three and a half hour morning session we discussed strategic priorities and directions and identified how we might address the challenges we faced (including such hot topics as the MUVZ project, preparing for future building renovations, demonstrating value to our constituencies, and student assistant management and evaluation). After our morning meeting, filled with constructive ideas, note taking, and of course, laughs, we adjourned to the Old Salem Tavern, which is right around the corner. (Try the Syllabub topped with strawberries for dessert. Delicious!)

After our lunch, we walked over to Salem College to meet up with Anna Milholland, newly ensconced Public Services Librarian at the Gramley Library, who gave us a tour of the library. We saw the collection, their study rooms, the combined services desk. The library is tiny by comparison to ours, but it seems to fit their needs nicely. Anna graciously snapped this photo of us all after the tour.

We finished the day by walking to “God’s Acre” the Moravian Cemetery at Old Salem on a quest to see where RJ Reynolds and Z. Smith Reynolds were buried. While it was a hot and humid afternoon, and we didn’t quite know where we were going, we had a vague idea and started across the cemetery grounds. Armed with a flickr photo that Susan Smith provided, and the memory of Ellen Makaravage who’d been there 20 or so years before, we found the site after one false start, (we discovered the “wrong” Reynolds brother’s grave first. )

It was an enriching and entertaining day. There is great value of spending a day apart from your regular job, as it ironically brings work life into better focus. It allows us to see more clearly how all of the pieces of our operation interconnect and gives us the ability to streamline our operations, think outside of our regular boxes and work more closely together the rest of the year.


ZSR @ Food for Thought

Monday, April 22, 2013 12:48 pm

This year, the annual “Earth Day Fair” on Wake Forest’s campus became a themed event to highlight food injustice, and was entitled “Food for Thought”, sponsored by the Sustainability Office at WFU. The fair that was held on Manchester Plaza from noon to 6pm on Saturday, April 20th, was well attended and had local vendors of plants and delicious food, music throughout the day, as well as a petting zoo. ZSR was in attendance with a selection of books and videos that pertained to sustainable agriculture and food injustice as well as a selection of other topics related to sustainability


Students from Access worked with me throughout the day and we served up information about our collections to interested students, faculty, staff and community members. Though most of what I took out there was not circulated, we had an opportunity to circulate 2 books and 8 DVDs with our mobile circulation desk. I gave away book marks with suggested keywords on them to aid people to find more information in our catalog, as well as reading lists of books in ZSR’s collection on sustainability. It was a beautiful day to spread the word about Sustainability, and ZSR’s resources. Thanks to Mary Scanlon who helped identify resources, and the helpful students who work at the Access Desk on Saturday who helped me out with carrying things and holding down the papers against the wind. And, thanks to Susan who stopped by to take a few photos. Happy Earth Day!

Welcome to the Hunt Library @ NC State University

Monday, March 11, 2013 5:16 pm

On Wednesday, March 6, Derrik Hiatt, Anna Milholland, Ellen Makaravage and I heeded the call of the open house (and the open road), and travelled to Raleigh, NC to see the newly opened James B. Hunt Library at North Carolina State University. The library is an impressive one with many features befitting a library of the future.

Upon first coming into the library, it is hard to overlook The Bookbot:

The shelving is 50 feet tall, and contains more than 18,000 bins. It will eventually hold 2 million items, and is currently about 75% full. This view is behind glass, so we’re looking down into it. It is kept at a balmy 68°F, and less than 45% humidity. It retrieves items within minutes of a request.

After entering through the main gates of the library, you find yourself in the Rain Garden Reading Lounge.

The circular shelves contain some reference items, faculty publications, classics, and a small science fiction collection. In this area also you’ll find the ASK US desk, which is a reference, technology help, circulation, hold shelf, roving help desk all in one. (And staffed by one person!)

We all were quite astounded by the number of (fully 100), and amenities available in, the Study Rooms. White board walls, glass fronted wall, smartboard connections in the table…

Lockers had plugs for powering up laptops and cell phones, and were programmable by the user to create his or her own locker combination.

This quiet study space was vast and surrounded by the circulating collection. Note the study rooms along the far wall at the top.

The bright yellow staircases throughout helped people navigate because staircases, unlike in most buildings, were not stacked on top of each other. Color on the walls was used to differentiate areas that contained staircases, lockers, elevators, etc, so a very big and imposing space could be figured out with relative ease.

The coolest features of the library included a Teaching & Visualization Lab with immersive visualization, provided by 10 ceiling-mounted projectors (can be either 2-D or 3-D) and16 ceiling-mounted 3-D speakers for “sonification”. The sound could be produced in the room so you’d sense it coming from beneath your feet. The Creativity Studio was similar to Visualization Lab (ceiling-mounted projectors & speakers), but with reconfigurable walls for potential gallery setup and theater lighting. They are currently working on crime-scene visualization project. Investigators at a crime scene can scan the area with a Kinect, then people in the Creativity Studio will be able to interact virtually, in real-time (like a 21st-century holodeck). They also had three 3D printers in the library, which utilizes CAD drawings and “prints” them using spooled plastic, (think fishing line) and creates your object in 3D. (We wanted to take a sample with us, but unfortunately you needed to be a NCSU student to get one.)

There was also an amazing Gaming Lab where students could develop games, or just develop their skills at gaming.

What I found most wonderful about the whole experience was that in this incredibly technological facility, they didn’t forget about the importance of the students. They have given the students many options for finding their own preferred study space, and the spaces are comfortable and have plenty of light! This space is called the Skyline Reading Room. It was empty the day we saw it, but we were there during the Spring Break at NCSU. Usually, it is full of studying students.

While we lucky few got a chance to see the library in person last week, we will be arranging another field trip in the summer for others to visit. It is an amazing place that manages to combine the edginess of the cutting edge, with the spaciousness that invites students to study. Even more photos are available! Enjoy!

Meet the Library Ambassadors, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013 3:50 pm

Pictured:Emily West, John Walsh, Tyler Keith (top row); Courtney Abernathy, Jenny Miller, Mary Beth Lock, Nella Hendley, Nora Kane (bottom row) Not pictured: Jesus Vega, Melissa Simonelli, Rosie Faccone, Liz Hughes, and Kaley Pelingra.

In the Fall, 2011 semester, the Library Ambassadors began as a class project by a student who was interested in increasing student involvement in ZSR programs, providing a ready made “focus group” of interested individuals who care deeply about the library and giving students a streamlined method to have their opinions about the library heard. While the original Library Ambassador, Katherine Feeney, has graduated now, the idea she started has taken root and grown into this year’s Library Ambassador team.

This past fall, the Ambassadors assisted the library staff volunteers with “Wake the Library,” helping the entire event go smoothly. They also brought fresh new components to our program, for example, suggesting that we hand out candy as a pick me up to students studying in the library during finals. Together, they generated other ideas that will be rolled out in coming months. We anticipate great benefits will come from our partnership and look forward to working with them so we can make ZSR an even more welcoming destination for students looking for a place to study, meet, collaborate, and learn.

Need more info? Contact Mary Beth Lock or reach out to one of the Ambassadors!

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