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Sarah, meet Barack. Barack, Sarah

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 1:16 pm

On Wednesday, January 15th, my family and I were invited to attend President Obama’s speech at North Carolina State University because of my brother Ken’s support. When I arrived at the Isenhour Tennis Center, I was amazed by the long line of attendees.

As invited guests, we sat in reserved seating next to former Governor Hunt, and it was so nice to meet him as we shook hands with him and took photos together. I thanked former Governor Hunt for his support of the public schools that I attended and shared that I am a Duke alumna and currently work at Wake Forest University. We also sat next to a couple Duke professors and talked about my college studies at Duke and that I am putting my biology degree to good use as a science librarian at Wake Forest.

Before the speech, we attended a Meet-and-Greet with President Obama along with other politicians including mayors and community leaders. It was an honor to introduce myself to President Obama, and my family and I took three photos with him at the event.

President Obama spoke about the economy, and when he announced the multi-million dollar Next Generation Power Electronics Institute that will be established in North Carolina, all attendees including us gave a standing ovation. It was very meaningful to my family and me to attend President Obama’s speech and meet him with other North Carolina leaders. It was a great day that I will treasure for a lifetime.

10 Responses to “Sarah, meet Barack. Barack, Sarah”

  1. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures!

  3. Really awesome!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this-what a great experience!!

  5. What an honor Sarah. I know you are proud of this event and your family. Amazing!

  6. That is extraordinary, Sarah! I would love to hear more.

  7. Fabulous title!

  8. This is so exciting. I trust you will never wash your hand again?

  9. that’s really great and all, but meanwhile we’re still waiting for “the hangover part iv, in 4d” — can ken (and you (and barack)) make that happen?

  10. Amazing! I would love to hear more too.

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