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LBGTQ Exhibits in ZSR

Monday, April 30, 2012 4:25 pm

LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012
After Angela Mazaris spoke to a ZSR Staff meeting, I talked with her about working together for an exhibit in ZSR. In January, I attended her class in Tribble and spoke to them about how to put together a good exhibit. Months passed. Winter became spring, then a sudden flurry of activity that bordered on frenetic. Angela’s class spent the last four class sessions coming to Preservation to talk about, draft and finalize their exhibits.
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012

They cut colorful leaves, glued, taped, cut and did all the things that make an exhibit look compelling. I printed printed an 8 foot banner.
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012

There were several days when I got asked for things so quickly in succession, I really didn’t have the mental space to question my own sanity. Mr. Fansler, do you have tape…how should I attach this piece of paper to this piece of foam core…if I want to…how can I ….if I have a pogo stick with a jet propulsion unit, how can I make this relevant to the gay culture at Wake Forest….just kidding.
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012

Early in the semester, Angela’s class contacted alumni and did interviews with them about the culture at Wake Forest from the 1960’s til today. The class exhibits follow this theme. Eventually, the audio interviews will be archived in Special Collections.

LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012

LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012
The exhibits are now installed and tell a compelling story about the environment encountered by gay students at Wake Forest, the way this was portrayed in campus publications, the same sex marriage in Wait Chapel, the current NC Amendment and many other issues. It was a pleasure working with this class and Dr. Mazaris on this exhibit project. As with any collaboration, I learned so much and benefited from meeting and working with this class.
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012
LBGTQ Exhibits - Spring 2012

Administrative Professionals Conference

Friday, April 27, 2012 4:13 pm

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the 2012 Administrative Professionals Conference at WinMock in Bermuda Run, NC. WinMock is a beautiful old barn that has been renovated to hold conferences, weddings, etc. Our audience was made up of Administrative Professionals from WFU, WFU-Health Sciences, WSSU, UNC School of the Arts and Forsyth Technical Community College. We had approximately 260 attendees.

I have been on the Administrative Professionals Committee, which plans the conference, for 9 years. This year I entered registrant information into a spreadsheet and sent confirmations to WFU attendees. I also handled the deposits. I was the liaison for the attendees from WFU. I was also the photographer at the conference.

We had 3 great speakers!

Speaker 1 was Laura Hamilton

Program Description “It’s Time to Sharpen Your Ax”:
Why do weird things happen to me? What do you do with your life when it’s not going well? Where do you turn for answers? Who do I need to know? When is the perfect time to change? How do I get started?

Some key points in her presentation were:

Change our focus

You can’t get lost if you don’t know where you are going

We are never going to be who we used to be

Have a grateful heart

Always point toward the finish line


Speaker 2 was Dr. Kathy Stitts. She is Associate Provost for Lifelong Learning at Winston-Salem State University.

Program Description: “The TV Guide to Working with All Kinds of People Effectively”
From supervisors to subordinates…from faculty to students…from president to housekeeping…people play all kinds of roles – literally – – – Is your supervisor a reality show? Do you have a faculty member who is a drama series? Do students come into your office playing a comedy show? How do you deal with all these different roles effectively while not changing the channel all the time?

Some key points in her presentation were:

APN – Administrative Professional Network

It is important to self reflect

It is important to keep humor in the office – but not to be offensive


Speaker 3 was Lisa Withers

Program Description: “Do These Shoes Make Me Look Fat? The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback”
Feedback is an important key to life. It is the very thing that will keep you from walking around with a piece of spinach between your front teeth or trailing toilet paper stuck to your shoe all over Wal-Mart. Feedback is information about how we appear to others. This session highlights the art of giving it and getting it through some of life’s ordinary but hilarious moments!

Some key points in her presentation were:

Think before you speak

Respond appropriately to feedback given to you. Simply say thank you, even if you don’t agree.

Feedback is information about how other people perceive us – can’t be wrong


If you’d like to take a look at the pictures I took, they are on a Flickr site:



Spring Event Highlights the Wonderful Resources of ZSR

Friday, April 27, 2012 3:23 pm

Project Launch is a year-long enrichment program in partnership with Paisley Magnet School. A culminating session includes a visit to Wake Forest. This year the campus tour was scheduled for Friday, April 27. In setting up the library tour, the coordinator asked if we could arrange to do a little activity with the Project Launch students before we did the tour. The coordinator had planned to do a campus event with the students. Unfortunately, this did not work out so they needed an activity that the students could do inside the library. With this challenge, Roz, Hu, and Bobbie met and decided that we would do a PowerPoint session using the clickers.

The PowerPoint session included some questions about the history of Wake Forest including: when was Wake Forest founded; who was the first president of Wake Forest, and when did the university move to Winston-Salem. Hu led the clicker presentation. Our visitors had a look of surprise and delight on their faces as they responded to the questions and laughter filled the auditorium when answers were revealed. Additionally, we asked a couple of questions about how they do research. One slide set up the following scenario: Your teacher assigns you a report on a person you know nothing about. What is your first step?) Student responses revealed that 42 of the students reported using a search engine (Google) while none reported using Wikipedia, and only 4 reported visiting a library. Another slide asked students what they thought of when they thought of a library. Sixty-five percent said “books” while the other 35% were divided evenly between “movies”, “computers”, “librarians” and “ebooks”.

Following the presentation, the group was divided into five smaller groups for the library tour. The library tour included quick stops at Special Collections, Government Documents/Microtext, Reference, Circulation, and the Bridge. Thanks to the following tour leaders: Ellen D., Sarah, Hu, Carolyn, and Chris. Also thanks to our ambassadors who were stationed at different service/collection points in the library and provided information about their areas: Megan, Barry, Travis, Kaeley, and Rachel Weaver from The Bridge. Many thanks to all who made this year’s event a success! The tour leaders would also like to thank Bobbie Collins for all her work in organizing the program!

an article by Bobbie Collins and Hu Womack (mostly by Bobbie Collins and posted by Hu Womack)


Soaking Up The Spirit of WFU

Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:46 am

Fourth grade students from Millennium Charter Academy in Mt. Airy visited the library on Wednesday, April 25. Hu and I were standing outside the library when the bus carrying 64 students plus their teachers arrived on campus. Although the day was cool and damp, our young visitors were eager to start on their adventure. The large group was divided into four small groups. While two groups went off with their teachers to tour the campus, the other two groups toured ZSR. Many thanks to Prentice, Craig, and Hu who served as tour guides. Special thanks to Megan who introduced the students to some of the unique resources in Special Collections and to Charles H. who provided information about reference materials and services.

This is the second time that this teacher has arranged a library tour for her class. In an email message, she thanked us for our “hospitality” and noted that she will be contacting us again. Hopefully, this year’s visitors soaked up some of the spirit of our campus and will consider applying to Wake Forest!

National Library Legislative Day 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:49 am

On Monday morning I along with 25 other North Carolina Librarians and library advocates took a scenic bus ride to join those camping out in Washington DC for the 2012 National Library Legislative Day. We arrived just in time for the ALA sponsored reception. The room was much too small for the overflowing crowd waiting to enter. It was here that we received the news that NC had the most attendees in its’ group, beating out Illinois for the second year in a row. NCLA funds the trip and attendees have only to purchase their meals. After attending, I was thoroughly convinced of the value NCLA gains with this sponsorship. We had a late dinner in the hotel and an even earlier start the next morning. We divided ourselves into two different groups with one visiting Senator Hagen and the other Senator Burr. My first stop was with Senator Burr’s aide. He listened attentively as we shared our top concerns.

Federal funding for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) – You may remember these funds were used for our Digital Forsyth initiative. LSTA funds to our 5th district total 1.9 million over the last 5 years.

Federal funding for School Libraries – the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program.

Federal funding for the Library of Congress, GPO and the National Archives and Record Administration.

Thanks to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Library and Information Studies Department we had this lovely video filled with stories demonstrating ways that “Libraries Change Lives.”

We divided the group again and paid visits to the other NC Representatives. My group met with the aides for Howard Coble, Mike McIntyre and Melvin Watt. After lunch we gathered for a photo on the steps of the Capital with Senator Burr followed by a brisk walk over to Union Station where we boarded the bus for home.



It’s a TechXploration!

Sunday, April 22, 2012 8:51 pm

Wednesday afternoon was a time of TechXploration on campus. IS hosted a poster session event for people involved with the Summer Technology Grants over 2011 as well as other technology projects on campus.

Kevin, Craig, Rebecca, Kaeley, and I went as part of our involvement with the Summer Technology Group. We made great strides towards completion over the summer, but as you know this year has been hectic, so it’s simmered on the back burner except for intersessions. Luckily, as the semester is wrapping up we have time to focus on it again and we plan to have completed the framework, website, added the text, and created all the various file formats with enough time for people (who wish) to incorporate it into their LIB100 for Fall 2012. Expect to hear more soon!

Oats&Tea @ TechXploration

Our poster was met with a lot of interest. People thought the poster was nicely designed (thanks, Craig!!) and liked the idea of an open access, modular, electronic, format agnostic textbook. We even heard from Brenda Knox that she’d like to incorporate it into the online counseling program. We had a lot of fun talking to people from students to faculty to technical staff and we look forward to having a finished product to share. There was a lot of interest from the crowd about the technical details, so I look forward to our documenting the tools we’re using and creating a model others can follow.

Oats&Tea @ TechXploration

I also was asked to talk about my online class, which I’m always happy to do, so I had a poster on that topic, as well. That poster got far less traffic–perhaps because people are familiar with the class at this point? The day was worth it, though, because of meeting one faculty member who was really really interested in the project and would like to incorporate several of the assignments, organizational structures, and other features into their class going forward.

Lauren Pressley @ TechXploration

All in all, it was a great afternoon! Fun people, good food, and a chance to share with others some of the work we’ve been doing!

Social Media Session for WFU Alumni in Raleigh!

Friday, April 20, 2012 4:01 pm

On Monday, April 16th, I traveled to Tyler’s Tap Room in Raleigh, North Carolina, with Gretchen Edwards and Patricia Boone from Alumni Services, to offer WFU alumni in Raleigh a session on Social Media. Gretchen and I teamed up to deliver the presentation. We used clickers to ask the alumni questions and get them engaged, and we talked about social media tools ranging from Facebook to Pinterest. The 25 alumni attending the event asked us excellent questions and seemed to enjoy the session. This was the Library’s third collaboration with Alumni Services to offers a session on Social Media. In the Fall we offered two session to Winston Salem alumni on Social Media. Gretchen and I are talking with Patricia about possible future collaborations and we have already scheduled a “Back to the Classroom” session on eBooks and eReaders for alumni during Homecoming in September!

WFU Alumni Social Media Presentation-April 16, 2012-Raleigh, NC.

WFU Alumni Social Media Presentation-April 16, 2012-Raleigh, NC.


Exercising The Body As Well As the Mind

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 8:32 am

In March, Susan Smith forwarded me an email noting that it had come through the generic ZSR email. The message was from a teacher at First Assembly Christian School requesting a library session for her 8th grade students. Her students are writing a research paper on a modern US historical event. Taking advantage of the lovely weather, the teacher and 20 students walked from First Assembly to campus. Tuesday (April 10) was a beautiful morning to take a stroll, and a couple of minutes after 9:00 a.m. they arrived at ZSR. As the students settled into their seats in Room 204, I could hear them exclaiming: “Wow, what cool comfortable chairs.”

The first part of the class period was devoted to demonstrating the online catalog and databases such as Readers’ Guide Retrospective. Following the in-class demo, I provided a quick library tour. After the tour, students returned to Reference to apply their new knowledge and skills picked up in the orientation session. The students worked hard all day. They took a lunch break at Subway and returned to ZSR to do more research before departing around 3:00 p.m. for a hike back to First Assembly.

More requests are coming in for IL classes and tours. Millennium Charter Academy is scheduled to come on Wednesday, April 25. I will meet with students from West Stokes High School on April 26 to help them with their research projects. Project Launch has requested library tours for Friday, April 27. It is very gratifying to know that our visitors enjoy their day at ZSR. As one person noted in his email: “It’s always their favorite part!”


3rd Annual Senior Showcase

Monday, April 2, 2012 1:53 pm

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is pleased to announce selections for the third annual Senior Showcase program recognizing exemplary senior research theses and projects completed by Wake Forest undergraduates in their final year. Four students have been selected to present their research on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, at 3pm in the ZSR Library Auditorium, Room 404.

The honorees are:

  • Erin Cassidy, “John Calvin on Christian Responsibility for the Common Good”
  • Perry Ransbottom, Scenic Design forEmilie: La Marquise du Chatelet Defends Her Life Tonight
  • Dain Finke, “Understanding Caste and Self: A Dalit Caste’s Navigation of Caste Boundaries and Identity Formation in Nepal”
  • Timothy Brady, “The Effect of Breathing Frequency on Baroreceptor Sensitivity”

We hope you will be able to join us for the Senior Showcase on April 24. Event details and registration may be found at


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