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During May 2011...

Asolare Art Exhibitions in ZSR

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 7:45 am

For the past three years, I’ve been working with John Chapman of the Asolare Art Foundation to put art in ZSR over the summer. John is also the campus piano tuner and an eager ZSR patron. Asolare is a school, an art academy which launches exhibits all over the area and a supporter of individual artists trying to get a start. This is their mission statement:

The Asolare Fine Arts Academy was founded in 1997 as a center for the development of the arts and humanities. It is an academy in the context of the ancient academy, which was not primarily a place for instruction or research, but rather a center for inquiring, for dialogue, for the pursuit of intellectual pleasures. To this end Asolare offers residencies, instruction, exhibition, performances, and mentoring to selected artists as a not-for-profit community service arts organization incorporated in North Carolina.

Over the past few years, Asolare has exhibited painting, sculpture, ceramics and every form of print making in ZSR. These exhibitions are a delightful departure from the textually heavy displays of the academic year. I hope everyone enjoys these works of art.

Illustrations by Rachael Ainsworth will be on display during August.

Illustrations by Daylon Scott will be on display during July.

Illustrations by Logan Childress will be on display during June.

Paintings by Sergej Andreevski will be on display during May.

New VuFind is up!

Thursday, May 12, 2011 11:35 am

Our discovery interface vufind has been upgraded and just went live. It has some exciting new features that I am sure our students will find useful in accessing resources. You will notice that we have made some changes to the display layout and few links have been moved to places we believe will make them more noticeable and more accessible.

Some of the changes include a “Catalog Options” box that now exist in the top right corner and houses not only several links previously available in the footer like Search History, Ask a librarian (now referred to as “Questions? Ask”), but also the Alpha Browse, My Account, and My Favorites links. The “Advanced Search” link next to the main vufind search box now points to vufind advance search and the “Advance Search (Classic View)” that used to be there is now under “Catalog Options” as “Switch to Classic View” and links to voyager classic view advanced search.

In addition to the new features that I talked about in my previous post, this version of vufind offers the ability to link to Google Books, Open Library, and HathiTrust on the results and records pages.

We have included a “Report a Problem” link under “Catalog Options” and we would encourage users to use this link to provide us with feedback and to report problems. Thanks and enjoy the new vufind!

40,000 E-books Now Available in Catalog

Monday, May 9, 2011 9:00 am

In March, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library launched an exciting e-book pilot project by adding over 40,000 e-books to the catalog in a single stroke. By comparison, ZSR bought 17,700 print books in all of fiscal year 2010. Even more e-books will arrive regularly.

You can read these recent, academic imprints with almost any device that includes an Internet browser: desktop computer, ThinkPad, iPad™, and some types of smartphones and e-readers. (Try the Bluefire app if you use Apple® iOS products.) Multiple people can access the same e-book at the same time.

With this program, the library only pays for what is used. The library pays a small rental fee for the first five uses of an e-book. Higher-use books are purchased for permanent addition to the library collection. The library covers all costs, and readers typically cannot distinguish between rental and purchased e-books. Overall, this arrangement allows the library to make many more books available while keeping within budget. The rental fees do not apply to the purchase cost, so let your liaison know in advance if you plan to assign an e-book for a course. ZSR can also provide direct linking either through the Course Reserves interface, via Sakai, or in a Research Guide.

Try out these e-books:

Contact your library liaison for help with linking or for more information about e-books.

2nd Annual Senior Showcase Honors Five Worthy Projects

Monday, May 9, 2011 9:00 am

Nate Plageman (History), Beth Ann Williams, Susan Borwick (Music), Anna Walker, Bruce King (Chemistry), Allison Faig, David Tokarz, Carey Carpenter, Claudia Ospina (Romance Languages)

On April 26, ZSR held its second annual Senior Showcase, a program honoring exemplary senior research theses and projects completed by Wake Forest University undergraduates. Five outstanding students presented their research in the Allen Mandelbaum Reading Room to a large audience of students, faculty, staff and parents.

The 2011 honorees are:

  • Ms. Beth Ann Williams, History, “Faith: Education Reform in Post-Independence Kenya, 1963-1970.?
  • Ms. Carey Carpenter, Romance Languages, “En búsqueda de justicia en la novela sicaresca.” (Seeking Justice in the Sicaresque Novel.)
  • Ms. Anna Walker, Music, “Three Twenty-First-Century Perspectives of Music for Christian Worship.”
  • Mr. David Tokarz, Communication, “Accessing a Public: Enlightenment Rhetoric in First-wave Feminism.”
  • Ms. Allison Faig, Chemistry, “Nitrite Formation Through Reduction of Nitro-containing Antibiotics.”

Following the students’ presentations, honorees and attendees enjoyed a reception sponsored by the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Center.

The Senior Showcase began in 2010 upon the suggestion of a Wake Forest senior who desired a forum for his fellow classmates to share research from their senior theses and projects with the campus community. Faculty advisors submit nominations, and a jury of library faculty selects honorees based upon both the strength of the nominations and a review of the students’ works. Up to five students may be selected, one from each division of Wake Forest College.

Shifting Spaces: Off-Site Storage, Auditorium and DVD Center

Monday, May 9, 2011 8:59 am

For months, ZSR staff have been strategically moving lower-use journals to a new, state-of-the-art, off-site storage building. The facility, located on 30th Street just past the Wake Forest Baseball Park, will hold approximately 200,000 volumes. The first stage of the relocation project involved about 100,000 journal volumes formerly housed in a leased commercial space. As previously announced, the second stage, concluding now, entails moving journal volumes published before 2001 from ZSR.

Faculty who have used off-site journals in the past will notice service improvements beginning in June. Instead of delivering entire journal volumes, staff will scan and deliver articles electronically within a few business hours of your request. The facility will operate Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and consultation space will be available for faculty who wish to peruse entire volumes.

The advent of the storage facility frees up room in the ZSR building – areas never intended as book storage space in the first place. This summer, construction will begin on a project to convert Room 403 to a 120-seat auditorium and Media Center. The Media Center will hold the DVD collection in open shelves for easier access and browsing. Look forward to a grand re-opening of this space in the fall.

Upcoming Technology Workshops

Monday, May 9, 2011 8:59 am

The library will host workshops this summer on:

Visit the PDC website for more information on these and other events!

Additionally, you can find handouts from many workshops on the Technology “How To” Blog.

Interlibrary Loan Receives STARS Rating!

Monday, May 9, 2011 8:58 am

The ZSR Interlibrary Loan (ILL) department has achieved the RUSA “STARS” rating. The Reference and User Service Association (RUSA) is part of American Library Association, and the Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (STARS) is one of RUSA’s sections.

The STARS rating results from a Resource Sharing Best Practices Survey conducted last year by the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries. Libraries had to score at least 80% to be counted among the STARS. The survey examined basic ILL outputs, policies and technologies. The survey results will assist libraries in future planning and assessment. ILL receives many compliments from WFU faculty every year, so the library is justly proud of this broader recognition.

Three New Student Murals Decorate ZSR

Monday, May 9, 2011 8:57 am

If you use the east entrance to ZSR, you may have seen three new student murals. Students in ART 211: Intermediate Drawing (Instructor: Alix Hitchcock) executed the murals in fall 2010. These new works join the two murals from the previous year, when ZSR held a student contest. The three new murals are:

Untitled by Kerry Flett and Jiajun Lu

Getting Lost in the Forest by Lauren Lukacsko

Behind the Scenes by Alex Crossman and Emily Hudspeth

ZSR relished the opportunity to collaborate with Ms. Hitchcock and her students on this project. Hopefully, more opportunities for this type of collaboration will arise in the future.

More on HathiTrust overlap

Saturday, May 7, 2011 5:52 am

For those who are interested, here are some more data that focus on the location and date distribution of matched titles.

Distribution of publication dates

Distribution of location of matched books

location_name count(location_name)
Cambria Press 1
Director’s Office 1
Docs Librarian’s Office 1
ER Librarian’s Office 1
ITC Collection 1
Philosophy 1
Romance 1
Gale Virtual Ref Library 2
Honors 2
Mandelbaum Reading Room 2
Microtext-NCDocs 2
Nicaragua 2
Art Slide Library 3
Cataloging 3
Lion American Poetry 4
Documents Index Table 5
Documents Ref. Desk 5
Mathematics & Computer 7
Theatre in video 9
SYS 10
Career 15
Ebooks from Netlibrary 15
Preservation 16
Reference Website 16
Chemistry 18
Media Collection 19
Classical Music Library 24
Reference Desk 25
NC Documents 27
Physics 33
Reference Office 34
Psychology 36
Vienna 80
Documents CD-ROM 86
Browsing 108
University Archives 114
Physical Education 117
NA Wom Letters / Diaries 118
Music 150
CAGE 153
Microtext 192
Oversized 204
Reserve Book 300
Microtext-USDocs 365
Documents Website 367
VEN 383
SPIL 462
Anthropology 553
RARE 627
Periodicals, Main Stacks 1027
Baptist 1314
Discarded 1383
Education 1437
Military Science 1663
Periodicals, Current 1767
Off-Site Shelving 2578
Ebook Library (Demand Dr) 2672
Reference 4106
Documents 11691
WEB 13898
Circulating main stacks 317687


How much overlap do we have with the HathiTrust?

Friday, May 6, 2011 5:51 pm

Since ZSR library started looking at the HathiTrust as a potential source of out-of-copyright electronic texts people have been asking ‘how does our collection compare to HT?’ The short answer is (based on comparison of valid OCLC numbers) 366,800 out of 8.5 Million titles, or about 29% of our collection, slightly less than was recently indicated as an average coverage for research libraries in general. Granted, this is a simple first pass using OCLC number and is most likely leaving out a number of titles. It is interesting to note that out of 1.5M entries of 035A records in our database, nearly a third contain numbers that are not OCLC numbers.

A second question that has been raised is “What is the copyright status of these matched titles?” Unfortunately, over 87% of our matched titles are in copyright. This means that while they are digitized we can’t use them. Our matching process found only a 11% match of public domain titles (out of a database of 2.2M public domain records in the HathiTrust). This indicates that there are some good opportunities to expand our representation of public domain digitized resources in our catalog. As you might expect however, our MARC records for public domain resources also happen to be more likely to not have OCLC numbers. For instance, our Eighteenth Century Collections Online MARC records do not have OCLC numbers. For the rest of the codes listed in the table below you can visit the HathiTrust site.

This comparison is just our first guess at matching with the HathiTrust. HT includes some sophisticated data APIs and a wide range of identifiers that we can work with to see how our holdings compare. What we do about this is an open topic but I thought that it might be interesting to see initially how our collection compared.

Want to see the data? I can export the matches for you so you can run your own reports. Curious about the process? Visit my office and I can show you the database that was used to run the comparisons.

Table of copyright policy for matched titles

rights Number of records % of matched records
Cc-by 2 0.0005%
Cc-by-nc 16 0.0044%
Cc-by-nc-n 1 0.0003%
cc-by-nc-s 24 0.0065%
ic 320274 87.1446%
nobody 31 0.0084%
opb 137 0.0373%
pd 32100 8.7342%
pdus 9489 2.5819%
und 4809 1.3085%
world 637 0.1733%
Total matches 367520 100.0000%

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