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During September 2010...

Campus Connections

Thursday, September 23, 2010 3:11 pm

On Thursday morning Linda Early and I ventured over to Benson for the Provost’s first Campus Connection meeting. We were both glad we went and we learned many things. First the Provost explained why she is having these monthly meetings throughout the academic year. She explained that the climate survey showed that many use have the drive and the willingness to push the campus forward but don’t know where we are headed. The Provost is hoping that these meetings will give us that destination. Today’s meeting had three speakers:

Pamela Dumas Serfes from Communications and Internal Relations

VP Serfes spoke to the new internal website that will be for faculty and staff. Right now it is in the “soft launch” phase but they are expecting to roll it out next week. The site address is . This site will be where we as faculty and staff go to get all of our needed information. The home page will be geared for people outside of the campus community. The team of developers are looking for articles and photos and have placed submit buttons in numerous places on the website. This is also where we will go to find out if campus is closed or delayed for winter/unsafe weather. The ZSR even gets a shout out as the university has now adopted our Dedicated Deacon program campus wide. The Provost suggested that we might just want to go ahead and make it our new homepage.

Martha Allman from Admissions

Martha Allman from Admissions was up next and she discussed the freshman class; the statistics of the class and how we are doing at creating a diverse population here on campus. She also contributed some of this achievement to our over-sea houses. She said that there is still more work to be done in this area. They are in the process of creating a new admission video with the theme “Communities of Communities.” VP Allman also discussed and showed pictures of the new building or as they refer to it as “the promised land” that we are all watching go up. They hope to be in around February. They are using old fixtures and furnishing that have been refurbished (like a chandelier from the magnolia room) to give this building the welcoming environment they are trying to achieve.

Jim Alty from Facilities

Jim Alty from Facilities was the last speaker. He talked about spoke about the new growth that has happened and that is happening with the new 200 bed dorm and the new welcome center. He stated both are being built to be silver LEED certified. He thinks that the dorm might get gold certification. He said that the business building is in the design phase and seems to be moving along quickly. He hopes it will be completed by August 2013. Jim next spoke to the campus recreation center. The recreation center is in the design phase and will have two swimming pools, one inside for laps and a splash pool outside. He also mentioned basketball courts. If the funding is there they would like this to be on the same time line as the business building. He then discussed the student barn that is on the fast track to be finished. They are going to start construction in mid-October.

Some questions that people had were:

What is going to happen to the old welcome center? The Provost responded that right now there is an odor in the building that they believe could be mold. They are going to let facilities take a look at it as see how expensive it will be to renovate the building. She would like it to be turned into a club for faculty, staff, alumni and students.

Will the new buildings on campus be environmentally friendly? The Provost’s response was yes the goal is to make all buildings as environmentally friendly as possible.

Will the new site be available on mobile devices? Yes but not all sites linked off the main pages will be.

Will the slides from today’s presentations be available on the new website? Yes that can happen we will do that.

Will the Barn be run by student life? Yes it will be. This space is going to be really dedicated for the students during the academic year. They are not sure at this time what use it will have during the summer.

If you have any thoughts ideas or suggestions for topics for these meetings then please email Jill to let her know.

This was well worth our time for the amount of information that we took out of it. Also they do have fruit, pastries and bagels to entice staff there.

Wake the Library 5K 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 7:08 am

Help support the ZSR Library. Join us for the 3rd annual “Wake the Library” 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run! The race will start and finish in front of the library and will wind through the University campus and Reynolda Village. Proceeds raised from the event will go to support library programs. Both races are walker friendly and on limited traffic roads. Information and registration available at

ZSR Visits Accounts Payable at the UCC

Monday, September 20, 2010 4:49 pm

It’s great to put faces with names for those of us who interact with people in Accounts Payable (AP), so this afternoon Lauren C., Prentice, Chris, Carol, Linda E. and Kristen went over to the UCC for a quick meet and greet. Angie Downing did the honors of introducing us to the people who process our invoices, credit card statements, credit memos, travel reimbursements and manage the payments and claiming of reimbursements for sales tax. Several members of AP complimented the library’s organized work flow of thorough documentation to their department.

We learned that much like us, the people in Accounts Payable are working on implementing more internal report functionality and are working on system changes and upgrades upgrades. They will be sending out a code manual to us all soon that will list account numbers. We also learned that much like us, they get a lot of the mail that is addressed to the University which lacks a specific recipient.

They also have to pay attention to state law changes and each year they watch to see if the state will decide to no longer reimburse sales tax to organizations such as educational institutions. If the state made such a decision, it would impact our budget, so we’re glad they are watching and would let us know if this happened.

We talked about how we’d love to have more automated exchange of info between us in the distant future, dependent on systems changes. We also learned that the big project coming up for AP is getting W-9 and W-8 BEN forms on file for every vendor so that they can send out 1099 forms to those vendors in the future. There is a change happening in the level of dollar amount that triggers the requirement, which will result in a shift from about 500 to 5000 in volume for the 1099 forms that AP will have to send out. AP will enlist our help on collecting W-9 and W-8 BEN forms when necessary (i.e. in the case of lack of responsiveness from a vendor), but they are planning to manage it as a project from their office for the most part. We are grateful for that.

ZSR and AP alike enjoyed the chance to meet each other face-to-face and to confirm that each had a good basic understanding of the needs and wishes of the other.

ZSR helps Habitat for Humanity

Friday, September 17, 2010 2:05 pm

Yesterday, members of ZSR’s staff answered the call from President Hatch to spend some time helping out at WFU’s Habitat for Humanity Houses. The location of the houses was in the south western edge of the city, so far from city center that even I (a person used to big cities) had to proclaim, “are we still in Winston-Salem?”

When we arrived on site, we were greeted by Tony from Habitat for Humanity, who worked with and remembered the ZSR volunteers from last year. Then we divided up into two teams and went into different houses to begin the day’s work. Our responsibilities were varied, but most of us touched our share of hammers, nails, ladders, caulk, a variety of electrical saws, lumber, and brooms. It was a great time, and a very worthwhile day. Prentice, Mary, Barry and Ellen also had the opportunity to work with the future homeowner of the house who was also volunteering yesterday.

We all would pat ourselves on the back, but I don’t think that any of us can get our arms to reach that way.

Team ZSR at Habitat for Humanity
Team ZSR after lunch.

High fives all around to the team, Craig, Tim, Gretchen, Ellen, Carolyn, Susan, Barry, Mary Scanlon, Prentice and me. We had a great time and we managed to do some good work.

ZSR Library goes to Habitat for Humanity

Friday, September 17, 2010 11:00 am

Hi everyone! Yesterday morning a team of us made our way over to the WFU Habitat for Humanity building site near Kernersville. Different departments on campus have been helping to build the Wake Forest sponsored home. For those of you who could not be with us, I’ve put together a short video of our time there:

Look out for Mary Beth’s follow up and Flickr pictures from the day.

Jose Galvez Photo Exhibit

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 1:20 pm

Jose Galvez photo exhibit

ZSR is hosting a photgraphy exhbit by Jose Galvez, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer. Jose moved to North Carolina to document Hispanic life in 2004. This exhibit is part of his work, which includes photography and oral histories by his wife, Annie. Jose is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Latin American & Latino Studies Department.
Shine Boy by Jose Galvez

Land of Opportunity: Latino Entrepreneurs of North Carolina

Funded by NALAC through the support of the Ford Foundation and JP Morgan Chase, this exhibit includes not only photographs but also oral histories about the lives of Hispanic business owners, their trials and triumphs. This project was presented as it evolved at Louisburg College in 2007, in the Durham City Mayor’s office in early 2008, and at NC State in Fall, 2008. It comes complete with panels of excerpts as well as information on economic impacts of immigrant business.

Jose will speak at 7 pm on September 27 in 145 Greene Hall.
Photo by Jose Galvez
Vatos by Jose Galvez

PROACT: Your Career Starts Now

Monday, September 13, 2010 7:10 am

New professionals frequently need to employ skills that are not always developed through course work, such as strategies for managing research or engaging community members in a field of study. To build a bridge between student and professional skill sets, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Professional Development Advisory Committee are co-sponsoring a year-long professional development series-PROACT: Your Career Starts Now. PROACT sessions will bring graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and new faculty together to learn from speakers addressing a variety of topics that are important for attendees’ overall development as professionals. PROACT is a series of stand-alone sessions; you may attend one session, three sessions or all seven, depending on individual needs.

The inaugural PROACT session, Research Management Strategies, will be on Tuesday, September 21, at 4:30pm in the ZSR Library Graduate Student Lounge. Managing the research process can be an arduous task, especially when linked information facilitates rapid browsing and resource discovery, and files can be tagged, labeled, dropped and saved in multiple locations with mere clicks. Giz Womack, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, will share tips on how to effectively manage the research process, and preview tools that assist with gathering and organizing research materials.

On October 19, the second PROACT session will be led by Chris Turner, Assistant Professor in Neurobiology & Anatomy, will share the basics of Technical Writing Skills, a succinct art form of craft and clarity. The third PROACT event, Author Rights (Yours & Others’) will be led by Molly Keener, Scholarly Communication Librarian, on November 16, with discussion of the nuances of managing author rights in published scholarship.

Additional PROACT sessions will be held throughout the Spring 2011 semester, on topics from presentation skills to measuring impact via journal publications to ethical considerations of publishing practices. Read more and register for any or all PROACT sessions through the PDC.

Contact Molly Keener, Scholarly Communication Librarian, for more details: or 758-5829.

What Can I Expect From an Ebook Reader?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 1:57 pm

We now have the three major ebook readers available for checkout from the bridge: the Kindle, the Nook, and the Sony Touch Reader. Ereaders, as a technology, are different from the iPad in that they use eink screens that are not backlit and are a little easier on the eyes. They tend to do there primary function really really well, but secondary apps often aren’t as good as they would be on a more full-functioned device. I had the incredibly geeky pleasure of checking out the Kindle and Sony Reader the other day, rounding out the ebook readers in my house since I have a Nook of my own. In case you want the highlights of the differences between the three, I made these little videos (which I didn’t watch after filming, so I hope they’re not too embarrassing!!):

A Brief Overview of All Three

The Kindle

The Nook

The Sony Reader

I really enjoyed playing with all three. It was surprising to see that the screen was the same size on all three; it just appears to be bigger or smaller depending on the body of the ereader. For personal use, it’s worth noting you can check out Overdrive books and put them on both the Nook and the Sony Reader. If you’re interested in how to do that, I’d be happy to show you!!

Check Out iPads, E-Book Readers and More at The Bridge

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 9:55 am

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is experimenting with new technologies that you can check out. As a pilot, the library has invested in several devices: the Apple® iPad™, the Amazon® Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Sony Reader Touch Edition™.

Shiny new devices, all in a row, and waiting to be borrowed!

Each device holds either a selection of apps or classic books. Soon, ZSR will also load some current best-sellers onto the devices. Currently, four iPads are available for check-out (more are coming in late fall) as well as one of each reader. Each has a loan period of three days.

The Bridge also offers Flip Video Camcorders™, HD digital cameras, audience response systems ("clickers"), audio recording devices and LCD projectors. Please stop by The Bridge and check out these items and other equipment!

Single Threads Unbraided: A Celebration of the Work of A.R. Ammons

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 9:54 am

On November 15 and 16, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library will host a series of events on the poetry and visual art of A.R. Ammons. Events include presentations by Ammons scholars, the unveiling of 20 of his paintings, and an original one-act play based on his letters. Join us to celebrate the life and work of a talented alumnus and his contribution to American culture. Funding for this event comes in part from the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, the Wake Forest University Provost’s Fund for Academic Excellence and the North Carolina Humanities Council. Register for these events online.

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