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During August 2010...

Find a place on campus and make it your own.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 7:53 am

Guest post by Jermyn M. Davis (’10)

Class of 2014,

Welcome to Wake Forest. As one of Wake Forest’s newest alumni, I know you have chosen the right place to spend your next four years. During your time here, seek new ways to challenge yourself and make the most of each opportunity. Most importantly, your new home is one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. Find a place on campus and make it your own. The Z. Smith Reynolds Library was my place of escape, especially the “red room.” Again, welcome to the Demon Deacon family.

-Jermyn M. Davis (’10)

The Web Committee checks out Twitter

Monday, August 23, 2010 12:26 pm

Earlier this month, ZSR’s Twitter account was born! Chris Burris has been updating regularly about events, resources, and announcements. We already have fourteen followers after just twelve days of tweeting!

I took a look at a post from 2009 that attempted to list all the libraries on Twitter, and found a few university libraries that were similar to ours with Twitter accounts. I did a mini-study of the accounts from Emory, Duke, Cornell, BYU, and Baylor to find out which features made them more or less “followed” by other Twitter users. Here is what I found:

  • Emory has 80 followers as of its creation in June 2010. Most tweets are replies to other Twitter users and library-related article links.
  • Duke has 486 followers as of its creation in January 2009. Most tweets are links to their Library Hacks blog, links to library-related articles, events and news, and new library resources at Duke.
  • Cornell has 468 followers as of its creation over one year ago. Most tweets are links to library-related articles, re-tweets (RTs), events, and Cornell library-related.
  • BYU has 96 followers as of its creation in February 2009. Most tweets are replies to other Twitter users and events.
  • Baylor has 406 followers as of its creation over one year ago. Most tweets are related to new library resources and events.

There are a number of findings that could be useful to our Twitter account. The libraries with the most followers tend to tweet about library resources, events, news, and library science-related articles. The ones with fewer followers have replies to Twitter users in their feed and appear to tweet less frequently. Based on the tweets ZSR has thus far, we seem to be on par with successful library users of Twitter.

Of course, there are variables that make this mini-study less reliable. Consider how long each of these accounts have been active as well as the many ways (or lack of ways) their Twitter accounts may have been marketed to their users. In addition, library and university size and the demographics of library users would contribute to overall number of followers.

It will be interesting to see how our number of followers might change over time as we promote it as a service of ZSR. It could be used for reference inquiries via direct messaging or even, as they have implemented at Harvard, a way to tweet every book that gets checked out!

The Web Committee brainstormed ideas like a series of tweets following the “life” of a book or movie as it gets circulated, or perhaps tweets on which materials are returned. Chris is looking into use of our account through cell phones, and he plans to feature collections and new resources throughout the semester. There are lots of possibilities!

Things are moving with MUVS

Friday, August 20, 2010 2:03 pm

The MUVS team, responsible for identifying volumes and implementing procedures to populate the new off site storage facility, has been making great strides to “MUV” the project forward. As the retrofitting of the storage facility enters its final phase before we can assume ownership of the building, Scott, Ellen M., and Alfonso, (our stalwart grad student) spent some concerted hours yesterday getting pallets of trays shrink wrapped and moved up onto pallet racks, opening up space on the floor for storage of materials that will be kept there soon. (I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, but this is what my camera can provide, and it was the only thing I had to document the work.)

Ellen and Alphonso shrink wrap.

Scott uses the pallet jack. The pallet racks that now houses many of the pallets are behind Scott.

It was hard and very sweaty work, but we did accomplish much and expanded our skill sets in ways none of us would have anticipated.

WFU New Student Convocation

Friday, August 20, 2010 11:57 am

Today saw the first convocation of Fall 2010 at WFU. The house was packed (with satellite locations as well) with freshmen and their parents.

Lots of fun, of course, followed by entertainment by the WFU marching band!

Welcome to the fall semester!

The Writing Center moves to ZSR

Thursday, August 19, 2010 7:30 am

Guest post by Ryan Shirey, Interim Director of the Writing Center & Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, WFU

The Writing Center is a space for collaborative learning and conversation about the writing process. We have a group of friendly and knowledgeable peer tutors, WFU undergraduate and graduate students, who have been trained to help student writers at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming to final revisions. The peer tutors serve as an active and invested audience for the writers with whom they work. When reading through and discussing student writing, tutors ask questions, provide encouragement and support, and help writers address their specific writing goals. We are very invested in the idea that it is important for writers to learn about themselves as writers. The tutors are not working with students as proofreaders or editors; they are not merely looking to correct errors or do the hard work of revision for students. Instead, tutors are interested in empowering student writers by helping them learn how to be confident critical readers of their own writing.

One of the most exciting things about the Writing Center’s move to our new space in ZSR Room 426 is the fact that we will be even more accessible to students throughout their writing processes. Wake Forest students are already spending time at the library studying, conducting research, drinking coffee, and, of course, writing. Our proximity to a student resource staple like the library’s research and information department means, for example, that students will have the benefit of coming to the library for assistance with writing topic generation, responsible research strategies, drafting and revision, and citation management. The move also underscores the point that we always want to make to students-the earlier in the writing process that you visit the Writing Center, the better. We want students to know that a finished essay is not the only kind of writing that you can bring to the Center, and we hope that being available to students in the very place where they are likely to be studying and finding sources will encourage them to visit us well in advance of the night before an essay is due.

The Writing Center will open for the semester on September 8. Hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. and Sunday – Thursday, 7:00 p.m. through 9:00 p.m.

ZSR Welcomes New Students

Thursday, August 19, 2010 7:24 am

This Fall the ZSR Library is excited to welcome the WFU class of 2014. Our mission is simple: To Help Our Students, Faculty and Staff Succeed. Over the next few weeks we look forward to meeting you in our classes, as our student workers and as you come to the building to study or to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. We think you will discover that ZSR is the heart of campus and you will very likely spend a lot of time here over the next few years! Welcome to WFU, and we hope you know that if you ever have any questions – just ASK!

Here are some of the things we have planned over the next few weeks! We hope to see you here!

  • Monday, August 16th at 9am: Introduction to ZSR for the new class of Magnolia Scholars.
  • Thursday, August 19th from 8am – 4pm: ZSR will be at the Campus Services and Information Day in Benson. Visit our table where you can find out about our services, or classes or jobs in the library or visit the Lenovo Friends and Family table where you and your family can order computer equipment with a portion of the proceeds helping out ZSR.
  • Friday, August 20th at 10:30am: ZSR staff will be meeting with the international graduate students for an overview of our services.
  • Tuesday, August 24th at 2pm: staff from ZSR will be leading the computer training for new Graduate Students.
  • Friday, August 27th from 9pm – 11pm: Come to ZSR after hours to play Capture the Flag!!

Launch of new Digital Media Lab

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 7:54 am

On Tuesday Aug 17, the Bridge opens our new Digital Media Lab. The lab, funded and managed by the ZSR library, Office of Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and the Chambers family fund, provides an environment where students, faculty and staff can explore new digital media and technologies.

The lab contains 7 Mac Mini desktop machines, five SunRay thin clients (3 running OSX and 2 running Linux) and one Windows Vista machine. The services supported in the lab include digitization of photos, video and audio, Multi-media editing, software development and standard productivity applications.

The lab builds on the related services of the bridge including the Mini-Studio, Videography services, and multi-media and innovative eqiupment checkout. The Bridge circulates iPads, eBooks (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Sony eReader), videocameras and audiorecorders to WFU students, faculty and staff.

For more information on any of these services, visit the bridge website at

Spreading the Word about New Equipment for Checkout at ZSR!

Monday, August 16, 2010 3:23 pm

We are spreading the word about the four iPads (which will grow to well over a dozen in October!) the Flip cameras, the Kindle, Nook and Sony reader, the pocket projector and more that are all available for checkout at the Bridge in the Z. Smith Reynolds Library! Events like the RA Resource Fair, Campus Day, and others are helping us get information out there about these great new technologies available at ZSR! Help us spread the word as the semester begins!

Asolare Art- Children’s Art exhibit

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 2:48 pm

Asolare Art Foundation installed an exhibit of children’s art in August, 2010.

Art by Jacob Robert Thomas, age 9

Art by Jackson Calhoun, age 9

ZSR Visits Elon U. and its new Auditorium

Thursday, August 5, 2010 1:11 pm

This past week, Mary Beth Lock, Mary Reeves, Steve Jarrett and myself made the quick jaunt down I40 to visit the newly completed auditorium/viewing room at Elon University’s College of Communication. Colleagues at Elon were kind enough to let us take a look at their facility so that we could get a mental image of the future construction of our own auditorium, hopefully sometime next year.

The facility was quite impressive, boasting a capacity of over 70 attendees over four tiered seating rows. Each of the seats had a folding desk attached, perfect for both academic use and more casual viewing. These seats curved around a wall mounted, permanent screen (the dimensions escape me at the moment, apologies) set up to directly play VHS tapes, Mini DV tapes, DVDs, and blu ray over a high def., wide screen projector. Completing the theater experience was a surround sound system mounted along the walls of the auditorium.

Pictures are available at the ZSR Flickr account.

We picked up several important tips, such as wall mountings to defuse the sound and prevent reverb, thought about what parts and equipment need to be open vs. locked down, etc. Mostly, it was nice to get a picture in your mind, since staring at a room full of stacks makes it hard to imagine anything resembling a auditorium!

We also made a quick stop at Elon’s Belk Library, wandering around for a few minutes and taking in how they do things. Particularly, we were interested in their DVD collection since a big part of the auditorium construction will be Mary Reeve’s move along with all our DVDs.

We arrived back at Wake with no problems thanks to Mary Beth’s mini-van expertise and powerful parallel parking proficiency. (Go Alliteration!) Also, a big thanks to Steve Jarrett of Communications for lending us his experience and directions.

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