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Starbucks Rewards

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 4:19 pm

If you are not a frequent user of Starbucks, you can just skip this post all together. But if you are one of the many staff that make Starbucks a part of your daily or (if you are really disciplined) weekly routine, there are some hidden treasures you can get with your Starbucks gift card that I thought I’d share.

The benefits of Starbucks Rewards are many. Register your gift card, (if you’re lucky enough to have one sitting around) and you’ll get a free beverage on your birthday. After just 5 beverages purchased with it, you get free Soy Milk and flavored syrup if you want it and free refills on coffee and tea. After 30 beverages that’s when you get upgraded to a personalized gold card and the real benefits kick in. Ten percent off of all purchases, a free beverage after every 15 purchases! Personalized coupons! If you register a gift card that you’ve already depleted, you can get “credit” for all of the purchases you’ve made with it.

Other things we learned today: if you request a refill on coffee or tea, (but not Frappaccinos or other specialty drinks) they will give it to you for .54 in the same cup, as long as you’ve purchased it within the last hour, and as long as you can provide a receipt with a time stamp, even if you’ve taken that coffee back to your office.

Just thought I’d let you know, now that it’s summer and all…

2 Responses to “Starbucks Rewards”

  1. Thanks for the reminder (and also thanks to Patty who mentioned it earlier this week). It turns out I already had an account set up which I had forgotten about. So I dug out my card (which still has $4.67 on it), transferred the remaining $1.87 from another holiday card I found in my wallet, and added $25 to really get me started. Since I drop at least $6.68 a day (!) buying oatmeal and a venti skinny vanilla latte, it won’t be long until I have my gold card :-)

  2. Thanks Mary Beth! I’m registering my card NOW!

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