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During February 2010...

Wake This Space: Mural Contest

Monday, February 22, 2010 9:53 pm

Purpose: We are looking for creative student mural ideas to make the wall inside the ZSR East entry an appropriate welcome to ZSR.

Details: Two winners will be chosen based on their ideas and sketches submitted with their entry application. Murals will be 4′ x 5′ and will be located on the wall directly inside the East entrance to ZSR (near Starbucks). The library will supply paint, brushes and other materials needed to complete the murals.

Eligibility: All current WFU Students (undergraduate OR graduate) are eligible. Entries can be from an individual or a group.

Timeline: Entries due by Friday March 26th. Winning entries chosen by April 12th. Students would have until Friday April 23rd to implement their ideas.

Decision: Winners will be chosen by online vote and a panel of judges selected by the ZSR Library.

Implementation: The student or student group will be expected to submit a sketch and implement their ideas. ZSR Library will supply paint and/or other materials necessary for the implementation.

Fine Print: ZSR reserves the right to use images of the mural in publicity photos and the like with no further compensation to the artists. ZSR will credit the artists in all publicity. The artists are free to reproduce their work at any time. ZSR reserves the right to paint over the mural after a reasonable period of time. Per WFU Facilities guidelines, latex paint will be used for any painting project.

Questions? Email Carol Cramer.

Vufind RC2, Amazon EC2 Rocks(2)

Friday, February 19, 2010 1:31 pm

Today Christina, JP, Erik, Carol C., Heather and Elise gathered to test the new Vufind RC2 on Amazon EC2 (go cloud!). The system performed admirably & included some nice new features that were not in RC1. For example, in RC2 you have the ability to let your facet limits persist across multiple searches. Searching was better (although not perfect :)) and the alphabetic sorting of facets make repeated use of the system a bit easier.

We did find that the Voyager connection did not always return the data we were expecting and that sometimes the search algorithm found things we did not expect but the overall consensus was that this Vufind was better than our current implementation.

The system is still out there for testing & based on the results we have seen so far we are going to forge ahead with our plan to cut over during spring break. If you have questions/comments keep ‘em coming.

Testing a Potential New Microtext Reader for ZSR

Thursday, February 18, 2010 5:08 pm

As anyone who has used either of the older microfilm and microfiche readers or the newer film, fiche and card reader knows, neither of these devices really meets the needs of our users at the service level we like to offer. While attending a recent conference, Roz Tedford saw a demonstration of the Scan Pro 2000 film, fiche and card reader that makes it a snap to view, print and save any of these media. Dean Sutton agreed to have the company send us a machine to test with our various media so we could see for ourselves if this would be a viable solution for ZSR.

The equipment arrived last week and Tim Mitchell set up the station early this week. Roz immediately began testing various microfilm, microfiche and microcards with great success! Today Roz gave me an overview of the equipment and in a matter of minutes I was scanning and printing! We will be testing this equipment in the coming weeks. We plan to have the vendor come and demo the equipment in early March. If you would like to use to equipment, feel free to set up a time with me or catch me at the desk.

ZSR Library Faculty Adopt Open Access Policy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 11:47 am

On February 1, 2010, the faculty of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University, unanimously adopted an open access policy to guide deposit of the author’s final version of scholarly works in the University’s institutional repository. The policy states:

Recognizing that academic scholarship hinges upon the ability to access and utilize research output, the Library Faculty of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University (WFU), hereby adopt an open access policy to achieve the widest possible access to and long-term preservation of their scholarly works.

Each faculty member grants Wake Forest University the right to archive and make publicly available the full text of the author’s final version of scholarly works via the University’s open access institutional repository. This provides the University the nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to preserve and redistribute the work. When publisher agreements do not automatically grant permission to archive the author’s final version, the faculty commit to negotiating for such rights. Faculty members will submit an electronic version of the author’s final version in an appropriate format as soon as possible, respecting some publishers’ requests for embargo.

Furthermore, the faculty endeavor to publish their scholarship in open access venues when possible, or alternately to seek the right to archive the final published version in lieu of the author’s final version.

This policy will apply to all scholarship created while a member of the WFU faculty, excluding works previously accepted for publication and works for which authors entered into incompatible licensing or assignment agreements prior to the adoption of this policy, and excepting books and book chapters as necessary. The Dean of the Library will waive the application of the policy for future scholarship upon written notification from the author, who informs the Dean of the reason.

Since 2007, the Wake Forest University Libraries have encouraged broader engagement with and understanding of scholarly communication issues across the Wake Forest community through the creation of a Scholarly Communication Committee, the pilot launch of an institutional repository, the creation of an Open Access Fund, the hiring of a Scholarly Communication Librarian, and multiple education initiatives for librarians, faculty, students, and staff. The adoption of this policy by the Z. Smith Reynolds (ZSR) Library faculty is an important milestone that will serve as precedent in our future engagement across the University.

For their influence and inspiration, the ZSR Library faculty acknowledge the pioneering policies and resolutions previously adopted by the library faculties at Oregon State University, the University of Oregon, Gustavus Adolphus College, the University of Calgary, York University, and the University of Northern Colorado. We also gratefully acknowledge the advice of colleagues from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The full text of the policy and associated FAQ may be found at the Librarians’ Assembly page of the ZSR Library website. For further information, please contact Molly Keener, Scholarly Communication Librarian, at or 336-758-5829.

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